I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 139: Can’t Understand

Seeing the thorn-like pattern on the other party’s fire-red armor that belonged exclusively to the Purple Thorn Army, Shiqi breathed a sigh of relief that it should be a friendly party.

For the innate generals, the military requirements of the Southern Cloud Kingdom were different from the Black Blood Kingdom. The Southern Cloud Kingdom military required formal armor to be worn. Still, there were no specific requirements for armor style, and the innate level masters had a certain amount of autonomy, and the armor could be changed according to their preferences.

But no matter how you change it, the unique mark of the corps to which you belong had to be there.

The Black Blood Kingdom was more casual in this regard. The innate level generals were permitted not to wear armor, which was caused by the unique environment of the Black Blood Kingdom.

The Black Blood Kingdom was militaristic, and the military simply could not train so many innate generals. Many generals were recruited directly from the Devil’s Path clan.

Most of the devil dao martial artists were perverse and could not be restrained, so it might be easier to make them wear the standard armor than to kill them.

Since they were not enemies, Shiqi stopped worrying, and he chased after the fleeing Black Iron Army by holding his heavy sword.

Because the sword spirit inside the devil sword, Chen Hao, had gone berserk! Shiqi really could not afford to mess with the angry sword spirit!

Chu Yan was a general of the Purple Thorn Ary with the strength of the innate realm middle stage. In the group of generals without real power, his strength belongs to the upper class.

Not long ago, Li Xue and Hui Qingying led the Black Iron Army’s Ninth and Tenth Armies to besiege White Mountain City. They just came to the city, not even building a camp, and they directly began to attack desperately.

The other side had innate masters in and the situation was critical. Chu Yan could only personally defend the city and fight against Hui Qingying.

When fighting with Hui Qing Ying, he was still careful. Most likely, two innate masters accompanied the 30,000 black iron army.

Only when the news came that the stored provisions in the city were burned that Chu Yan reacted that he had fallen into the path of the Black Iron Army.

He was not afraid of one Hui Qingying since he was stronger than Hui Qingying, but with the addition of Li Xue, he could only run.

Chu Yan hastily sent out a distress message and relied on the giant crossbows controlled by the defending generals, barely holding back the two innate masters and waiting bitterly for reinforcement to arrive.

This morning, he suddenly found that the Black Iron Army besieging White Mountain City had disappeared! This made him a bit puzzled, both delighted and worried!

With no food inside the city, 30,000 Black Iron Army plus two innate masters, it was only a matter of time before they broke through White Mountain City, and the Black Iron Army had no reason to let go of the fat meat at their mouths.

After half a day of watching from the city walls, he hesitated and decided to come out to see what the Black Iron Army wanted.

Chu Yan did not dare to bring troops out of the city, afraid that the enemy set a trap. If he was alone, even if Li Xue and Hui Qingying attacked him, he could still run away!

It didn’t take long for Chu Yan to discover that the Ninth Army and the Tenth Army acted separately. Recalling the map for a while, he understood that the other party wanted to intercept the support troops coming from the direction of Qingfeng City.

Chu Yan knew Wang Yongbo, who was responsible for guarding Qingfeng City, a handsome young man with relatively weak strength in the early innate realm. He was not a match for either Li Xue or Hui Qingying!

And Wang Yongbo was unlikely to bring many troops to reinforce. After all, Qingfeng City still needs to be defended.

Thinking like this, he was a little anxious, but he went back to the city first and ordered the city guards to go out to search for food, and asked the Purple Thorn Army to send good men to scout the surrounding area while guarding against surprise attacks by the Black Iron Army.

On the other hand, he followed the trail along the official road to trace the trail left by the Black Iron Army. He thought that if Wang Yongbo was in danger, he could possibly lend a hand!

As for why to take the official road, Chu Yan took a gamble. Do your best, know the fate of God! Fortunately, Chu Yan won the bet.

From a distance, he saw the battlefield, but the scene he saw was the opposite of what he envisioned.

Looking down at the entire battlefield, Chu Yan sucked in a breath of cold air!

A layer of strange blood fog was shrouded in the center of the battlefield.  Within the blood fog, the Black Iron Army was constantly fleeing, desperately fleeing towards outside the blood fog …… In the blood fog, the situation was similar. The Purple Thorn Army’s eyes were red, vicious, and looked like a madman.

“Who the hell trained this army, bloodthirsty crazy as demon ghosts!”

But they were not completely crazy, and they still knew how to use martial arts!

Chu Yan looked directly below, three soldiers of the not-so-strong Purple Thorn Army with long swords chasing more than ten fleeing Black Iron Army …… The more than ten Black Iron Army not even raise weapons to resist, only focus on escaping desperately, and even some people discarded their armor and weapons in the way!

Seeing this scene, Chu Yan froze …… who gave the three of them the courage? When did the Purple Thorn Army become so strong?

If the Purple Thorn Army was really so strong, why are we still afraid of the Black Iron Army?

Approximately five thousand troops, killing the Black Iron Army, which was more than 10,000 people in size, till they lost its armor and armor?

It seemed that the elite forces of the Black Blood Kingdom in the Zhou Kingdom’s territory could not be this strong!

Chu Yan looked at the fallen military flag and recognized that it was the Tenth Army of the Black Iron Army led by Hui Qingying.

Where is that stinking woman Hui Qinyging? Chu Yan did not find any trace of an Innate master in the sky.

Innate masters on the battlefield would almost never fight on the ground. On the battlefield, as long as the army was not afraid to die, thousands of troops may pile up an Innate alive.

This was the blood and tears lesson of countless innate masters on the battlefield! Could it be that Hui Qingying had been lured away by Wang Yongbo?

Thinking like this, Chu Yan then joined the battle directly, the thing of beating up a falling dog. He absolutely had to take part!

In recent days, he was beaten by the Black Iron Army and did not dare to go out of the city, and his heart can not mention how suffocating it was!

The whole battle lasted until the evening, the purple thorn army that went out to chase the black iron army returned to camp one after another, searching the battlefield, calculating the battle merits, clearing the spoils of war, and helping the wounded ……

Chu Yan looked for a Purple Thorn army and said, “Has your General Wang returned yet?”

“Lord General, General Wang is not here, he is still in Qingfeng City!” The soldier knew this innate master who helped chase the Black Iron Army and had once stepped in to help them intercept several waves of the fleeing Black Iron Army.

“Then who is the commander here?”

“Chen Pengfei, Commander Chen!” The soldier mentioned this name with a look of reverence!

“Chen Pengfei, so it’s him!”

Chu Yan had heard of Chen Pengfei’s name, the last time the Purple Thorn Army suffered a significant defeat, that Chen Pengfei rigidly led thousands of Purple Thorn troops to kill out of the siege, saving a lot of vitality for the Sixth Army!

Xu Sihai appreciated his ability to lead the troops. He said that Chen Pengfei is definitely a genius, and Xu Sihai also personally begged in front of the general to promote Chen Pengfei as the sixth army commander!

Now it seemed that Xu Sihai was right, Chen Pengfei was really a genius! He was clearly ambushed by the Black Iron Army’s Tenth Army, but he beat the Tenth Army to the point of crying out.

Chu Yan was on the battlefield for a long time, and he knew very well that from more than 15,000 soldiers Tenth Army of the Black Iron Army, no more than two thousand soldiers could escape the Purple Thorn Army chase.

After this battle, the Tenth Army of the Black Iron Army almost had its backbone broken!

Chu Yan asked softly, “What about the Tenth Army’s innate general?”

“You mean that female?” The soldier puffed up his chest and said proudly, “Commander Chen killed her!”

“Really?” Chu Yan froze.

Having fought with Hui Qingying, Chu Yan was well aware of the other party’s strength. Hui Qingying’s strength was indeed not strong, but that was for a intermediate Innate masters …… For a True Origin Realm martial artist, an intermediate Innate Hui Qingying was simply a disaster!

“Of course it’s true, on the battlefield, almost everyone saw it. Commander Chen jumped directly into mid-air, grabbed that general of the Black Iron Army, and then that general was pulled down till died!”

When the soldier said this, his face full of frenzy!

Grabbed down and died? Please forgive him. The innate master Chu Yan could not understand! It sounds and feels like killing a chicken ……

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