The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 48: Go Back And Tell Zeng Jiujie

Hearing to the Martial God Hall’s Zhao Zihao said that now the Thousand Demon Sect had been subordinated to the Dark Demon Hall. Thus they were the Dark Demon Hall forces and reminded Lu Yiping that if he killed the Thousand Demon Sect, he would offend the Dark Demon Hall.

Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, and the others laughed.

Lu Yiping also laughed, “So the Thousand Demon Sect has been subordinated to the Dark Demon Hall. If you don’t tell me, I really don’t know.” Then there was a pause, “But in that case, then I have to kill even more!”

Zhao Zihao’s face sank.

Lu Yiping said again, “You are a disciple of the Martial God Hall? However, when did the disciples of the Martial God Hall become the lackeys of the Dark Demon Hall.”

“You!” Zhao Zihao became irritated.

At this moment, Lu Peng came in front of Li Fei and swung his double sword out.

When Zhao Zihao saw that Lu Peng, a Golden Core realm, ignored him, he couldn’t help but retort, “Courting death!” The long spear in his hand fiercely stabbed out.

“Nine Dragons Extinguish the Sun!”

Divine power was poured into the spear, and it fiercely stabbed towards Lu Peng’s chest.

There were nine fire dragons that were seen flying out.

Zhao Zihao’s eyes were cold, his nine dragon spear technique was the strongest spear technique of the Martial God Hall, although he was now in the middle stage of the God Realm, but, with this nine dragon spear technique, even if it was the late stage of the God Realm, he could still fight.

Seeing Zhao Zihao’s spear would soon pierce Lu Peng’s chest, suddenly, a hand came out from the side, gripping on Zhao Zihao’s spearhead!

It was an empty-handed grip!

Zhao Zihao’s spear stabbed at the opponent’s palm. There was a clanking sound, fire burst out, but the spear could not advance any further, and the palm of the hand, not even had a little skin broken.

Zhao Zihao and Ke Jie were shocked and looked to see that the one who had struck was one of the men behind the young man in blue!

The one who did it was Zhang Jin.

Zhang Jin held Zhao Zihao’s spear, his face cold, a shock, and with a twitch, everyone saw that Zhao Zihao was shaken out, and his spear fell into Zhang Jin’s hands.

Just as Zhao Zihao was shaken away, he heard a scream and saw the head of the Thousand Demon Sect’s patriarch Li Fei cut off by Lu Peng.

The other Thousand Demon Sect experts were all chilled to the bone.

Many Thousand Demon Sect experts rushed to Ke Jie and shouted to Lord Ke Jie to save their lives.

“You are the Hundred Flowers Sect’s Supreme Elder Ke Jie?” Lu Yiping’s gaze fell on the Hundred Flowers Sect Supreme Elder Ke Jie, “Since you are here, it will save me a trip to the Hundred Flowers Sect.”

Hearing the killing intent in Lu Yiping’s words, the Supreme Elder Ke Jie of the Hundred Flowers Sect’s pretty face changed and said, “I am the concubine of Dark Demonl Hall’s old ancestor Yang Siyuan.”

Lu Yiping took it in front of her, “Yang Siyuan’s concubine? So what?”

“Who are you?!” Ke Jie trembled.

“Lu Yiping.” Lu Yiping said blandly.

Both Ke Jie and Zhao Zihao, upon hearing this, their faces changed greatly, “You’re Lu Yiping!”

The matter of Hao Shan, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, had now spread to all the experts of the Divine Martial Continent’s super sects had heard of Lu Yiping’s name that was like thunder.

The two had just guessed the identity of the young man in the blue shirt in front of them, guessed that the other party was someone from the Shura Sect, but they did not expect that the young man in the blue shirt in front of them was Lu Yiping, who recently had the name of the Zither Immortal.

However, the two people could not understand it, and the Shura Sect was only a second-rate power in the Divine Martial Continent. How could this Lu Yiping have anything to do with the Shura Sect?

Lu Yiping also did not rush to kill this hundred flowers Sect Elder Ke Jie but to search her soul.

He wanted to know whose orders this Ke Jie was following to kill a group of experts of the Shura Sect.

Soon, the soul search was over, and Lu Yiping’s face was cold.

The one who made Ke Jie kill the experts of the Shura Sect was not the patriarch of the Hundred Flowers Sect, but the ancestor of the Hundred Flowers Sect, Sun Fang!

But this Sun Fang had also long ago defected under the control of the Dark Demon Hall.

Not only Sun Fang, another ancestor of the Hundred Flowers Sect, and a group of Supreme Elders had been under the control of the Dark Demon Hall.

At the end of the soul search, Lu Yiping directly blasted a flame directly to the Hundred Flowers Sect Elder Ke Jie’s body. Everyone saw that the Hundred Flowers Sect Elder Ke Jie instantly engulfed in flames, dissipated in mid-air, but even her ashes did not fall. Her soul and life palace were also incinerated clean.

Zhao Zihao looked at Lu Yiping in terror.

There were many saying about this Lu Yiping. They said that he was a lunatic and did everything as he like, and now, as rumored, he killed the concubine of the Dark Demon Hall’s oldest ancestor, Yang Siyuan.

There were screams one and another.

He saw one after another Thousand Demon Sect Elder experts were killed by Lu Peng.

Black Sea Mountain was surrounded by sea, and these Thousand Demon sect experts had their power sealed. Even if they wanted to fly to escape, it was just wishful thinking.

It did not take long for the screams to stop. Everyone saw that the square was full of Thousand Demon Sect experts corpses.

The smell of blood was pungent. Zhang Jin and Lu Peng began to clean up the scene.

Zhao Zihao stood there, he wanted to leave, but he did not dare.

Lu Yiping looked at him, feeling Lu Yiping’s gaze. Zhao Zihao’s heart trembled, and he lowered his head, not daring to look back at him.

“Your Nine Dragons Martial Art, was it passed down to you by Zeng Jiujue?” Lu Yiping said indifferently.

Zeng Jiujue?

Zhao Zihao froze and then reacted that Lu Yiping talked about his old ancestor of the Martial God Hall, the Nine Absolute Martial God.

The Nine Absolute Martial God was the most powerful and oldest ancestor of their Martial God Hall, Zeng Jiujie was his real name, but no one dared to call the Nine Absolute  Martial God by his real name many, many years ago.

His Nine Dragons Martial Art was not passed down by the Nine Absolute Martial God, but by another Martial God of the Martial Gods Hall, who was his personal disciple.

Hearing Lu Yiping called their old ancestor Martial God’s by his real name, Zhao Zihao’s face sank, even when the Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu saw their old ancestor and called him senior Jiujie.

“Lu Yiping, don’t think you killed a Hao Shan and Su Xiu, you think you are strong and invincible, you are nothing in front of my Martial God Hall Nine Absolute Martial God Elder Ancestor, my Martial God Hall Nine Absolute Martial God Elder Ancestor’s name, how can you call him casually!” Zhao Zihao said in a cold voice.

“Is that so.” Lu Yiping blandly said, “Even if Zeng Jiujie was in front of me, I would call him by his name.” With that, he flicked Zhao Zihao and sent him flying out of the Black Sea Mountain.

“Go back and tell that kid Zeng Jiujue to take care of the Martial God Hall, if the Martial God Hall gets entangled with the Dark Demon Hall again, then I can’t be blamed.” Lu Yiping’s voice came out.

Many of the Martial God Hall’s ancestors, disciples, and the Dark Demon Hall are very close to each other.

Even f the Martial God Hall experts, some of them even welcomed the female disciples of the Dark Demon Hall.

Zhao Zihao was blasted away from Black Sea Mountain, and he smashed down on top of the Black Sea, he was shocked and angry hearing what Lu Yiping just said.

Finally, he flew out from the bottom of the Black Sea, looking in the direction of the Black Sea Mountain Shura Sect, his eyes were cold, and then he left through the air.

In a short while, Lu Peng and Zhang Jin, and the others cleaned up the scene.

Lu Yiping walked into the Shura Hall.

Although the Shura Hall had been completely changed by the experts of the Thousand Demon Sect, many of its buildings still retained some of its old appearances, Lu Yiping casually walking, unknowingly he came to the ancestral land of the Shura Sect.

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