It Turns Out I am a Dao AncestorChapter 117: The Cold and Warm of the World, I Could See Through Everything

 Outside the West Prefecture Immortal City, A purple flying boat slowly rose into the air. Sun Hao took out an immortal crystal and sent it into the energy tank.


Above the boat’s core, the five-colored electric aura kept jumping up and went straight into the immortal crystal. The immortal crystal melted at speed visible to the naked eye, turning into a colorless electric aura and being absorbed by the boat core. On the core of the boat, the five-colored electric aura flashes, very bright.

 “Hoo ……”

With the boat core as the center, a ray of light spread around in a spider web shape.

“Buzz ……” 

A sound rang out, and the flying boat trembled slightly, just like a plane about to take off.

“Young Master, to control the flying boat, you only need to integrate your intention into it!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Intention?!” Sun Hao nodded his head and sank his mind, thinking about the flying boat.

“Buzz ……” There was a roar in his mind.  At this moment, Sun Hao sensed that he was one with the flying boat. This feeling was wonderful, without any discomfort.

As if he had countless eyes, he could see all the scenery around the flying boat. It felt like he was the flying boat, and the flying boat was himself.

“Start!” With a thought, the Purple Lightning slowly floated up in the air.

“I feel I can fly!” Sun Hao looked at the buildings on the ground getting smaller and smaller, his face was full of shock.

    As a human being on earth, this is an indescribable experience.

    “Speed ​​up!”

    “Boom…” With a sonic boom, and the flying boat disappeared instantly from its place. The speed was so fast that people couldn’t react.

“So fast!” Sun Hao controlled the flying boat, sometimes ascending into the air and sometimes descending. Huang Rumeng stared at Sun Hao with a look of admiration. This flying boat core, compared to the one before, was only a hundred times stronger! Now, the speed of the flying boat was on par with her own full flight speed!

It’s terrifying!

Until now, Huang Rumeng had never heard of anyone whose flying boat could have such a terrifying speed. Even if it was the empress, the speed was only half at most!

“Rumeng, do you want to try?” Sun Hao retrieved his consciousness and said.

    “Yes, Young Master!”



    West Prefecture Immortal City, Qin Clan.

In the middle of the main hall, the Patriarch sat in his right seat, sitting upright and full of majesty.

He was none other than the No. 1 alchemist of the Western Prefectural Immortal City – Qin Zheng.

At the same time, he was also Qin Yu’s father. He was revered by countless people. However, his son, Qin Yu, had been very disappointing and unable to cultivate. Except for his rich theoretical knowledge, he was unable to refine a single lower-grade spirit pill.


The Grand Elder’s son, Qin Dongjun, had refined a very high-grade spirit pill. Having to do so, Qin Zheng gave the first heir in line position to Qin Dongjun.

“Patriarch, today is the first heir in line ceremony, how about Qin Yu?” At this moment, the Grand Elder stood up.

“I have sent someone to find him!” Qin Zheng said.

“Go and look for it?”

The Grand Elder smiled coldly, “Patriarch, you are not deliberately stalling for time, are you?”

“Patriarch, we understand, Qin Yu is your son, however, you are the Qin family head, you have to think about the future of the Qin family, and not for your own selfish interests!”

“The development of the Qin family will depend on the younger generation in the future, Patriarch, it’s been an hour, otherwise, I’ll send someone to look for him!”

One by one, all the elders all stood up. Qin Zheng’s face was pale and ugly (1), fuming with anger inside.

Don’t think that he didn’t know! That Qin Dongjun didn’t refine the best spirit pill at all. Everything was operated in secret, and he just turned a blind eye for the sake of the family.

Although Qin Yu was unable to refine pills, no one can match his knowledge on alchemy. In the future, if he were the patriarch, he would make a huge contribution to the entire family. However, these elders are actually in collusion for their own selfish interests.

“Then you send someone there!” Qin Zheng sighed secretly.

“Yes, Patriarch!”

The corners of an elder’s mouth lifted, and an icy smile appeared on his face, “Someone, go with me to look for Young Master Qin!”

“No need!”

At this moment, a sound rang out, Qin Yu strode in. He looked at the group of elders without changing his face.

“I don’t know what the elders are looking for me, what is the matter?” Qin Yu said.

“Young Master Qin, today is the first heir in line handover ceremony, how can you, as the predecessor, not be there?” One of the elders said.


Qin Yu smiled coldly, “Did I agree?” When these words came out, there was dead silence all around. On each person’s face, there was an unbelievable look. 

The patriarch appointment, does it need your consent?     Where is the face?

The elder smiled faintly, “Young Master Qin, this doesn’t seem to require your consent, right?”

“Is that true?”

“According to Article 51 of the clan rules, the heir in line handover requires alchemical talent better than the predecessor before the predecessor’s consent is not required!”

“This article, is it hard to say that the elders have forgotten?”

As soon as these words came out. There was a dead silence. Many people’s eyes were wide, and their expressions were strange, wanting to laugh but not daring to laugh.

“Haha ……”  Finally, someone couldn’t hold it in.

“Alchemy talent? This guy has the face to say alchemy talent!”

“I’m laughing, I’m really laughing, the patriarch really gave birth to a good son!”

“Stop laughing, can’t you see that the patriarch has a bad look on his face?”

Qin Dongjun stood in the crowd of disciples; first, he was stunned, then he was covering his mouth and snickering, “This guy, he’s actually did not give up! “

Hearing these laughter, Qin Zheng’s face turned ashen, and his fists clenched to a ‘kaka’ sound.

“That’s enough!” He loudly shouted and silenced everyone immediately.

“Hold the first heir in line handover ceremony!” Qin Zheng’s voice was icy cold, echoing quietly next to everyone’s ears.

“Father, I…”

“Shut up, was it not too embarrassing enough?” Qin Zheng bellowed, immediately making Qin Yu shut his mouth and no longer speak. On his face, an incomparable look of disappointment appeared. He sighed secretly and stepped aside.

“Yes, Patriarch, we obey !” The Grand Elder stood out, bending down and clasping his fist, his afterglow swept over Qin Yu, his face filled with smugness.

“The handover ceremony begins!” The GrandElder shouted loudly.

“Haha ……” Qin Yu looked up to the sky and laughed crazily.

“You guys think that I would be scarce for this first heir in line?”

“This position, I don’t even want it!”

“From today onwards, I, Qin Yu, will no longer have anything to do with the Qin family!” Qin Yu’s voice was open and wild, and his laughter echoed longingly between heaven and earth.

    After handing over the first series of tokens, he bowed in front of Qin and said, “

After he handed over the first heir token, he knelt down in front of Qin Zheng, “Father, many thanks for the kindness of raising me!”

After kneeling three times and bowing nine times, Qin Yu got up, turned around, took big steps, and quickly went away.

With That determined look, Qin Zheng seemed to stagnant, “Yu’er!”

Qin Zheng opened his mouth, powerless to make a sound.

“The handover ceremony officially begins!”

“Please, we invite the first sequence Qin Dongjun to the stage!” The Qin family was continuing the first heir in line ceremony for Qin Dongjun.

At this moment.

Qin Yu was already far away from the Qin family and was running quickly alone on the big street.

Soon, he arrived in front of a mansion. On the door of the mansion, there were two words written: Fan Mansion.

“Isn’t this young master Qin? Here to see the young lady again? Sorry, the young lady is not at home!”

“Not at home?” Qin Yu’s expression changed slightly, but he calmed down quickly, “Brother, please inform Miss Fan.”

“Brother Who is your brother?”

“Go away, you think you have the capital? You’re such a loser, how dare you come to my lady!” The guard pointed at Qin Yu and scolded him.

Qin Yu looked at the guard, he clenched his fists. A mass of anger was rushing from the bottom of his feet straight up, hovering in his chest constantly.

At any moment, it will explode.

In his face, with a trace of disbelief, he secretly muttered, “Impossible, Xue’er is not such a person!”

Qin Yu surrounded the stone wall, speeding up and running towards the backyard of the Fan Mansion.

  1. Ugly here means full of anger, holding up his/her anger.

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