I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 138: Realm of Force Intent

“Come down for me!” Shiqi screamed fiercely and roared low in anger.

Hui Qingying only felt an irresistible force pulling her down fiercely from mid-air.

The two figures were overlapped in mid-air.

Shiqi followed Hui Qingying’s body from behind to hold her dead. Seeing that she was about to raise the sword and stab him, Shiqi’s right hand grabbed her wrist. Only to hear a “click,” Hui Qingying’ss right hand twisted and then hanging helplessly on the arm.

Her long sword fell from mid-air and disappeared into the crowd of the black iron army.

Hui Qingying struggled desperately, but with her strength, how could she break free from the Shiqi’s bindings? Even Xu Sihai could hardly withstand Shiqi’s enormous strength!

“You bastard, let me go!”

Letting go was impossible …… Once he let go, Shiqi won’t be able to grab her again!

Shiqi did not say a word, clenching his jaw, his left hand tightly hoisted around Hui Qingying’s slender waist. Shiqi’s other hand pressed on the back of her neck, squeezing with all his strength, within his masculine body, the muscles gradually contracted and tightened.

The huge pressure continued to squeeze, squeezing out the air inside Hui Qingying’s lungs.

Fear of suffocation hit her, and the huge force contracted and pressed her internal organs …… Hui Qingying felt as if a huge python wrapped her till death.

All the true qi in Hui Qingying’s body instantly exploded. The sky blue true essence was as bright as another blue sun, emitting a blinding light.

But Shiqi’s body was motionless like a mountain, his arms like indestructible shackles!

Hui Qingying could not breathe, her ears began to roar, her consciousness began to blur, she heard the sound of clicking, faintly, as if from inside her body, but also as if from a very distant place.

Finally, the blue light went out after a violent outburst and meteorically fell towards the Black Iron Army!




Unfortunately, in haste, the crowded Black Iron Army was unable to escape.

“Boom,” there was a loud sound.

Shiqi and Hui Qingying crashed to the ground simultaneously, and a sky of dust rose from the ground.

After the dust disappeared, the whole world seemed to be dyed blood red, and a tall, sturdy figure slowly stood up, carrying a tattered corpse in his hand.

The corpse was like a rag doll wrapped in blue rags that had been tossed and tattered by a naughty girl.

In that corpse and the sky full of blood, he was as horrible as a demon god.

Almost all of the Black Iron Army witnessed their general being killed, and they all turned pale and trembling under the gaze of then silver-faced man. Their legs were so weak that they could barely hold the weapons in their hands!

And the Purple Thorn Army soldiers, one by one, gazed at their commander with fervor and madness.

In front of them, their commander, the late True Origin Realm commander, had actually abused and killed an Innate expert with his own hands under such a desperate situation ……

They had witnessed a miracle with their own eyes! They had reason to believe that their Commander Chen would lead them to witness one more miracle after another!

They were breathing heavily, looking at Shiqi as if they were looking at a god as if they had found their faith!

Their eyes were red, the entire battlefield, only Commander Chen was alone!

Shiqi raised the red-blooded devil sword high and roared like a vent, “Soldiers, kill them all!”

The devil’s sword pointed straight at the Black Iron Army!




Five thousand soldier charging at fifteen thousand enemy soldier was ridiculous, to say the least, but no Purple Thorn Army soldiers would question Shiqi’s words.

At this moment, even if Shiqi ordered them to charge at the 50,000 troops, they would not have the slightest hesitation!

In the face of the rainbow-spirited, beast-like Purple Thorn army, the Black Iron Army completely collapsed! Even though they had an absolute advantage in numbers.

Moreover, there was still the unstoppable silver-faced devil on the battlefield!

That’s right, and their enemies were petrified! Under Mingtai City, their 40,000 men didn’t manage to stop him.

Today, under the leadership of General Hui, they ambushed them with an army of fifteen thousand people, as the general’s innate expert was first killed …… deep in their souls, it was engraved with a deep sense of powerlessness and fear!

From now on, that silver-faced man was their heart demon! Shiqi stood in place, eyes closed, bathing in the devilish fury aura as if enjoying it.

He heard the sound of the strong wind brought up by the heavy sword! He heard the popping sound of his fist striking and squeezing the air! He heard the popping sound of trampling on the earth! He saw the enemy who had been cut in two by his sword, man and horse!

He saw the bodies that exploded! He could feel the force between his fingers! It was as if he felt an unbeatable force!

Force! Absolute force! Impregnable force!

In front of absolute force, the defense was like thin paper, and all obstacles in front of him would be destroyed in smoke!

His body muscles, every fiber, every cell were rejoicing. Shiqi fiercely opened his eyes, lifted his left foot, and stomped hard. The earth beneath his feet cracked inch by inch.

Within five meters around, with him as the center, a circular pit with an inner concavity appeared! Half of his body was under the ground plane.

After a long time, Shiqi stared woodenly at his hands and murmured, “This is the realm of force?”

Chen Hao looked at Shiqi and thought of Fu Yuanming again.

In the beginning, Fu Yuanming used to comprehend the “Killing Intent” in a desperate situation, and today his other swordmaster, Lan Shiqi, had comprehended the “Force Intent”!

A heartfelt joy and satisfaction came to Chen Hao’s heart. He knew very well that the “Force Intent” was what Shiqi had truly comprehended through his own efforts and talent!

The Killing Sword Intent was the legacy left behind by Fu Yuanming. Of course, with Shiqi’s talent, it was not impossible to comprehend the Killing Intent, but definitely not that fast!

Chen Hao couldn’t help but think of the young boy who went to the torture platform and couldn’t even hold the sword steadily, and then look at the sturdy and masculine man who is galloping in the stands today, and there was an inexplicable emotion in his heart!

Shiqi had become very powerful!

His performance today was flawless. Even in front of an absolute disadvantage, he could rely on a clear mind Jedi and overturned the situation by killing the enemy’s innate general!

Anyway, Chen Hao knew his own ability, and if he were in Shiqi’s situation today, I’m afraid he would only be beaten by Hui Qingying and scurry!

Wait! Chen Hao suddenly reacted to …… my innate expert where?

Shiqi had already defeated two innate experts, but it seems that he had not even tasted the taste of innate expert’s blood……

The first was Wang Yongbo; Chen Hao could understand, after all, he was the General of the Purple Thorn Army.

But the second …… Chen Hao looked at the broken doll-like twisted corpse. He freaked out!

Shiqi did not yet know the mood of Lord Sword Spirit grasping madness. The big picture had been decided, and the battlefield was almost always a one-sided massacre.

The Purple Thorn Army had gone crazy under the envelope of the Demon Fury Aura, and the Purple Thorn Army that had broken away from the Demon Fury Aura still hadn’t broken away from the frenzy and was still fighting to kill the fleeing enemies.

Instead of engaging in battle, he turned his gaze behind him as a figure flew in from afar.

“Enemy? Or is it ……”

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