The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 47: Coming To Make Trouble

After Zhao Zihao finished speaking, he flew up and came to the chest of the stone statue. Then he waved his hands as lights flashed soon the talisman was condensed one by one.

“This is, condensing talismans out of thin air!” Li Fei, the patriarch of the Thousand Demon Sect said in surprise.

For an array master, to construct an array generally uses a talisman. Only when the array attainment reached a very high level that the talisman was not needed, and the array talisman was condensed empty-handedly.

This was the condensed talisman out of thin air!

Listening to Li Fei exclaimed, Zhao Zihao’s face was calm as usual. His hands were constantly waving, and the arrays were condensing constantly, uninterruptedly reaching as many as thousands!

Some array masters could do it, but only a few array masters could condense a hundred array symbols out of thin air in one go. As for being able to condense a thousand array symbols at once, it was even rarer. Let alone thousands! Subsequently, these array talismans merge into a mysterious array diagram under Zhao Zihao’s control.

“Condense the talismans into an array!” Seeing this, the Hundred Flowers Sect’s Supreme Elder Ke Jie also marveled, “I’ve long heard that Young Master Zhao’s array and spear technique are excellent, once I saw it today, it really lives up to its name.”

Condensing talismans into arrays was undoubtedly many times more difficult than condensing talismans out of thin air.

Zhao Zihao laughed, “I’m just doing my job, this is my humble array technique, compared to senior Yang Siyuan, mine is far worse.”

Yang Siyuan was the Dark Demon Hall’s old ancestor. Not only was he a late-stage peak True God expert, but he was also a top ten array expert in the Eternal Source realm.

Ke Jie smiled, “Young Master Zhao is being modest.”

At this moment, Zhao Zihao’s entire body surged with divine energy and poured it within the Mysterious Array Diagram, and instantly, the Mysterious Array Diagram burst out with astonishing power.

“Go!” With a wave from Zhao Zihao, these array diagrams carried astonishing power and blasted into the stone statue of Shura Sect Ancestor one by one.

At once, the originally calm stone statue of the Shura Ancestor flickered with light. A sound of nuisance sound constantly resounded from within the stone statue.

Li Fei, the patriarch of the Thousand Demon Sect, laughed respectfully and said, “It looks like in less than a moment, the stone statue is bound to explode and shatter itself.”

Zhao Zihao smiled and gave a hint. But suddenly, within the stone statue, a horrifying sword light burst out. It was aiming at Zhao Zihao instantly and appeared in front of him.

All of this happened in a swift moment, thus Zhao Zihao was taken aback. He quickly drew a spear with his hand.

“Cold Star Perish!” The spear stabbed out and countless spear lights burst out of the air.

These spear lights, like a perishing star, emerged with astonishing flames and encountered the sword light. The Cold Star Perish was the strongest move in the Martial God Hall’s Heavenly Star Spear Technique. But it was useless, that sword light instantly cut through all the spear lights.

Zhao Zihao was shocked and dodged back. He instantly used several concealment techniques. At the same time, his whole body was surging with golden light. One by one, the golden rune flew out and condensed into a golden divine armor around his body, and the armor flashed with lightning.

This was the supreme defense technique of the Martial God Hall, the Thunder God Golden Armor. Even so, the sword light blasted at the Thunder God Golden Armor.

Zhao Zihao was still hit with a muffled sound and stomped back all the way to the edge of the square. The corners of his mouth spilled with blood, and he saw his chest armor completely cut open, and a wound discernible to eyes was seen.

Ke Jie of the Hundred Flowers Sect and the experts of the Thousand Demons Sect were astonished. Zhao Zihao also all looked at the stone statue with shock and anger.

“With this trivial array of yours, you also want to destroy the stone statue?” At this moment, a voice rang out.

A trivial array? Zhao Zihao’s face sank when he heard the words, and the Thousand Demon Sect experts followed the source of the voice. They saw a young man in a blue shirt stepping in the air above the sea, behind him, followed by five middle-aged people and a little girl.

The person who came was Lu Yiping and Lu Peng, Zhang Jin and th eothers

Lu Yiping did not ride the chariot. Soon, he and the others arrived above the square.

“Who are you people? What is the business of coming to my Thousand Demon Sect?!” Li Fei, the Thousand Devil Sect’s Patriarch, stepped forward and said in a deep voice.

Lu Yiping ignored Li Fei and the others. He came to the stone statue, looked at it, and he remembered the events of that year as if he had returned to the time when he used to drink wine and sing.

Li Fei saw that Lu Yiping ignored himself and instead stared at the stone statue of Shura Sect Ancestor in a daze. His face could not help but sink.

“Kid, our patriarch asks you, what is your business of coming to our Thousand Demon Sect! Also, Young Master Zhao Zihao’s arrays are peerless, and how can a junior like you make random comments!” A Thousand Demon Sect Supreme Elder stepped forward and barked a rebuke.

However, just as the words of this Thousand Demon Sect’s Supreme Elder fell, he saw the space vibrate, and an invisible force blew him away. The crowd was shocked. Even Zhao Zihao and Ke Jie were both stunned.

“Who are you?” Li Fei’s face sank as he looked coldly at Lu Yiping, “It seems that your Excellency has come to my Thousand Demon Sect to cause trouble, then you are looking in the wrong place.”

Ke Jie was the concubine of the old ancestor of the Dark Demon Hall, Yang Siyuan, the Dark Demon Hall now backed the Thousand Demon Sect, and even the Martial God Hall Zhao Zihao was here, no matter where the blue-shirted young man in front of him was from, he had nothing to worry about.

“Come to make trouble?” Only then did Lu Yi Ping turn his head over. His gaze fell on Thousand Demon Sect leader Li Fei and said blandly, “You’re wrong, I’m here to kill.”

Kill someone? As the Thousand Demon Sect experts heard this and all of them immediately gathered around.

Lu Yiping’s face was as normal as ever as he looked at Thousand Demon Sect’s Patriarch Li Fei, “You are Thousand Demon Sect Patriarch Li Fei?”

“Not bad, I am Li Fei!” Li Fei smiled coldly.

At that moment, suddenly, he saw Lu Yiping stretched out his hand, and tens of thousands of rays of light flew out and entered Li Fei’s body and the other experts of the Thousand Demon Sect. They discovered in horror that their whole body’s true qi and internal strength were completely sealed!

And even the power of the physical body strength was also completely sealed!

“This, you!” Li Fei looked at Lu Yiping in horror.

Zhao Zihao and Ke Jie, who were at the side, were also horrified in their pores when they saw this scene.

In the blink of an eye, this young man actually sealed thousands of experts of the Thousand Demon Sect’s true qi, internal force, and even physical body strength!

Being their true qi, internal force, even the physical body strength sealed, Li Fei and others were now as harmless as mortals?

Lu Yiping said to Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu, “Their power has been sealed, you can go up and avenge the dead relatives and disciples of the Shura Sect.”

Originally, with Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu’s Golden core realm strength alone, wanted to kill Li Fei and others was simply impossible. But now, Li Fei’s and the power of the other was completely sealed. For Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu and to kill them naturally was an easy matter.

Lu Peng’s double sword appeared in his hands, and his eyes were bloodshot as he walked towards Li Fei and the group of experts from the Thousand Demon Sect.

“Shura Sect! You are the Shura Sect Elder!” A Thousand Demon Sect elder who had fought with Lu Peng looked at Lu Peng in fear.

Just as Lu Peng was about to step forward and kill Li Fei and the others, Zhao Zihao from the Martial God Hall on the side suddenly spoke to Lu Yiping, “I am Zhao Zihao from the Martial God Hall, who is your Excellency from the Shura Sect?”

“Now that the Thousand Demon Sect has submitted to the Dark Demon Hall, it is the Dark Demon Hall’s power, if you kill the Thousand Demon Sect, you will have offended the Dark Demon Hall!”

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