I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 137: The Gamble In Fighting The Innate

In the Devil Fury Aura, the Purple Thorn Army had enough courage to face tens of thousands of Black Iron Army, and their biggest threat was the Innate Expert Hui Qingying!

After this battle, Shiqi was considered to have completely understood the difficulty of the innate experts.

Unable to touch Hui Qingying, he was a living target! Hui Qing Ying looked at him in the formation of the Black Iron Army. The corner of her mouth showed a mocking smile, looking at him as if she was looking at a corpse.

She was qualified to look like that!

“Water Blade Intent: Water Vortex!”

The tip of Hui Qingying’s sword pointed straight at Shiqi, and the swirling sword light shot at him like an arrow.

Seeing that he couldn’t dodge it, Shiqi exerted the “Golden Body Forging Technique,” his whole body instantly turned into gold, and the water vortex left a hole on Shiqi’s back undershirt. Blood continuously dripped out from the wound.

The actual body defense of his body had exceeded the majority of innate martial artists. No wonder he could come and go freely in the Black Iron Army. The effect of the Flame Body Forging Chamber was really extraordinary!

Shiqi didn’t have time to speak, Hui Qingying’s attack came again.

 “I’d like to see how many times can you resist!”

The water vortex condensed the true qi into a single point to break the surface with a point was beneficial for martial artists with strong body forging techniques like Shiqi to target, and it was not easy to accidentally injure other Black Blood Kingdom soldiers.

“Water Blade Intent: Water Vortex!”

This time, Shiqi still failed to dodge it, and he directly pulled up a nearby enemy soldier to block in front of him. The sword aura easily pierced through the soldier’s body and then drilled the bloody gashly hole in Shiqi’s abdomen.

After the Black Iron Army soldier’s body was pierced through, he fell from the air, and Hui Qingying’s figure reappeared without cover.

Shiqi’s pupils shrank, and his eyes sparked hope.

He grabbed a soldier with one hand and aimed it at Hui Qingying in mid-air with an intense fling, and the soldier was directly thrown into the air by the huge force and smashed over against Hui Qingying.


Hui Qingying didn’t shoot her sword but twisted her delicate body in mid-air and lightly staggered with the soldier that crashed over.

As for going to save that soldier, she didn’t even think about it and didn’t cut him down with a single slash, all for the sake of being a soldier of the Black Blood Kingdom.

But after dodging a soldier, Hui Qingying looked back and froze for a moment.

Only to see Shiqi put his crimson blood-heavy sword back to his back and freeing his hands, bulging his arm muscles high, and working left and right, grabbing the Black Iron Army and smashing it on Hui Qingying.

Hui Qingying was just over thirty meters high from the ground.  Shiqi threw each and every Black Iron Army up over thirty meters high in the air with his great strength, and these soldiers all aimed precisely at Hui Qingying!

“Small bugs!”

In Hui Qingying’s opinion, this was completely a useless effort on Shiqi’s part.

Innate experts were incomparably flexible in mid-air. With the flight speed of those soldiers, it was impossible to smash into her …… even if they did, and it would be impossible to cause any damage to her.

But in the face of the soldiers flying up one by one, Hui Qingying’s first reaction was still – to dodge.

After all, as a beautiful and loving woman, she really did not want to be touched by those rude and dirty big-headed soldiers.

Slash or not to slash, if she really slashed the soldier, who would be willing to sell their lives for her? Many of the soldiers who were thrown into the air were still shouting “General Hui”!

There were a lot of soldiers surrounding Shiqi, and several thousand Black Iron Army were crowded together, so they could not escape, and almost no one could escape Shiqi’s capture.

In just a few seconds, more than ten soldiers were sent up into mid-air by Shiqi.

Shiqi looked at the soldiers who were gradually approaching Hui Qingying in mid-air when one soldier just covered Hui Qingying’s face in mid-air ……

He knew that his only chance had come! He calmly snapped the neck of the soldier in his hand and held the body over his head.

“Flash step!”

His thigh muscles bulged in an exaggerated form, almost crumbling the leg guards, and with a popping sound under his feet, his entire body flew up into midair like a flea on top of the dead Black Iron Army soldier earlier.

“What does that guy want?” A Black Iron Army soldier looked up at the soaring Shiqi and muttered to himself. The Black Irons Army soldier who was close to Shiqi saw him jump up with their own eyes.

“He wouldn’t want to jump up and fight with General Hui, would he?”

“He can fly?”

“He’s taking his own life!”

“He seeks his own death?”


In an instant, the Black Iron Army, who witnessed Shiqi’s crazy actions, almost all had the same thought – looking for death!

A true qi realm expert who couldn’t fly and jump up into mid-air to fight with an innate expert who could fly, this was definitely seeking death!

Only the Purple Thorn Army secretly prayed for their commander. As he flew up, Shiqi held his breath and ran the “Breath Convergence Technique,” he was trying his best to conceal his breath.

Success or failure was at stake! If you want to fight Hui Qingying head-on, you only have one chance!

Shiqi did not think that Hui Qingying would give him another chance after she sensed his intention. There were no brain-damaged Innate masters!

Hui Qingying easily hid behind a few soldiers and watched as two more soldiers flew towards her.

The one in the forefront had lost his breath, she did not care, and side-stepped deftly dodged the two, and Shiqi brought the dead soldier to the oblique top of Hui Qingying.

Hui Qingying actually did not notice! The Black Iron Army standing on the ground shouted frantically.

“General Hui, be careful behind you!”

“General Hui, behind you!”



Behind you?

“Bang,” a burst of sound, Hui Qingying suddenly turned around, just in time to see a man with a silver mask, the man’s blood-red eyes full of cold and crazy intent ……

Just when Shiqi heard the Black Iron army on the ground shouting, he had begun to move. He stiffly twisted his body slightly in mid-air, kicked on the corpse, and with the help of reaction force, catapulted towards Hui Qingying.

The corpse was directly kicked by him and exploded! In mid-air, Shiqi and Hui Qingying, who had turned around, came face to face with each other.

The man was tall and powerful, with strong muscles revealed under the tattered armor. The woman was soft and charming, with sky blue skirts flying and her bumpy and hot body making people look sideways. It should have been a beautiful encounter …… Unfortunately, they met on the battlefield.

There were no flowers and romance around, only exploding fog of blood and corpse debris.

The two were so close that they just looked at each other, but it was as if they could guess each other’s thoughts by looking straight into each other’s hearts!

“Water’s Blade Intent: Spring Breeze Yishui!”

“Water’s Blade Intent: Draw the Blade and Break the Water!”

“Water’s Blade Intent: Water Vortex!”

 “Golden Body Forging Technique!”

Shiqi’s body was covered in red gold, and countless terrifying blade intents violently erupted, ruthlessly cutting down on his body.

Hui Qingying had long seen Shiqi’s powerful body forging technique, and all the blade intent almost exploded at the same point!

Shiqi was in mid-air. It was impossible for him to dodge; he could only use his body hard to resist.

The wound was deep to the bone! However, it was only the bones were visible.

Hui Qingying looked at Shiqi in disbelief! She did not expect that she had used all her strength, but she had not killed the other party!

Shiqi was getting closer and closer, and Hui Qingying could clearly see the smile at the corner of the other party’s mouth, snow-white teeth, and the big golden hand reaching for her!

A sense of wariness hit her heart, and she raised her body, wanting to fly away into the sky. Unfortunately, it was too late.

“Devil Fury Aura Explodes!”

Hui Qing Ying suddenly lost her concentration, and her body stopped in mid-air! Shiqi laughed and grabbed her ankle!

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