The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 46: The Ancestor Stone Statue

Everyone saw that ancient Buddha word was instantly rising against the wind, like a chaotic Buddha mountain, fiercely blasting down.

The Purple Devil Race leader was terrified.

“Demon Light Divine Flame!”

His whole body rushed up with an astonishing devil flame, attacking the ancient Buddha word madly, only to see that his full strength strike, which blasted at the ancient Buddha word, could not shake it a bit!


The Purple Devil race leader was instantly crushed into the ground by the ancient Buddha word!

The entire Buddha Cave trembled. The ground of the Buddha Cave kept crumbling and spreading like a shocking rift valley.

The other experts of the Purple Devil Race who were about to rush over were so scared that they all stopped and looked at the Purple Devil Race leader, who was crushed into the ground by the ancient Buddha word and froze.

At this time, the ancient Buddha’s word flew up and landed back in Lu Yiping’s hands.

They saw that the purple devil race leader had been completely embedded into the ground. He and the ground completely mixed together, the flesh and blood had become completely pulpy.

Lu Yiping’s finger flicked, and everyone saw that the purple devil race leader’s completely pulpy body flew out from the depths of the earth and fell into the Universe Cauldron.

Soon, a Golden Pill of the True God level flew out from the Universe Cauldron.

These True God golden pills, Lu Yiping even refine the purple devil clan leader’s godhead together, so it was better compared to Su Xiu, Wu Mo’s golden pills.

All this change was just the blink of an eye.

The Purple Devil Race experts were dumbfounded, and their minds were blank when they saw their leader suddenly blown away and then refined into a golden pill.

The true god realm was strong, the strength of the godly body was comparable to ordinary divine weapons, extremely difficult to refine, many super clans, even with the clan divine tripod, refining for several years, they had never heard of any divine tripod that could refine a true god realm expert into a golden pill.

When the Purple Devil Race experts were dumbfounded, Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan made their moves, and the four of them swayed with giant elephants supporting the sky behind them.

“Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist!”

At the same time, they blasted out. Four mountain-like fist imprints broke through the air.

Nearly a hundred experts of the Purple Demon Race were blown away in unison. The sound of miserable screams resounded through the Buddha Cave.

But soon, the sound stopped. The entire Buddha Cave was stained with purple blood.

Lu Yiping recalled the purple blood on the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ war sword, however, the purple blood on the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ war sword was slightly different from the blood of the Purple Demon Race.

Afterward, Lu Yi Ping let Zhang Jin and the others collect the things of the Purple Demon Race’s experts, and then he left the Buddha Cave. After that, they left the Fire Dragon Temple and continued to travel to the Hundred Flowers Empire.

Just as Lu Yi Ping and the others left the Fire Dragon Temple not long after, they saw another group of Tan family experts arriving.

These Tan family experts looked at the Tan family experts along the way, and all of them had sunken faces.

“Who the hell is it that killed so many experts of my Tan Family!” A Tan Family True God Realm ancestor who arrived roared with bloodshot eyes.

However, when they followed the blood trail and arrived deep into the Buddha Cave, they could not help but be dumbfounded when they saw the corpses of the Purple Devil Race’s experts.

“It was the Purple Devil Clan that did this?!”

“But then who killed these Purple Devil Race experts?”The Tan Clan experts were stunned and confused.

The next day, Lu Yiping and the others arrived at the Black Sea of the Hundred Flowers Empire.

In the Black Sea, the water in the sea was like lacquer ink, hence the name of the Black Sea.

And the Black Sea Mountain was located in the middle of the Black Sea.

Lu Yiping looked at the ink-like black sea in front of him, remembering some scenes when his friend Chen Xiaotian founded the Shura Sect.

When the Shura sect was established, he helped his friend Chen Xiaotian choose the black sea.

The Black Sea was still there, but the old man was no longer there. So after staying for a while, Lu Yiping flew towards Black Sea Mountain.

And at this time, in the Black Sea Mountain, Thousand Devil Sect Patriarch Li Fei was commanding the Thousand Devil Sect disciples who were in the process of building a large number of construction.

Since their Thousand Devil Sect destroyed the Shura Sect and occupied this place, he planned to make this place the most important branch of the Thousand Devil Sect.

Here, located in the Black Sea, surrounded by the sea on all sides, the black water aura was dense. Therefore, it was highly suitable for their Thousand Devil Sect techniques cultivation.

After their three years of continuous demolition, transformation, reconstruction, the Shura Sect hall had significantly been changed.

Li Fei looked at the new Shura Sect hall and surrounding buildings nodded in satisfaction. He paced, walked out of the Shura Sect hall. There he saw the towering Shura Sect ancestor Chen Xiaotian’s statue, he frowned.

Looking over from this side of the main hall, you could see the Black Sea sea and the scenery sightline was good.

But this statue, which was nearly a hundred meters high, greatly obstructed the line of sight from this side of the main hall.

“You guys must do it later, blast that statue and demolish it.” Li Fei said to the crowd of Thousand Demon Sect experts around him.

When the Thousand Devil Sect experts heard this, they couldn’t help but look at each other.

“Sovereign, this statue of the ancestor of the Shura Sect is somewhat evil.” But, a Thousand Devil Sect expert said, “The statue has a mysterious power that no one can dismantle.”

“Mysterious power?” Li Fei was surprised. Thousand Devil Sect experts nodded their heads.

Li Fei mused, “Then let’s not worry about it, later on, Lord Ke Jie, the Supreme Elder of the Flying Flower Sect, will come to this side to inspect, I heard that there are also experts from the Martial God Temple accompanying them, you guys prepare and go out with me to meet them later.”

“Martial God Temple experts!” The experts of the Thousand Devil Sect were surprised.

Li Fei nodded and smiled, “It’s Lord Zhao Zihao of the Martial God Temple.”

The crowd stirred.

There were four major powers in the Divine Martial Continent: the Wan Family’s Wan Hong, two was the Martial God Temple’s Zhao Zihao, three was the Yun Family’s Yun Haitian, and four was the Chen Family’s, Chen Yuan.

Chen family was the Chen family of Chen Qingyang, the number one array master in the Divine Martial Continent, and this Chen Yuan was the son of Chen Qingyang.

“So, when you guys follow me to greet Lord Zhao Zihao later, you must not make the slightest mistake, got it?” Li Fei said solemnly.

All the experts of the Thousand Devil Sect were astonished, and all of them answered respectfully.

It didn’t take long for them to see two people coming from the distant sea, a man and a woman. It was the Flying Flower Sect’s Supreme Elder Ke Jie and the Martial God Hall’s Zhao Zihao.

The people of the Thousand Devil Sect, who had been waiting for a long time, rushed to welcome them as soon as they saw the two appear.

“Greetings to Lord Ke Jie!” Arriving in front of the two men, Thousand Devil Sect’s Patriarch Li Fei paid his respects: “Lord Zhao Zihao!”

Ke Jie let Li Fei and the others get up, and then, greeted by all the experts of the Thousand Devil Sect, he and Zhao Zihao arrived at the Black Sea Mountain Shura Sect’s Hall.

Coming into the Shura Sect Hall, Ke Jie looked up at the statue of Shura Ancestor towering in the middle of the square and knitted her brows, “This stone statue,  have someone tear it down.”

Li Fei, the patriarch of the Thousand Demon Sect, answered in a respectful voice, hesitated, and said, “Lord Ke Jie, this stone statue of the Shura Ancestor is somewhat evil, containing mysterious power. It stood for countless years and not falling down, it is difficult to dismantle.”

The Martial God Hall Zhao Zihao was surprised, and his eyes fell on the stone statue. His eyes were shining as if he found something. He took a stride and came to the stone statue. After that walked around the stone statue, sometimes frowning, sometimes pondering, followed by shaking his head.

“Master Zhao, you are an array expert, this stone statue, is there any array within?” Ke Jie saw Zhao Zihao look, her heart feeling strange, then she asked.

Zhao Zihao thought hard, then said, “It seems to be an array but not a array, the technique is somewhat like the Snow Gathering Grand Formation and Snow Transformation Grand Formation of Snowfall City.”

Then he laughed, “However, it’s not difficult to dismantle this stone statue, I’ll try!”

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