I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 136 Too Ridiculous

Regardless of the situation in Qingfeng City, Shiqi couldn’t care less, and they were still on their way to White Mountain City.

A day later, Meng Fei reported and said, “Lord Commander, if we continue to rush at this speed, tomorrow afternoon, we will almost make it to White Mountain City.”

“Let everyone take a rest!” Shiqi said as he glanced at the tired crowd.

Instead of spreading out, the army gathered together in units of a hundred to recover their lost true qi from the long journey.

In the afternoon, Meng Fei came to report that from the three teams sent to scout, one team did not come back to report.

Meng Fei asked in a somewhat nervous whisper, “My lord, we shouldn’t really be blocked by the Black Blood Kingdom’s army, right!”

“It’s possible, but of course we can’t rule out that they’ve encountered other dangers!” Even though he said so, Shiqi also knew that the possibility was slim to none.

The area around Qingfeng City and White Mountain City had never heard of powerful demonic beasts.

“Pause the march!”

The army of more than five thousand people soon came to a halt. Shiqi asked Meng Fei, “The missing team is responsible for that direction?”

Each team of scouts sent out would be specifically assigned to scout an area.

“It’s the left front!”

As soon as Meng Fei finished speaking, Shiqi received a warning from the Devil Sword that a large force was running towards them ahead.

Meng Fei asked, “Lord Commander, should we send more people to scout?”

Shiqi said helplessly, “No need, they’re already came out!”

A slight vibration began to appear on the ground, and there were experienced soldiers lying on the ground listening for a while, and their faces did not look too good.

“The Black Blood Kingdom’s army knows we’re going to pass through here?”

“They probably guessed it!” Luck was something that was equally important to the generals.

By preference, Shiqi’s luck, it seemed had never been very good.

“How about if we withdraw?”

The overall strength of the Purple Thorn Army and the Black Iron Army were comparable. So if the Purple Thorn Army tried desperately to run, the other side really wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Since the Black Iron Army dares to intercept halfway, they would definitely be ready to eat up their strength!

They were inherently at an absolute disadvantage! Retreating, of course, was the safest option.

“We can’t retreat!”

Meng Fei asked in surprise, “Behind us too?”


To put it simply, Shiqi’s five thousand men were pinned down by the Black Iron Army!

The Crimson Blood Devil Sword’s “Devil Sword Induction” skill was powerful, but it had a distance limit. Once the distance between the enemy and Shiqi exceeded five hundred meters, the Devil Sword Induction skill would not be able to detect it.

Five hundred meters! For the soldiers of the Black Iron Army, it was not really long.

Meng Fei asked with some distress, “How do they know? We’re already careful enough!”

“Of course, their intelligence is great!”

Shiqi also had a headache, and he certainly knew the importance of intelligence on the battlefield. In this regard, the Black Blood Kingdom was undoubtedly doing much better than the Southern Cloud Country.

Meng Fei looked at the black-pressed mountains of the Black Iron Army in front and behind and said, “At least tens of thousands of people …… they should not have innate experts, right?”

Shiqi looked back, just in time to see a figure slowly rising from the black iron army that surrounded up from behind.

“Meng Fei, from now on, not allowed to say a word, or I first put you military justice!”

Today’s battle was inevitable. Shiqi raised the crimson blood-heavy sword and said, “Brothers, prepare for battle!”

“Who is Chen Pengfei?” The innate expert in mid-air opened her mouth and asked.

Shiqi raised his head and recognized who the other party was after taking a closer look. It was one of the female innate experts who ambushed the Sixth Army outside Mingtai City that day – Hui Qingying!

Hui Qingying was a beautiful woman about thirty years old, bright and beautiful, a pair of peach blossom eyes, thin lips, snow-white skin, beautiful long hair, and sky-blue gauze skirt train fluttering in mid-air, standing in mid-air, she was like a worldly fairy.

She came up and asked Chen Pengfei, Shiqi estimated that in the last battle under the Mingtai City, his own performance was too prominent!

Shiqi pointed at Meng Fei beside her and shouted, “He is our Commander Chen!”

After saying that, he gently took a step back and retreated behind Meng Fei. Meng Fei looked at Shiqi in a dumbfounded manner.

Shiqi pretended to straighten his armor and gently ran his index finger on his neck, and Meng Fei reacted with a jolt.

“Yes, yes, I am Chen Pengfei, what do you want from me?” Meng Fei’s voice was shivering, but he managed to hold on.

You’re nonsense!” Hui Qingying laughed in anger, “That one with the mask, stand out for me, and you are Chen Pengfei, don’t try to cheat me!”

Meng Fei quickly dodged to hide behind Shiqi.

“What’s the matter?” Shiqi didn’t want to run away but to find a better opportunity. But since Hui Qingying knew him, he had no choice but to stand out.

Hui Qing Ying stood proudly in mid-air and sneered, “For the sake of you being a talented person, as long as you are willing to surrender and submit to our Black Blood Kingdom, I can let bygones be bygones for what happened under Mingtai City, how about that?”

Almost all of the Purple Thorn Army looked at Shiqi. Once Shiqi announced his surrender, the morale of the 5,000-strong Purple Thorn Army would plummet.

“I, Chen Pengfei, the commander of the Sixth Army of the Purple Thorn Army, swear not to surrender!”

Meng Fei shouted, “Last time, 40,000 people, we all escaped, now you come with 10,000 people, we are not afraid!”

“That’s right, we vow not to surrender!”

“Vow not to surrender!”

“Vow not to surrender!”

“……” The momentum was infectious.

First Meng Fei, then the veterans rescued from the last battle by Shiqi, then the new recruits who had just joined the army …… sparse voice slowly grew, and finally converged into a neat and mournful voice!

“Vow to die and not surrender!”

Shiqi held up the crimson blood devil sword, thirty percent of the devilish fury aura continuously spread. The cold aura stimulated the Purple Thorn Army to the excitement and likewise evoked the terrible memories of the Black Iron Army.

The 10,000-odd Black Iron Army led by Hui Qing Ying was one of the teams that besieged the Sixth Army under Mingtai City that day!

“Follow me!” Shiqi’s eyes glowed red, and he directly led the Purple Thorn Army in a charge!

Despite being in a desperate situation, the Purple Thorn Army still had full courage just because of Shiqi!

Watching the other side lead the troops to charge directly in their direction. In Hui Qingying’s opinion, this was completely suicidal!

She laughed coldly, “I originally thought you would be a smart person, but I didn’t expect you to be this obsessed, since that’s the case, then you can go to hell!”

“Water Blade Intent: Water Waves Brimming!” Hui Qing Ying used her blade intent as soon as she struck, clearly not planning to hold back.

“Flash Step!”

Shiqi stamped his feet violently, leaving a bursting hollow under his feet, and then the whole thing arrowed into the Black Iron Army’s formation.

In his original position, a water wave-like spreading slash appeared, and a dozen of Purple Thorn Army were affected by the wave flung to the ground. Their internal organs were strangled into pieces, and they bled to death from their seven orifices.

Hui Qingying watched Shiqi rushed into the Black Iron Army’s formation. With a cold face and hold the sword in her hand, she stared at him with a deadly stare.

She was looking for a chance to kill with a single blow. Shiqi rushed into the Black Iron Army formation. He had fears and did not dare to use too powerful moves!

Shiqi, who was surrounded by the Black Iron Army rampaged, saw Hui Qingying in mid-air and felt a great headache.

Earlier when dealing with Wang Yongbo, it was different. Wang Yongbo was so angry that he lost his mind and almost stood on the ground to fight him, he was able to fight with Wang Yongbo back and forth, but now Hui Qingying was suspended in mid-air …… and he couldn’t fly!

Innate experts were too ridiculous!

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