It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 114 So, I’m an Array Master

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Shopkeeper Wang looked at Sun Hao, his expression changed.

Dared to grab the boat core made by Master Mo with his bare hands, except for immortals, there was only this Young Master in front of him. For the Young Master to easily grab it, he definitely was not an ordinary immortal! Young master, he really didn’t read it wrong, this Young Master was indeed a peerless immortal!

Shopkeeper Wang nodded secretly, looking at Sun Hao worshipfully.

Soon, Sun Hao looked back at Huang Rumeng and said, “Rumeng, give me a piece of wood.”

“Yes, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng took out a piece of red sandalwood immortal wood and handed it to Sun Hao.

As soon as this thing came out, Shopkeeper Wang was dumbfounded.

“This … this is the supreme spirit wood? No … no, this is the immortal wood. I can’t see the grade of the immortal wood at all! It seems that this piece of wood is only an ordinary wood in Young Master’s eyes!” Shopkeeper Wang murmured to himself, he was shocked inwardly and couldn’t calm down for a while.

Suddenly, Shopkeeper Wang raised his eyebrows. He looked puzzledly at Sun Hao, “Young Master, this is?”

Currently, there were all kinds of carving knives in front of Sun Hao. After staring at the boat core, he returned his gaze to the red sandalwood immortal tree. Then, he took out various carving knives and began to carve.

Within a moment, a round wooden ball took shape. Its size was the same as that of the boat core. Sun Hao began to carve the lines on the boat core.

After half an hour, there was a vibrating sound, countless spiritual energy that couldn’t be detected with naked eyes rushed and sank into the wooden ball.

The array on the wooden ball looked as if it was alive, with rays of light shining and glittering. It looked like a gem, capturing Shopkeeper Wang’s attention.

“This …” Shopkeeper Wang opened his mouth widely and muttered to himself. He didn’t close his mouth for a long time, and his face was full of disbelief.

“Unexpectedly, Young Master is an array master! He can carve a boat core like this casually! Such strength is terrible! This … I can’t see the rank of this boat core! Which means, Young Master is much stronger than Master Mo?”

“Hiss …” Shopkeeper Wang breathed through his teeth, his chest heaved violently. He incessantly swept a gaze of admiration and worship.

Sun Hao took the carved boat core and compared it with the Purple Lightning’s boat core. Obviously, what he carved was more than ten times better. Each line was very natural, there was an indescribable smoothness.

“Shopkeeper Wang, do you think I can put this up?” Sun Hao asked.

“Of … Of course!” Shopkeeper Wang nodded mechanically.

“That’s good!” Sun Hao nodded and put his boat core into the center of the magic circle.

At this time, a vibrating sound appeared. Waves of energy spread out rapidly.

“Boom! Boom…”

The boat’s defense formation could not withstand the boat core’s power at all and exploded quickly. The entire flying boat trembled slightly.

“What’s going on?” Sun Hao frowned.

“Young … Young Master, I apologize. The boat core that you carved is too strong, and the flying boat can’t bear it! Now, this flying boat can’t utilize the shield, it can only be used for flying.” Shopkeeper Wang said.

Was the boat core he carved too strong? That was to say, his boat core was better than that array master? So he is an array master?! Sun Hao murmured, his eyes shining brightly.

The carving technique taught by the system turned out to be an array! Becoming an array master, even if he didn’t have power, he would still be respected by non-array masters.

In this way, he could … the more he thought about it, the more excited Sun Hao became. His face shined brightly.

“Take me to see it.” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master.” 

Shopkeeper Wang took Sun Hao and walked to the location of the explosion. Along the way, all they saw was a burnt black place.

In some places, even the ship’s body made by Amethyst melted. Amethyst was a kind of high-grade spirit iron, it was extremely hard. Shopkeeper Wang was shocked beyond words when he looked at these.

This amethyst, which took tens of thousands of degrees to melt, could not withstand the power of Young Master’s carved boat core, and it actually melted. Moreover, all the surrounding arrays were wiped out.

“Young Master, you are so amazing! Such a peerless immortal. Perhaps standing by yourself like this is a blessing that can only be cultivated in a few lifetimes, right?” Shopkeeper Wang muttered to himself, the brilliance gleaming.

Sun Hao was also shocked when he watched this scene. This power was so terrifying. He almost destroyed Purple Lightning. Now, he couldn’t carve a formation array by himself. It’s hard for a clever woman to cook without rice(1).

“Shopkeeper Wang, do you remember the arrays here?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, this …” Shopkeeper Wang showed a bitter expression and shook his head again and again.

“Then do you have a painting of the boat’s shield array?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, the formation paintings are all in the hands of the array master, except for apprentices and relatives, they will never be passed on! However, if Young Master wants to, I will find a way.” Shopkeeper Wang said.

“As such, thank you Shopkeeper Wang!” Sun Hao smiled and nodded.

With the array painting, he can be regarded as an array master. Later on, his fame would slowly make a wave in the entire immortal world. At that time, there would be an endless stream of visitors. 

Give each of them some small things made by him and received blessing points. Presumably, after hearing of his deeds, the Godly Cunning Immortal were likely to take the initiative to find him and accept him as disciples! The more he thought about it, the brighter Sun Hao’s eyes became.

“Young Master, since the flying boat has been damaged, we will compensate you with another one!” Shopkeeper Wang said.

“That’s not necessary! Although there is no shield array, at least it can fly!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, how can this be done? I feel uneasy …” Shopkeeper Wang said.

“It’s okay!” Sun Hao waved his hand, took out a painting scroll from his arms, and handed it to Shopkeeper Wang. “Shopkeeper Wang, thank you for the flying boat! Please accept this little gift!” Sun Hao said.

Shopkeeper Wang trembled when he heard that, his eyes blank, and he stared closely at the painting scroll. The material of the painting scroll in the hands of Young Master was by no means simple, he can’t even see through it. Could it be made from immortal wood? How would he dare to receive such treasures at will?

“Young Master, how can this be?” 

“What? Do you dislike this painting? In that case, I don’t want this Purple Lightning!” Sun Hao pretended to be angry and walked out.

“Young Master, I will accept it, I will accept it!” He took Sun Hao’s painting scroll and opened it.

“Whoosh …” Dao Rhyme rushed out like a big wave. Shopkeeper Wang was immediately frightened and rolled it up quickly. Such a terrifying Dao Rhyme, this was really the first time he had seen it. Young Master’s method was simply unthinkable, unimaginable!

“Thank you, Young Master!” Shopkeeper Wang bowed ninety degrees and saluted Sun Hao.

“You don’t have to be polite!” Sun Hao waved his hand and smiled.

“It’s not early anymore, because I still have an appointment with Young Master Qin, I won’t bother Shopkeeper Wang. I will take my leave now!” After Sun Hao finished speaking, he walked out of the flying boat.

The three of them came outside the flying boat. Huang Rumeng waved her right hand and took the flying boat into the spiritual space.

“Young Master, take care!”

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