The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 45: Buddha’s Fat

Seeing Lu Peng, Lu Xiaoyu, Zhang Jin, and the others staring at that ancient Buddha word with astonished faces, Lu Yiping said, “This ancient Buddha word conceals the void and can follow the spatial fluctuations, so the Tan family experts can’t discover this ancient Buddha word.”

“Let’s go in!”

Hearing Lu Yiping said to go in, and Lu Peng was stunned, “Go in?”

Lu Yiping said, “Within the ancient Buddha word, it forms its own space.”

At this time, the chariot leaped up and came before the ancient Buddha word in the void.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s whole body flashed with golden lightning, and under the golden lightning flashes, a spatial entrance suddenly appeared in the middle of the ancient Buddha word.

The chariot then passed through the spatial entrance. When they entered, the space entrance closed. The ancient Buddha word was also once again concealed in the void and disappeared.

After entering the space, Lu Peng, Lu Xiaoyu, and others looked at everything in the space, and they were all amazed.

There they saw a thousand feet of fire dragon swimming in the sky.

When the fire dragon was swimming, it was filled with surging pure fire dragon essence, and this fire dragon essence was like waves. It filled the entire space.

When Lu Yi Ping saw the fire dragon swimming high in the sky, he moved his finger and saw the fire dragon flying out.

Before the fire dragon got close, amazing waves of fire came overwhelmingly. When these fire waves came to the front of the chariot, it was blocked by an invisible force.

What surprised and surprised Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu was that after the fire dragon came to them was that the light suddenly surged, and the fire dragon disappeared and was replaced by a golden book bubbling with flames.

“This is!” Lu Peng’s eyes widened.

“This is the Fire Dragon Sutra of the Fire Dragon Temple.” Lu Yiping spoke, and with a stretch of his hand, the Fire Dragon Sutra fell into his hands, “This Fire Dragon Sutra, the artifact spirit is a fire dragon.”

Hearing that the book of golden flames in front of him was the legendary Buddhist Sutra of the Fire Dragon Temple, Lu Peng’s heart trembled.

The Fire Dragon Sutra was one of the four great Buddhist scriptures of the Eternal Source realm. It was rumored that if the four great Buddhist scriptures were gathered together, they could even open up the Buddhist world passage and possess incredible power.

“My lord, I heard that if the four great Buddhist scriptures were gathered together, they could open the Buddha Realm Passage, I wonder if that is true.” Lu Peng said.

Lu Yiping smiled at his words, “Maybe.”

He put the Fire Dragon Sutra into the Universe Cauldron, and Lu Yiping looked ahead at the large golden vats piled up on the ground. He stepped forward and opened the lid of one of the vats.

At once, the Buddha’s light filled the sky, and a golden Buddha power filled the heaven and earth, a strange fragrance floated out, everyone smelled it, all of them were refreshed. Their whole body relaxed as if they had swallowed the Buddha Pill.

“This is?” Lu Peng was astonished.

“This is Buddha fat.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull spoke, “And it’s a Celestial God level Buddha’s fat!”

Celestial God-level Buddha fat!

Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu were shocked that the golden vat in front of them was a Celestial God-level Buddha fat!

Buddha fat was the fat of the Buddha’s body after a thousand refinements. The Buddha’s incense generated by burning Buddha’s fat is of great benefit to practitioners.

For example, this Celestial God level Buddha fat was refined from the fat of the Celestial God realm Buddha, containing a trace of the Celestial God law aura.

When a True God realm expert cultivating lit a small jar of this Buddha fat while cultivating while comprehending the laws of the gods in the Buddha fat, the speed of cultivation would be significantly increased.

Moreover, the Buddha’s power contained in the Buddha fat can make one’s mind clear and purify the spirit, reduce the heart demons in mind and avoid the possibility of going off the rails.

The higher the level of Buddha fat, the better the effect. If it was a saint-level Buddha fat, it could even take you into the realm of the Dao and enlighten the way of the saints.

“These, they can’t all be Celestial God level Buddha fat, right?” Zhang Jin also all swallowed and looked at the hundreds of golden vats in front of him.

If all of them were Celestial God-level Buddha fat, how many Celestial God-level Buddhas would have to be able to refine so much Buddha fat?

“Well, all of them are Celestial God-level Buddha fat.” Lu Yiping said.

“This Fire Dragon Temple, how could there be so much Celestial God level Buddha fat.” Zhao Wen was puzzled.

Although the Fire Dragon Temple was the largest Buddhist temple in the Divine Martial Continent, it was impossible to have so many Celestial God realm Buddha corpses, to refine so many Buddha fat, at least hundreds of Celestial God realm Buddha corpses would be needed.

Lu Yi Ping pondered, “Perhaps, it was the Fire Dragon Temple that got the treasures of the ancient Buddhas, and it was because of these Buddha grease that the Fire Dragon Temple was destroyed by the Tan family, and the Tan family has been stationed here for so many years, not only looking for the Fire DragonSutra, but also looking for these Buddh’s fat.”

And at this time, outside, the group of black-clothed people all came to the deepest space of the Buddha Cave.

“Strange, that blue-shirted young man clearly came in, how could he have disappeared.” One of the black-clothed men wondered in amazement.

The leader of the black-clothed men scanned the Buddha Cave, his eyes emitting a ghostly light as he mused, “There should be a hidden space entrance here.”

“Hidden space entrance!” Everyone was stunned.

“The thing we are looking for might be here, everyone spread out and look for it.” The leader of the men in black said.

Just as the black-clothed men scattered to look for not long, suddenly, the void light surged, then saw a chariot came out from the depths of the void, it was Lu Yiping and the other who came out from the Golden Buddha space.

The crowd of black-clothed men stopped, and they were stunned. Lu Yiping looked at them and received the ancient Buddha word in his hand.

The leader of the men in black, with heated eyes, stared at the ancient Buddha character in Lu Yi Ping’s hand.

He hesitated for a moment and said to Lu Yi Ping with a fist: “This little brother, I am a descendant of the Fire Dragon Temple, this ancient Buddha character, is the object of my Fire Dragon Temple, please return it to my Fire Dragon Temple, we are grateful!”

Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu were surprised. These people in black actually were the descendants of the Fire Dragon Temple!

The two could not help but look at Lu Yiping.

Lu Yiping did not move and suddenly pressed the empty space, then saw the leader of the black-clothed people in black clothes burst apart, revealing its true appearance, only to see its forehead, full of black lines, a purple-black gas from its body constantly gushing out.

“The descendants of the Fire Dragon Temple, but your cultivation is not Buddhist techniques!” Lu Yiping blandly said, “And even has the Purple Devil Body of the Purple Devil Race?”

Obviously, this group of black-clothed people was not descendants of the Fire Dragon Temple but the Purple Devil Race from the Ghost Devil Continent.

Eternal Source realm, forty-six continents, and the Ghost Demon continent were among the strongest continents, and the Yin Ghost Sect headquarters was in the Ghost Demon continent.

The Purple Devil race was the most powerful force on the Ghost Devil continent, except for the Yin Ghost Sect, and compared to the Tan family, it was not much different.

Seeing that his identity had been recognized, the Purple Devil Race leader’s face sank, his whole body aura locked onto Lu Yiping. His eyes were gushing with devilish light. He fiercely blasted his fist towards Lu Yiping while shouting, “Attackt, kill them!” His whole body divine power surged. It turned out he was a middle stage True God expert!

Lu Yiping looked at the purple devil race leader who came over, killed him, flicked his hand, and then the ancient Buddha word flew out.

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