I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 135: Taking Advantage of the Void

On the morning of the departure day, Wang Yongbo took a rare step out of the city lord’s mansion and personally sent a group of generals, including Shiqi, to the outside of Qingfeng City.

It could be seen that he was in a good mood when he sent Shiqi away, with a warm smile on his face.

He said to Shiqi, “You take your men forward to White Mountain City (Baishan City) be careful of being ambushed by the enemy along the way, and reinforce White Mountain City as soon as possible, understand?”


“What else do you need?” Wang Yongbo looked at Shiqi’s hesitant expression. In a good mood, he couldn’t help but ask one more question.

Shiqi hesitated for a moment or said, “Let’s talk somewhere else!”

“What do you want to say? so secretive.” But Wang Yongbo still followed.

Away from the group of city guards and City Lord Zhao, Shiqi spoke only then.

“It’s like this, General Wang, I don’t know if I’m paranoid, I think Ke’er might have some problems …… but I’m not sure!” Shiqi pursed his lips in embarrassment, “I hope that Ke’er has no problem, do you understand!”

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was fishy, but if he really wanted to suspect Zhao Ke’er, he couldn’t do it, he still had deep “feelings” for Zhao Ke’er in his heart!

His reason and “feelings” were fighting back and forth, and finally let Shiqi say these somewhat confusing words, but Wang Yongbo heard him and understood.

“I see, you mean to let me test or investigate Ke’er?” Wang Yongbo looked at Shiqi and asked suspiciously, “That’s what you mean, right?”

“That’s right, I hope I’m just being paranoid, General Wang, just confirm a little!”

“I understand, you can go without worry!” Wang Yongbo said with a smile. Wang Yongbo’s words were a bit perfunctory, and Shiqi could only hope that he would be a little more cautious.

After marching for a half-day towards the White Mountain City, they reached the fork in the road. Shiqi had the team stop and called Meng Fei and a few of his men to come over to discuss the reinforce route.

There were two roads to White Mountain City.

One was the official road, it was flat, and the distance was the shortest. If the Purple Thorn Army marched all-out hurriedly, it only took three days to get there.

There was also a mountain road, and if you took this road, it would take five days to reach White Mountain City.

A 1000-man commander voiced Shiqi’s worries, “Lord Commander is afraid that they will intercept us halfway?”


“Then we’ll take the mountain road!”

Meng Fei asked next to him, “What if they just bet on us to take the mountain road?”

Shiqi had to admit that even though he had learned a lot of theoretical knowledge of military arts when it came to practical application, he still had many shortcomings.

In the end, it was he, the commander, who made the final decision, and the others could only make suggestions but not decisions.

After going through it in his head, he decided, “Let’s take the official road, the intelligence work of the Black Blood kingdom is very powerful, if the other side gets the news of our reinforce and really intends to intercept us halfway, then they must know the two roads between Qingfeng City and White Mountain City, they might guess that we take the mountain road too!”

Meng Fei asked in a small voice, “What if they bet on us taking the official road?”

“Then count yourselves unlucky!”

Shouldn’t we all be unlucky together? Meng Fei had doubts in his heart but did not dare to raise them.

While Shiqi was leading his men in the field, inside the City Lord’s Mansion, Wang Yongbo was leisurely enjoying the flowers in the courtyard with Zhao Ke’er.

The garden of the city lord’s mansion was carefully taken care of by the gardener. At this time, the garden was blooming with beautiful purple and red flowers and seeing these beautiful flowers, Zhao Ke’er’s originally sad face gradually softened.

The resistance of women to beautiful and bright flowers was always feeble.

She half squatted, gently put the pretty nose to a blood-red rose, slightly closed her eyes, and smelled a fragrance.

Wang Yongbo could not help but look obsessed.

“You know what? Chen Pengfei has gone to reinforce the White Mountain City. He left this morning, for the last half month or so he probably can not come back.”

“Yeah I knowll!”

A faint sadness once again crept onto the young girl’s brow.

The jealousy suppressed in Wang Yongbo’s heart bubbled up again, “I told you earlier, he has completely abandoned you and handed you over to me? That bastard Chen Pengfei never cared about you at all, he cared about his martial arts future, why are you still pining your hope for him?”

“Do you know what the outside world says about Chen Pengfei?”

“What’s the evaluation?”

Only when Chen Pengfei was mentioned did Zhao Ke’er say a few more words.

This made Wang Yongbo’s hate and jealousy grew even more!

“Humph! He’s a murderous devil, the kind that doesn’t even spare pregnant women and children, if he hadn’t defected to the Purple Thorn Army! He would have been gotten rid of by the righteous path long ago!” Wang Yongbo looked at Ke’er’s eyes and said sincerely, “Do you still not understand? People like Chen Pengfei will not love someone wholeheartedly at all, only I will really treat you well!”

“But I think, he is not that mean ah!” Zhao Ke’er slightly defended a sentence Shiqi.

“Ke’er, you are still too kind, too simple, who does not know that it is difficult to draw the skin of a tiger to draw the bones, know the face of a person does not know the heart!” Wang Yongbo looked at Ke’er as if he was looking at an exquisite painting, “Do you know what Chen Pengfei said to me outside the city when he was leaving today?”

“Said what?” Zhao Ke’er asked curiously, “Was it about me?”

“Humph! It was indeed about you, but you definitely wouldn’t expect it!” Wang Yongbo spoke in a tone and continued to sell out under Ke’er’s expectant eyes, “But you definitely won’t think about it, what he said to me!”

“Said what?”

“He actually said to me that he suspected you of having problems and asked me to check you out!” Wang Yongbo said with righteous indignation, “Do you think this is like human words? Do you think he looks like a human being? “

“You are so fond of him, but he even suspects that City Lord Zhao and you are spies sent by the Black Blood Kingdom!” Wang Yongbo gently grabbed Zhao Ke’er’s fragrant shoulders and stared into her eyes as he asked, “Tell me, Ke’er, is such a person worthy of your love for him?”

Zhao Ke’er’s big beautiful eyes gradually turned red, and tears filled her eyes. She lowered her head, tears dropped like silk threads, sliding down her cheeks, to her chin, and finally lowered to the ground.

Wang Yongbo took Ke’er into his arms at the right time and did not feel any resistance. He knew that he had succeeded! Successfully drove Chen Pengfei out of Zhao Ke’er’s heart!

Wang Yongbo was a family man, talking about love, compared to the prodigal love genius, he did not lack in experience.

“Ke’er, forget Chen Pengfei, he is just a selfish and vicious executioner …… I will take good care of you and won’t let you get hurt any more!”


“Of course it’s true, I, Wang Yongbo, swear that I will treat you well for the rest of my life!”


A pair of tender little hands encircled Wang Yongbo’s tiger waist, and a smug and satisfied smile appeared on Wang Yongbo’s face.

However, he did not know that the pitiful person in his arms, her beautiful corners of his mouth, also hooked a meaningful smile.

In the middle of the night, a carrier pigeon fluttered its wings and flew up into the starry sky from the northern district of Qingfeng City.

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