The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 44: Fire Dragon Temple

The dilapidated temple was covered with weeds and moss, and occasionally black crows could be seen hawking in the sky.

At this time, the sky darkened, gloomy and sad, with a sense of coldness.

“This is the old site of the Fire Dragon Temple.” Lu Peng looked at the endless decaying temples in front of him, lamented, “Back then, the Fire Dragon Temple was so prosperous. I heard that the people who entered the incense lined up from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain in a day, the line sometimes stretched for hundreds of miles.”

“Unfortunately, after being destroyed by the Tan family, this great Buddhist temple has become a ghostland.”

Lu Yiping nodded as the chariot slowly moved forward. The sound of sand breaking was found as it rolled over the ground. It did not take long to enter the depths of the ruins of the crumbling temple.

Along the way, everywhere, you could see the broken stone pillars and a Buddha statue sunk in the ground. The stone pillars were full of various scriptures, patterns.

And the Buddha statue had a million forms, traces of patch, on many spots had decayed.

More than 10,000 years since the destruction of the Fire Dragon Temple, many buildings of the temple had been turned into scattered sand and gravel.

“My lord, further past is the Fire Dragon Temple’s Buddha Cave, is the Fire Dragon Temple hidden treasures back then. However, after being destroyed by the Tan family, the Buddha treasure inside was removed by the Tan family” Lu Peng said, “Now the Fire Dragon Temple Buddha Cave, had become the Tan family refining puppet place.”

“There, it has been designated as a forbidden place by the Tan family, and no one dares to go near it.”

“Not even a hundred miles closer, if there are any experts close in, they will be captured by the Tan family people and refined into puppets.”

Just as Lu Peng was explaining, Lu Yiping suddenly said, “The Tan family occupies this place for looking for the Fire Dragon Buddhist scriptures, right?”

Back then, the Tan family destroyed the Fire Dragon Temple and scavenged countless Buddhist scriptures, cultivation methods, and masterpieces of the Fire Dragon Temple. Still, it had been unable to find the Fire Dragon Sutra, the first scripture of the Fire Dragon Temple.

About this Fire Dragon Buddhist Scripture, there were many sayings.

Some said that this Fire Dragon Sutra was a Buddhist world, a certain Budha Arhat left behind the Buddhist teachings, after the cultivation of the great success, with the power of the dragon Buddha, and could be shaped into an indestructible golden body.

Some say this Fire Dragon Sutra was an ancient Buddha creation after cultivation, and it could make life span significantly increased, breaking the limit of 100,000 years.

Moreover, the Fire Dragon Sutra itself had the power of Buddha, and when you take it on your body, you can repel all kinds of demons and suppress all ghosts and dead bodies.

Therefore, this was why the Tan family was still struggling to find the Fire Dragon Buddhist scriptures.

Hearing Lu Yiping mentioned the Fire Dragon Sutra, and Lu Peng laughed, “This Fire Dragon Buddhist Scripture, I’m afraid it’s not in the Fire Dragon Temple, otherwise, after so many years, the Tan family can’t possibly find it.”

So many years, the Tan family searched the Fire Dragon Temple corners and lifted it upside down was no less than ten times, but still no trace of the Fire Dragon Sutra.

Lu Yiping’s eyes were deep, looking deep into the Fire Dragon Temple somewhere, and said, “That’s not necessarily true.”

Lu Peng was stunned and said, “My lord, ten miles ahead is the Tan family’s forbidden area.”

“There are often Tan Family experts patrolling there.”

“Some years ago, several of our Shura Sect’s supreme elders passed by and were captured by Tan Family experts.”

As for what happened to those several Shura Sect’s supreme elders, it was self-explanatory.

At that moment, suddenly, there was a sound of breaking air behind them, only to see a large group of black-clothed people coming through the air, extremely fast, and went behind the crowd in the blink of an eye.

These black-clothed people, all wearing masks, but looking at their dress, they were not the Tan family’s people.

This group of black-clothed people also saw Lu Yiping and his party.

 The leader, the man in black, paused his gaze on Lu Yiping for a moment.

“My lord, should I settled them?” His men stepped forward and said, meaning to settle Lu Yiping’s group. After all, their actions tonight should not be seen by them.

 The leader of the black man hesitated for a moment and finally shook his head, “Forget it, one more thing is better than less, the business is important.” Then led the crowd to break through the air and leave.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the vast night.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the departing black-clothed people. He laughed, licked his lips, and said, “This group of black guys, I thought they were going to make a move just now.”

 “But, looking at their direction, they should be going to the Fire Dragon Temple Buddha Cave.”

Lu Yiping asked the Dragon Horned Golden Bull to follow him. Just a short distance past, a loud boom was heard, followed by astonishing power fluctuations.

It looked like a fight had started.

When Lu Yiping came to the few people, he saw the hall in front of them was all blown into powder, far away on the ground, lying a dozen bodies.

“It’s the Tan family experts.” Lu Peng saw the dozen corpses and was surprised.

Obviously, it was the group of black-clothed people who did it.

In the Eternal Source Plane, people were scared to talk about the Tan Family, and now some people dared to come and kill Tan Family disciples!

Moreover, this stronghold was one of the more important strongholds of the Tan Family.

However, the Tan family had exterminated many sects and naturally had many enemies.

Lu Yiping and his party came towards the front. All along the way were the bodies of Tan family experts. The group of black-clothed people who came were all experts.

Finally, they came to the depths of the Fire Dragon Temple Buddha Cave.

The group of black-clothed people was fighting with a group of Tan family experts in the open space ahead. The Tan family experts were not weak, and each of them had a powerful puppet by their side, so the group of black-clothed people met a lot of resistance.

The group of black-clothed people and Tan family experts were surprised to see the arrival of Lu Yiping and others.

The leader of the men in black frowned. The incident tonight, they naturally did not want it to be seen by others.

Just then, suddenly, a Tan Family expert with a puppet fiercely attacked Lu Yiping and his group.

However, this Tan family expert and his puppet who just attacked in front of Lu Yiping suddenly froze and stopped, and then, like scattered sand, kept breaking apart and scattering with the wind.

Seeing this bizarre scene, the men in black were startled. That Tan family expert was a great emperor first-class expert.

A great emperor’s level expert died just like that, weirdly scattered into broken sand!

The Tan family expert was also surprised at the sight. However, what gave the black-clothed man and the Tan family expert some peace of mind was that Lu Yiping’s group did not continue to strike.

Lu Yiping also ignored the man in black and the Tan family experts and continued to move deeper into the Fire Dragon Temple Buddha Cave.

As they traveled deeper into the Buddha Cave of the Fire Dragon Temple, they were constantly attacked by Tan family experts, but with Zhang Jin and the four of them opening the way, Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull did not make a move.

The journey was unhindered.

Finally, they came to the deepest part of the Buddha Cave.

The deepest part of the Buddha Cave was a huge Buddha City, Buddha statues were everywhere, and the buildings here were well preserved, all left behind by the Fire Dragon Temple back then.

The Buddha city was empty.

Lu Peng’s eyes puzzled, did not understand why Lu Yiping came to the deepest part of the Buddha Cave.

There was nothing in the deepest part of this Buddha Cave.

Suddenly, he saw Lu Yiping take a shot at the void in front of him, and the void in front of him surged with heavy light, and then, an ancient Buddha character appeared.

This ancient Buddha word gave Lu Peng and others a bizarre feeling.

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