The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 43: Possibly a Celestial God

“Lu Yiping, don’t go too far!” Wan Cheng could no longer swallow the fire in his heart and bellowed at Lu Yiping, “Even a Son of God from the Nine Heavens would not dare to be unbridled in front of my father!”

“Who do you think you are?!”

 “How dare you think what to go to my Wan family again!”

“My Wan family is not when you want to go can go?!” Wan Cheng became more and more indignant as he spoke.

His father, Wan Wuxiang, was the number one expert in the Divine Martial Continent and the fourth of the top ten experts in the Eternal Source Realm.

Even the ancestor of the Supreme Unity Sect and the number one in the Eternal Source Realm, Jiang Yu, did not dare to treat his father with such neglect.

Just as the words of Wan Cheng fell suddenly, he saw that a terrifying aura burst out from Lu Yiping, and high above the sky, without warning, thunder, lightning, the wind, and clouds changed color. The destructive power enveloped the endless space and time as if it was going to be the end of the world.

He was terrified.

“Get out! Lu Yiping’s voice was like an explosive thunder.

Boom! The infinite space-time trembled.

Wan Cheng, himself, even flew out backward as if he had received an annihilating blow and smashed down outside the mansion, his seven orifices covered in blood. Even his eyes were no exception.

The experts of the Wan Family who were guarding outside were all shocked to suddenly see their patriarch, Wan Cheng, flying out with blood in his seven orifices.

“Patriarch!” The experts of the Wan Family were in a panic.

But Wan Cheng ignored the blood on his body and looked in the direction of the courtyard where Lu Yiping was in the mansion with a fearful face.

“How dare you, that Lu Yiping and his men dare to strike at you!” An old ancestor of the Wan Family raged and was about to rush in.

Wan Cheng hurriedly pulled that Wan family ancestor and furiously yelled, “Stop!”

The experts of the Wan Family looked at Wan Cheng, “I cause it myself.”

He causes it himself?

Everyone looked at Wan Cheng,would. He who was bleeding from his seven orifices.

“Let’s go back first.” Wan Cheng immediately did not care about swallowing pills and did not explain much, he just turned around and left.

The Wan family experts looked at the departing Wan Cheng and could not help but stare at each other in astonishment.

At this time, just high in the sky without warning, the thunder and lightning disappeared without a trace, the wind and sunshine.

After Wan Cheng left, Lu Yiping went back to his room and cultivated his Longevity Skill.

And after Wan Cheng returned to the Wan family, he came to the ancestral ground to see Wan Wuyi, and he reported, “Father, Lu Yiping said that he would come to the Wan family when he wanted to in the future.”

Wan Wudi was surprised, and his eyes went cold.

“The true copy of the Golden Flame Divine Fist secret book is indeed on him, it’s just, just.” Wan Cheng squeaked.

“Just what?” Wan Wuyi’s gaze was wide with golden flames.

“It’s just that he said that the Golden Flame Divine Fist is not our Wan Family’s.” Wan Cheng bowed his head, and his voice was very low, “And said that he never wanted to return the true copy of this secret book to our Wan family.”

Suddenly, a breath of invincibility shot out from Wan Wuyi’s body. Swept away by the invincible aura of Wan Wuyi, the ancestral land of the Wan family shook with a loud bang.

Wan Cheng, the head of the Wan family, was also shocked and then retreated, sstunned “Father, you, have broken through?

Wan Wudi nodded his head.

Wan Cheng was surprised, but he thought of the terrifying aura of Lu Yiping at that time. With a palpitating face, he hesitantly said, “Father, that Lu Yiping is very strong! His strength should be a Celestial God! I’m afraid he’s not weaker than you, father!”

Wan Wudi was stunned.

“Celestial God? You mean, that Lu Yiping, might be a Celestial God realm expert?” He couldn’t believe it.

Wan Cheng recalled the scene and said, “This, I am not very sure.” Then he gave a detailed account of the scene to Wan Wuyi.

After listening to the story, Wan Wudi was amazed and suspicious in his eyes and mused, “I never thought that this Lu Yiping would have such strength!” But then, he said confidently, “However, there are strong and weak Celestial God realm experts, even if he is a Celestial God experts, I am still sure of suppressing him!”

“When he comes to my ancestral land, and then with the power of the ancestral origin of the ancestral land, I can suppress him as easily as a lifting my hand!”

Several days passed, this day, startling news came out.

“The Yellow Springs Demon Sect has confirmed that the Yellow Springs Demon Sect’s oldest ancestor Su Xiu is dead!”

Once the news came out, it stirred up a thousand waves since the Yellow Spring Demon Sect’s old ancestor Su Xiu was dead! And now Lu Yiping was holding Su Xiu’s token!

Long Hengfeng, the young master of the Long Family, laughed coldly when he heard the news, “Now that it has been confirmed that Su Xiu is dead, then the Yellow Springs Demon Sect will soon make a big move!”

The Dragon Family expert beside him laughed, “The Yin Ghost Sect experts are already checking if he came from the Nine Heavens, I believe there will be news soon.”

“I heard that the Dark Demon Hall has confirmed that the Elder Sword Demon came from the west and he killed him! I’m afraid that the Dark Demon Hall will not rest in peace.”

Yellow Springs Demon Sect! Yin Ghost Sect! Plus a Dark Demon Hall! Even the Supreme Unity Sect had to hide back!

“However, we have to find a way to get the Golden Flame Divine Fist on him before the Yellow Spring Demon Sect, Yin Ghost Sect and Dark Demon Hall make their move.” Long Hengfeng, the young master of the Long Family, had deep eyes.

The Long Family and the Wan Family were mortal enemies. If they could get the Golden Flame Divine Fist True Book, the importance to the Long Family could not be overstated.

Inside Su Xiu’s residence, Lu Yiping frowned. He was not expecting that after a few days, the masked man who had entrusted the Tian Ji Chamber of Commerce to auction the Decree of Ten Thousand Gods and the Heirloom Jade had still not appeared.

The other party did not come to the Tianji Chamber of Commerce to pick up the divine original stones from the auction. That divine original stone had his divine sense brand, so as soon as the other party took it, he would know about it.

However, if the other party never appeared, he could not keep waiting here. Lu Yiping said to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “Get ready, tomorrow we’ll go over to the Hundred Flowers Empire.”

It was also time to go to the Flying Flower Sect to settle the matter of the Shura Sect.

By the way, let’s go to Black Sea Mountain to take a look. Black Sea Mountain was the old site of the Shura Sect.

As for the masked man, as long as he came to get the divine original stone, he couldn’t escape.

Hearing Lu Yiping said he was going to the Hundred Flowers Empire, and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull grinned, “Master, then we will pass through the Bull Demon Mountain?”

Lu Yiping didn’t have a good mood and said, “You’re thinking beauties arent you?” Of course, he was clear about the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s fancy mind.

Bull Demon Mountain was the sacred place of the Bull Race. As the sacred place of the Bull Race, the beauty of the Bull Race was naturally everywhere.

Considering that he would go to the former Shura Sect site, Lu Yiping took Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu with him.

As for Song Ning and his men left the Northern Star Imperial Palace then back to the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

These days, Zhou Dingtian was living in fear, afraid of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect and the Yin Ghost Sect army pressure. If they really pressured him, then he, the Northern Star Empire, would have to roll up and leave.

After leaving the Northern Star Empire, Lu Yiping and his party kept going all the way out and came towards the Hundred Flowers empire.

A few days later.

Lu Yiping and his party came to a wasteland and saw an endless stream of broken temples in front of them.

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