It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 112 He is a Member of the Three Big Families

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“What? He asks to go to see Purple Lightning?”

“A mortal wants to see Purple Lightning? Cultivators who did not have VIP cards are not qualified to see it!”

“That’s right, Purple Lightning is in this Western Region, but it’s the ultimate treasure, how can ordinary people be eligible to watch!”

“That’s not necessarily true, as long as you can take out a hundred immortal crystals, they are still qualified to watch!”

“Hehe, one hundred immortal crystals? Can a mortal get it?”

“Doesn’t matter, it’s good for us to watch them make a fool of themselves!” 

Many immortal cultivators pointed and talked behind them. Although the voice was small, it could clearly reach Sun Hao’s ears.

As expected. Braggarts and quarrelsome people existed in every world.

There seemed to be more in this world. People like this generally were at the bottom of society, where life was unsatisfactory, and they were excluded and suppressed.

Therefore, they would belittle others to elevate themselves and get amusement out of it. Although he felt it was beneath his dignity to slap their face, they were not allowed to question his strength! He would take out the VVIP(1) card in his hand later and slapped their faces. 

Ai. Unexpectedly, he became high-profiled. Sun Hao shook his head secretly and followed Qin Yu to leave quickly. After a while, they came to a closed exhibition room.

“Stop!” A guard shouted loudly toward the three of them.

The corner of Qin Yu’s mouth raised, and he walked forward with a smile. This guard has a very strong relationship with him, and their relationship was like that of brothers. There should be no problem to let him open the door and take Young Master to see Purple Lightning.

“Brother Ge, this Young Master wants to see Purple Lightning, I will have to inconvenience you!” Qin Yu said.

“Brother? Do you dare to call me brother? Trash, get out!”

“Don’t think just because you are the son of Master Qin that I am afraid of you? I’m telling you, I am a Stargazing Tower’s person!” The guard hurled verbal abuse toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu stood still, dumbfounded.

Yesterday, he called me older brother enthusiastically, but today he turned his face and refused to recognize me?

In addition to Qin Yu’s stunned position, the onlookers behind him were also stunned silly.

“What’s this situation? Isn’t this Ge Qing on close terms with Qin Yu?”

“I don’t understand, I don’t understand!”

When everyone was confused.

“Deng Deng…” A group of people quickly gathered around a young man and walked quickly.

“Honorable Young master Qin became the heir, you will be the head of the Patriarch in the future!”

“Young master Qin is so powerful, he even refined the best spirit pill, Master Qin was dumbstruck, and immediately named you the heir!” 

“Congratulations future Patriarch Qin!” The sound of flattery was endless.

Standing in the middle of the crowd was the genius of the Qin family–Qin Dongjun. His head was raised slightly, and his face was covered with triumph.

“No, no(2), everyone overpraised me! It’s too early to talk about being Patriarch, the Qin family’s geniuses are so many, I am just one of the dust!” Qin Dongjun said.

“Young master Qin, you are really humble!”

“That’s right, Young master Qin deserves to be the number one genius in refining pills. This humble state of mind is beyond my reach!” When the onlookers heard these talks, their eyes widened.

“No wonder Ge Qing ignored him. It turned out that Qin Dongjun had taken the heir position!”

“In this way, Qin Yu will be a real waste in the future!”

Everyone nodded secretly, and they were stunned.

Meanwhile, Ge Qing walked in quick steps, swiftly arriving before Qin Dongjun, and bowed respectfully, “Young master Qin, you are here, what can I help you with?”

Qin Dongjun was startled slightly. He swept a glance at Qin Yu, a proud expression flashed on his face, “I am going to buy a flying boat!”

“Flying boat, Young master Qin, there is a top-grade flying boat–Purple Lightning, please come with me, I will take you to see it immediately!”

Ge Qing nodded and bowed his head(3), quickly walked to the door to open it.

Qin Yu’s face looked ashen, his fists clenched tightly. Humiliation and anger flooded all over the body. Ultimately, he unwillingly released his clenched hands.

Qin Dongjun glanced at Qin Yu, looking proud, and walked arrogantly to the exhibition room.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao sighed secretly. He had seen this scene a lot. This was a regular routine in the novel. Unexpectedly, it was pretty common in this world.

It was reasonable to say that Qin Yu’s old grandfather or awesome golden finger should appear at this time and then slap his face severely. However, a novel was a novel, and it was impossible to happen in the end.

“In that case, let me avenge you!”

Sun Hao smiled slightly and reached out to hold the VVIP Card. When he was about to take it out, “Deng deng …” a rush of footsteps sounded.

Immediately afterward.

“Hold on!” With a shout, everyone’s expressions stagnated, and their steps stopped.

When they turned around and looked, they all stared at the approaching people. They saw a lean middle-aged man come quickly with a group of people.

On the middle-aged man’s forehead, fine beads of sweat overflowed. Horror was written all over his face. Seeing this person, everyone looked surprised.

“Shopkeeper Wang?” ,

“How come even Shopkeeper Wang was alarmed?”

“Does it still need to be said? Qin Dongjun must have been set to become the heir, Shopkeeper Wang came to congratulate him when he learned of this!”

“Yes, after all the Qin family is the number one supplier of Stargazing Tower’s medicinal pill. Without them, Stargazing Tower would not have rice in the pot(4)!”


Qin Dongjun’s eyes flickered when he heard these words. His heartbeat violently, and his expression was tense. Unexpectedly, when he became the heir, he could get shopkeeper Wang to come to greet him. This was supreme honor. So touched!

Qin Dongjun trot up to the shopkeeper Wang and stretched out his hand enthusiastically, “Shopkeeper Wang is so kind!”

However. Qin Dongjun stood awkwardly. Shopkeeper Wang completely ignored his actions. He went straight around Qin Dongjun and rushed to Sun Hao quickly. Then, he bowed his body ninety degrees and saluted, “I have seen Young Master!”


Very quiet.

Deathly quiet.

Everyone stared at this scene blankly and couldn’t help rubbing their eyes, they couldn’t believe it. No words could describe their shock.

It turned out that shopkeeper Wang didn’t come to see Qin Dongjun, but to meet that mortal? What status did that mortal have to be respected as much? When did you ever see shopkeeper Wang this courteous to others? Even if he faced Young Master Stargazing Tower, he was not so respectful, okay?

Could it be that the status of this mortal was higher than the status of Stargazing Tower’s Young Master?

“Hiss…” The voice of cold breath being sucked in continued to sound when they ended their line of thoughts.

They looked at Sun Hao, their faces revealed dubious awe and admiration in their incomprehension.

“You are?” Sun Hao was also puzzled. He didn’t even know this person. Why was he so courteous?

“Young Master, I am Wang Zhi, the shopkeeper of this West Prefecture Immortal City’s Stargazing Tower. The Young Master instructed us to entertain this most distinguished guest, please forgive this one’s error for not receiving you!” Then, Wang Zhi cupped his hands and bowed again.

As these words came out. The hissing sound of breathing in cold air sounded one after another.

“What? VVIP?”

“In the entire Western Region, I haven’t heard of any VVIP?”

“Could this mortal have come from the Holy Land in Central Region?”

“It is very likely that he is a member of the three great families!” The discussion exploded continuously.

Qin Yu looked at Sun Hao, his eyes twinkling. Sure enough, he didn’t read it wrongly. Young Master turned out to be a person from the Holy Land! He must be from the three big families, right?

“Shopkeeper Wang is too polite! Fortunately, this brother Qin brought me in, otherwise, maybe no one will pay attention to me!” 

When these words came out, the sound of striking thunder could be heard. The shop assistants were thunderstruck.

The guard Ge Qing immediately paralyzed. His face was full of horror.

“Plop! Plop…” The sound of people falling to their knees and kowtowing could be heard.

The shop assistants knelt down in front of Sun Hao and kept kowtowing.

“Young Master, we have eyes but cannot see(5)!”

“Young Master, please give us a way to survive?!” 

“Young Master is magnanimous, please forgive us!”

  1. VVIP, 至尊贵宾(zhizun guibin), most distinguished guest
  2. 哪里(na li) translated as where but is also used to humbly deny praise.
  3. The idiom that means unctuous flattery.
  4. Nothing to sell.
  5. Fail to recognize someone great.
  6. Double release, Enjoy and give the Patreon a try if you can.

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