I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 134 Going for The Reinforcement

Shiqi finally did not make things difficult for Jiang Jiankai. Although Jiang Jiankai was not a good person, his work was still quite reliable.

Anyway, Shiqi was now in debt ……

“Thank you brother, you are my own brother!” Jiang Jiankai wiped his nose and tears, said the words earnestly, “as long as brother has any task in the future, whether it is climbing the highest mountain or jumping though the fire, I will not even blink an eye!”

The first thing you needed to do was to get the best out of it. Shiqi did not believe it at all.

Wang Yongbo was an innate expert, and after being knocked out by Shiqi, he woke up again not long after. When he woke up, he saw Shiqi sitting in front of his bed.

“General Wang, between us, there is no deep hatred, isn’t iit?”

Wang Yongbo was ashamed and annoyed in his heart, but he had calmed down by this time.

“As for Ke’er’s matter!” Shiqi said somewhat helplessly, “Just trouble you to take good care of her for me!”

“What do you mean?” Wang Yongbo’s brain froze and did not turn around.

He still remembered that the maid went to bring Ke’er sober soup at night, but when he pushed the door open only to find that Ke’er was not in bed and there was no one in the room, then that maid immediately told him.

As an innate expert, he quickly found Ke’er’s location, and then he saw Shiqi and Ke’er hugging together. He decided they were having an affair and felt he was cuckolded, and in a fit of anger, he fought with Shiqi.

As a result, it seemed that Ke’er jumped out to block the sword for Shiqi, and he was momentarily distracted and was attacked by Shiqi!

Zhao Ke’er was not present, and Wang Yongbo’s sword was not at hand and also wounded. After calming down, he did not continue to fight with Shiqi. Both sides were generals of the Purple Thorn Army, and if he really killed Chen Pengfei, he might have to pay for Chen Pengfei’s life!

Wang Yongbo didn’t feel distressed much after losing the fight. What made him distressed was that Zhao Kerr liked Chen Pengfei more! If he really wanted to take Ke’er into his hand, Wang Yongbo would instead have some concerns!

He had a family behind him, but his family would not support him to rob Chen Pengfei’s woman! But now Chen Pengfei was actually begging him to take good care of Zhao Ke’er!

Shiqi stared at the heavy sword in his hand and said, “It means literally, I won’t take Ke’er!”

Wang Yongbo’s face was a bit unpleasant as he asked, “Then you mean that it is Ke’er’s wishful thinking about you?”

“She is indeed a good girl.” Shiqi said in a low voice, “But I am not yet sixteen, I don’t want to have any problems …… you should be able to understand, right?”

Wang Yongbo was also a martial artist. Shiqi patted the other party’s shoulder and said, “Ke’er, you take good care of her, don’t let her be aggrieved!”

Wang Yongbo looked at his back and asked with a cold smile, “If I don’t take care of her, so what?”

It could be seen that Wang Yongbo still had some resentment towards Zhao Ke’er and Shiqi.

Shiqi said without looking back, “It may only take a year, I should be able to become an innate expert, and by then, I don’t mind finding you to compete again!”

Wang Yongbo sneered and thought, “An innate master under the age of sixteen? How dare you talk big!

But although he didn’t admit it to himself, he did have scruples. Thinking back, Wang Yongbo realized that he didn’t seem to be at a loss …… Ke’er was still his.

When he left the room, Shiqi saw City Lord Zhao walking anxiously back and forth in the corridor, so he said to Zhao Wei, “The misunderstanding with General Wang has been resolved, so tell Ke’er that she doesn’t have to worry.”

“Ugh!” Zhao Wei sighed, “Commander Chen, the matter between you and Ke’er ……”

“Mmm!” Shiqi nodded gently and walked out of the City Lord’s Mansion.

At the entrance of the city lord’s mansion, Jiang Jiankai was waiting for the news.

“Wang Yongbo was fainted, I guess he couldn’t remember!”

“It’s good that he fainted, it’s good that he fainted, thank you old brother!”

“Is it okay to say thanks with your mouth?” Shiqi spread out his hands ……

Jiang Jiankai’s face twitched as he shoved a handful of spirit stones into Shiqi’s hand, which was quite a lot. No wonder there were so many people who like power!

Too many things had happened today, making Shiqi a little tired. Lying on the bed, he recalled all the things that happened during the day, especially after the evening banquet. Zhao Ke’er wanted him to take her out of the Southern Cloud Kingdom. Then Wang Yongbo’s happened to enter the scene, making Shiqi felt that something was a little fishy.

He recounted his suspicions to the evil sword and wanted to seek the lord sword spirit’s opinion.

Chen Hao asked in a low voice, “Women, is one of the most incomprehensible creatures in this world, most of them are appealing, often do some unbelievable things, anyway, I can not figure out …… on the contrary, Wang Yongbo’s arrival is normal, it is estimated that someone found the drunken Zhao Ke’er missing, reported to the city lord , the city lord found his daughter missing, it is only right to ask for help Wang Yongbo!”

After two days, Qingfeng City received a letter from a pigeon, a letter of request for help from the next door White Mountain City as it was besieged by 30,000 troops of the Black Blood Kingdom army for two days, yesterday the city’s food and grain were burned, the soldiers defending White Mountain City were running out of food.

Shiqi received the news and immediately reported it to Wang Yongbo.

If it weren’t for official business Wang Yongbo did not want to see Shiqi at all. Wang Yongbo believed that Zhao Ke’er’s heart would definitely be his with a bit of time spent.

Women wanted to be coaxed, spoiled, and accompanied. As long as the man spent the days with them, with the help of Zhao Wei, the father, she would gradually forget Chen Pengfei!

Of course, Chen Pengfei also had to go as far away as possible. As for his own conditions, Wang Yongbo was absolutely confident. There was no doubt about it, marrying Zhao Ke’er was definitely her honor.

Wang Yongbo briefly read the letterhead and looked at the people present, and he looked at an empty chair with some doubts, “Where is Commander Jiang?”

“Commander Jiang said that the army of the Black Blood Kingdom continously does not appear, he is always worried that there is something wrong with it, his heart is not sure!” City Lord Zhao said, “He was afraid that the scouts had missed something, so he personally went out to scout!”

Wang Yongbo nodded with satisfaction, “He work seriously, that’s good!”

Shiqi did not say anything, if Wang Yongbo knew that Jiang Jiankai went out for a random reason to avoid him, he was afraid that he would not praise him.

“City Lord Zhao, do you think we need to send troops out to reinforce?”

Zhao Wei said with a problematic look on his face, “If both the general and the Lord Commander go to reinforce, then what if Qingfeng City is attacked?”

From the sound of it, Zhao Wei did not support reinforcing the White Mountain City. By reinforcing White Mountain City, the defensive force of Qingfeng City would be weakened.

“What about Commander Chen’s idea?”

“We are the closest city to White Mountain City, if we don’t go to reinforce, and White Mountain City’s food and grain is burned, the soldiers may not last long enough for the large force to reinforce, and once it falls, we may be chastised by the military ministry.” Shiqi said in a low voice, “But my subordinate fear that the Black Blood Kingdom will have other intentions …… such as surrounding the point to attack the reinforcements.”

“In that case, Commander Chen, then you bring the Purple Thorn Army to reinforce!” Wang Yongbo waved his big hand and said, “We can’t not go to reinforce White Mountain City together and if the Black Iron Army sneaks in to attack Qingfeng City, it is likely to be lost, so I’ll stay in Qingfeng City and sit in town, what do you think?”

Shiqi could not refuse, Wang Yongbo was his superior.

“Your subordinate takes orders!”

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