I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 133 The Peak of Life

The heavy sword went straight to Wang Yongbo’s chest. If this sword pierced him through, even if he were an innate master, he would still die on the spot. 

The innate masters were only generally stronger than the true origin realm martial artists, but not one more life than the true origin realm warriors.

Feeling the sword wind behind him, Zhao Kerr felt happy. After working so hard in Qingfeng City for so long, sacrificing sex, and acting for so long, it was finally time to close the net.

So what if Chen Pengfei’s will was firmer?

With the combination of the Demon Sect’s secret medicine “bewitching heart”, still Chen Pengfei fell headlong into the trap!

Based on her own observation, she knew that Chen Pengfei had comprehended the killing sword intent!

Zhao Ke’er knows very well the disadvantages of killing sword intent. The killing sword intent was powerful. The martial artists who comprehended the killing sword intent, almost all of them were killers. When they comprehended the killing sword intent, it also affected their character all the time!

Once the killing sword intent was used, it was almost a situation of death in the end! Unless it was one of those innate top experts who had perfected the killing sword intent.

Haha! The first genius of the Southern Cloud Kingdom Demonic Dao? I’m going to make a waste soon!

However, what happened next made Zhao Ke’er almost break the ground! The heavy sword in mid-air was moved away by Shiqi, and then he quickly changed his stance and only slapped his sword on Wang Yongbo’s head.

There was a deafening sound. Wang Yongbo was directly slammed into the shop next to him.

Although he had used a bit of his strength, Shiqi knew that Wang Yongbo’s body forging technique was not strong enough to resist his attack after the previous battle.

With a calm face, he walked over Zhao Ke’er, stepped on the broken bricks, entered the cave entrance, and dragged Wang Yongbo out.

Wang Yongbo’s entire mind was dumbfounded, his brain was dizzy, he wanted to struggle, but his body was completely disobedient …… and then countless heavy fists come at him!

Zhao Ke’er watched Shiqi keep beating Wang Yongbo with his fist, and from time to time, he stomped Wang Yongbo’s head with his big feet. Her whole person was dumbfounded watching the scene!

She was not surprised by the fact that Shiqi punched Wang Yongbo, an innate expert. After all, dealing with Wang Yongbo, she, an innate expert, had also contributed her share.

She was amazed at Shiqi’s control that he was able to keep his cool and keep his hand back while using his killing sword intent to fight with someone!

Zhao Ke’er said in her heart, “So it’s not that the medicine given by my master is expired …… but his own willpower is so strong?”

The sound of neat footsteps rang out, and this was the enormous force of the city guards of Qingfeng City arriving.

Shiqi did not stop, and he vented all the anger that had been suppressed in his heart for days on end onto Wang Yongbo.

“You go back quickly. If you were seen by the city guards, it would be difficult to explain it” Shiqi, while fighting, said to Zhao Ke’er, “Wang Yongbo’s matter, I will reason with him properly, he should not make things difficult for you!”

Zhao Ke’er really wanted to remind him that he should not kill Wang Yongbo directly! But thinking about the calmness the other party had just shown, she stopped.

If she continued, the other party would probably sense that something was wrong!

Although the “Bewitched Soul Heart Technique” was subtle and hidden, it was not yet so overbearing that it could dominate experts of the same level at will; it was more about gradual progress, and once it encountered a strong-willed martial artist, it could be discovered and would require medicine to solve it.

Just now, she wanted to detonate Shiqi’s “love” for her completely and the complex feelings of reluctance, unwillingness and guilt at the wine table to break through his reasoning to make him defecting to the Black Blood Kingdom.

Unfortunately, Zhao Ke’er did not expect that the other party was so “hard-hearted”!

She had no choice but to use a backup plan. She had no choice but to bring in Wang Yongbo so that the angry Wang Yongbo could make a direct move against Chen Pengfei.

When Zhao Ke’er found out that Chen Pengfei had fought a match with an Innate expert, his status in her mind was raised another step!

She remembered the handsome slave-faced head beside her master – the man who used to be called the first young master of the Black Blood Kingdom!

She wanted one too …… don’t underestimate the vanity of any young woman! As long as Chen Pengfei killed Wang Yongbo and witnessed a large group of city guards, what choice does he have but to defect?

The problem was that she miscalculated again! She could only leave in a hurry and flee into the city lord’s residence. As for whether to immediately kill Wang Yongbo herself to frame the other side, she did not think about it.

For one thing, it was not easy to create traces of Chen Pengfei’s attack; for another, Chen Pengfei’s power in Qingfeng City was so great that almost all the troops were under his jurisdiction, and without careful arrangement, she could not frame him at all!

Kill Shiqi? She was not sure, and If she fights him head-on, she was not as strong as Wang Yongbo.

“Commander Chen, I have received news that someone is going to assassinate the Lord of the City ……” Jiang Jiankai wanted to continue as soon as he saw Shiqi. Still, when he saw Shiqi launched kick after kick, fiercely kicking a martial artist on the ground who was about to be seriously injured and unconscious, he was surprised and said. “So the assassin has been taken down by Brother Chen?”

Immediately, Jiang Jiankai took three steps closer and walked to Shiqi’s side cursing, “Damn, damn you assassins, causing our city guards to not be able to rest all night, I just laid down and rushed over here non-stop, it must be the assassins sent by the Black Blood Kingdom!”

He spat out, cursing, like Shiqi fiercely kicked the man on the ground a few times, feeling very relieved: “These bastards dare to attack the city from the front, and they use crooked and shameless means to bring me into the dungeon. I will not sleep on the day, but also let him taste my methods!”

Shiqi looked at Jiang Jiankai …… suddenly some admiration for him! A little true origin realm mid-city guard commander, but dare to kick the innate experts, but even have the courage to spit at Wang Yongbo …… how to say it?

I’m afraid his life has reached the peak! Shiqi closed his eyes and said, “You first look at who that person is!”

“Who else can it be? Could it be that it someone I know?” Jiang Jiankai reacted quickly, “Is it a traitor?”

He hastily squatted down and lifted the loose hair, and after seeing the man’s face, he sat limply on the ground as if his bones had been taken away.

Wang Yongbo’s eyes were closed as if he was unconscious.

“Brother Chen, how can it be Wang ……”

He covered his mouth to death, and his eyes swept over the city guards behind him. The city guards were standing not far behind him, with him blocking the way. No one should have seen Wang Yongbo’s face.

This matter, only Commander Chen and he knew.

After making this judgment, Jiang Jiankai hastily covered Wang Yongbo’s face with his hair, stood up and said, “The assassin has been captured by Commander Chen, because this person’s identity is not trivial, today’s incident must not be spread to the public, violators will be dealt with by military law, understand?”


“Good to understand, Commander Chen and I will interrogate the assassin overnight!” Jiang Jiankai gritted his teeth and said, “Understand? you guys go back to the garrison immediately, beware of the Black Blood Kingdom taking advantage of the night to launch a sneak attack!”

After the city guards withdrew, Jiang Jiankai fell to the ground swiftly and hugged Shiqi’s thighs and cried, “Brother, you know about this, you can’t blame me, please don’t spread the news, if it gets out, I’ll be dead!”

His mouth was begging Shiqi, but in his heart, was cursing Shiqi a hundred thousand times!

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