The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 42 When I Want To Go Then I’ll Go

“The Heirloom Jade! It is a defensive divine artifact!”

“And it is a soul defensive divine artifact, rare in the world, and, this Heirloom Jade records an heirloom divine technique, and if you enlighten it and cultivate it, you can even hope to surpass the Lord of Heaven and Earth in the future.” Chen Rui laughed.

“However, the person who commissioned it explained that this heirloom jade transaction is likewise only charging divine spirit stones.”

Just as the host, Chen Rui, was about to ramble on about this Heirloom Jade, suddenly, Lu Yiping reached out his hand and saw the Heirloom Jade on the auction table fly into the VIP room number one.

Everyone was stunned.

Lu Yiping was going to?

“Young Master Lu, this is not in accordance with the rules, right?” Chen Rui’s smile froze as he spoke.

Lu Yiping’s cold voice rang out, “This Heirloom Jade, who commissioned your Chamber of Commerce to auction it off?”

The voice was calm, but everyone could feel Lu Yiping’s strong killing intent.

Chen Rui’s face sank and said, “Young Master Lu, are you trying to break the rules of our Chamber of Commerce? Although you are an honored guest of our chamber, but if you break our chamber’s rules, then we can only!”

“Can only what?” Lu Yiping interrupted in an indifferent voice.

The host, Chen Rui, choked for a moment.

Soon, he saw Sun Lixuan, the head of the Tianji Chamber of Commerce branch, came over with a head full of sweat.

“Young Master Lu.” Sun Lixuan pushed open the room and was about to speak, but a devouring force so terrifying that it made his heart palpitate suddenly emerged from Lu Yiping’s body, directly sucking him to Lu Yiping’s front.

Sun Lixuan was horrified, he was an early True God expert, but he was defenseless in front of this terrifying power.

When he looked up in fear, he saw the lightning flash in Lu Yiping’s eyes, and then, he lost consciousness.

Lu Yiping directly conducted a soul search on Sun Lixuan. Soon, the soul search ended. Lu Yiping’s eyes flashed. From Sun Lixuan’s memory, he learned that the person who commissioned the auction of the Heirloom Jade and the person who commissioned the auction of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods Decree were the same, and the other person wore a ghost mask.

The same person? The Lord of Ten Thousand Gods Decree! Now the Heirloom Jade!

Sun Lixuan quickly regained consciousness and looked at Lu Yiping, who was full of killing intent, with fear in his heart and astonishment, “Young Master Lu, you?!”

After the appearance of this Heirloom Jade, he couldn’t think why Lu Yiping would suddenly have such strong killing intent! Could it that he was related to the Lord of Heaven and Earth?

However, the Lord of Heaven and Earth was a figure from more than 200,000 years ago, eight eras apart. How could Lu Yiping be related to the Lord of Heaven and Earth eight eras ago?

Just as Sun Lixuan was wondering, Lu Yiping said to the auction crowd, “I bid one billion for the Heirloom Jade, is there anyone else who wants to bid higher?”

The experts on the scene looked at each other. However, no one made a sound.

Lu Yiping flicked his finger, and ten pieces of divine origin stones the size of a mountain passed through the glass of the room and fell onto the auction stage.

Then he and Zhang Jin left the Tianji Chamber of Commerce.

Sitting on the chariot, Lu Yiping gripped the Heirloom Jade in his hand, and his killing intent increased rather than decreased. And the eyes of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull also full fury when he looked at the Heirloom Jade and said, “It seems, that group of people, really looking for death! After so many years, they are still not dead!”

Lu Yiping’s voice was like floating out from the cold hell, “Even if they hide in the nine heavens, in the hell of the underworld, in the divine earth, I will still pull them out one by one and draw out their souls and refine their souls!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull nodded, then pulled Lu Yiping back towards the residence.

Back to the residence, Lu Yiping suddenly took a shot at the void.

“Eye of Reincarnation, show me now!”

In the void, a huge vortex appeared. An eye seemed to bring together the life and death of all living beings in heaven and earth and the middle of the vortex.

Lu Yiping’s hand directly stretched out into the void vortex in search of something. After a long time, Lu Yiping stopped. The reincarnation vortex and the eye of reincarnation disappeared.

The killing intent in Lu Yiping’s eyes grew even stronger.

A night passed, but Lu Yiping stood in the gazebo all night.

“Master, there’s Wan Cheng, the patriarch of the Wan family outside, he said wanted to see you.” Zhang Jin came in and said carefully.

Lu Yiping noticed Zhang Jin’s wording, not asking to see, but wanting to see.

“Bring him in.” Lu Yiping’s voice was calm.

Outside the mansion, Wan Cheng, the patriarch of the Wan family, waited for a while and saw that only Zhang Jin came out and did not see Lu Yiping, so he frowned.

“My master said he could see you, so come with me.” Zhang Jin said as he came out.

When Wan Cheng, the patriarch of the Wan family, heard this, his heart was even more unhappy. However, he suppressed his unhappiness in his heart and followed Zhang Jin into the mansion.

When he arrived at the courtyard, he saw Lu Yiping. Looking at the blue-shirted young man who looked to be only in his twenties in front of him, he was amazed and suspicious.

Lu Yiping looked at Wan Cheng and said, “You want to see me, what is the matter?”

What’s the matter?

Wan Cheng, the Wan Family’s head, saw that Lu Yiping didn’t even say anything polite and directly asked himself what the matter was, and the displeasure he had just suppressed rose up with a snort.

His father was the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent, and the entire Divine Martial Continent belonged to his family!

This Lu Yiping, how dare he treat him in such an attitude?!

“Lu Yiping, how do you know the Golden Flame Divine Fist of the Wan Family? Is it that the real copy of my Wan Family Golden Flame Divine Fist secret book is on you?” Wan Cheng  asked in a deep voice, “Did you obtain the inheritance of my ancestor grandfather Wan Yuzhi’s martial technique?!”

Wan Yuzhi?

Lu Yiping’s face was indifferent, “The true copy of the Golden Flame Divine Fist secret manual is indeed on me.” When he said this, he gave a beat and said, “But who said the Golden Flame Divine Fist was your Wan Family’s?”

Wan Cheng was even more unhappy when he heard Lu Yiping say that the Golden Flame Divine Fist was not theirs. The entire Eternal Source Realm knew that the Golden Flame Divine Fist was the untold secret of their Wan Family.

With fire in his eyes, he stared at Lu Yiping, “So, you are not going to return this Golden Flame Divine Fist to our Wan Family?”

“Return it?” Lu Yiping laughed, “You are right, I really never had such an idea.”

Wan Cheng, the patriarch of the Wan family, was furious, but when he looked at the four guards behind Lu Yiping, he still suppressed his anger and said, “My father wants to invite you to our Wan family as a guest, he wants to see you.”

Lu Yiping gave a hint, “I know.” Then said, “You can go back now.”

Wan Cheng was stunned. What did Lu Yiping mean by this?

“When I want to go over to the Wan family sometime, I will go.” Lu Yiping said again.

When Wan Cheng heard this, his face looked ugly. His father, Wan Wuyi, the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent, had asked him to come over to invite this Lu Yiping, and Lu Yiping actually said to wait until when he wanted to go? The meaning was apparent that it still depends on Lu Yiping’s mood.

In the Divine Martial Continent, his father’s words were the supreme divine decree. No one had ever dared to disobey, even the emperor of the Northern Star Empire, Zhou Dingtian. If his father wanted to see him, then Zhou Dingtian would immediately rush to the Wan family to kowtow no matter what the matter was.

Now, this Lu Yiping actually said that he would go if he wanted to go!

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