I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 132 Rage Against the Innate

    Chen Hao had never believed in love at first sight. In his opinion, the so-called love at the first sight was just lust. Then the question arises, was Shiqi the kind of lustful people?

    Absolutely not!

    So for a period of time recently, the beautiful first impression that Zhao Ke’er left him was false, and the reason why Zhao Ke’er could easily pluck the heartstrings of Shiqi was likewise with the help of other means. When Zhao Ke’er and Shiqi first met, he noticed this beautiful young girl.

    The young woman’s body was covered with a layer of strange and hidden field force, somewhat similar to the crimson blood devil sword itself with the “Devil’s Fury aura”, but the movement after using it is far less obvious than the Devil’s Fury aura.

   Ordinary martial artists could not see the young girl’s body field force, even the innate martial artists also difficult to detect it.

    Even Chen Hao, whose soul power was unusually strong, at least twenty times more than Shiqi, could only barely see the white blur, sometimes hidden, the spiderweb-like force field that enveloped Shiqi when the girl was close to Shiqi and trying her best to exert her weird abilities.

    Chen Hao understood in his heart that the other party’s target was Shiqi. However, he did not choose to alert the swordmaster. He was just curious as to what that odd ability was for.

    Later, as Zhao Ke’er kept trying to get closer to Shiqi, nakedly expressing her love to him, after Chen Hao noticed that Shiqi’s mental condition was getting more and more out of place, he suddenly understood. Understood the ability of that young girl. That strange field force should be able to make people feel good or love her.

    Just like the crimson blood devil sword came with a “devilish aura” that could make people crazy! But the girl’s ability to use it was more flexible and concealed.

    After discovering that Shiqi was getting trapped deeper and deeper, Chen Hao was happy to watch the fun from the side. He was actually quite looking forward to it, expecting Shiqi to be charmed by Zhao Ke’er.

    It’s not that Chen Hao has anything against Miss Lan, he just found it interesting! Shiqi was too precocious and too calm, making Chen Hao a little crazy, he just wanted to see how Shiqi behave when he fell in love is.

    So, Shiqi is in a “dilemma” when Chen Hao was still encouraging the side! Bored scholars had two major hobbies – dragging good families into the water and persuading prostitutes to be virtuous, and now Chen Hao had unknowingly developed a little hobby. This was not surprising at all.

    The resistance to Zhao Ke’er’s “feelings” in Shiqi is just a natural counterattack after the invasion of his sanity. His “struggle” was just a struggle between his personal willpower and the feelings Zhao Ke’er imposed on him.

    Chen Hao also thought about what the purpose of the young girl’s attempt to hook up with Shiqi was. Did she act as an individual, did she genuinely like Shiqi, and wanted to use a little means to get to the top?

    This explanation was really far-fetched, even Chen Hao didn’t really believe that Shiqi’s personality was that strong to make an innate master who practiced martial art fell in love at first sight. Since it was not on behalf of personal interest, then there was a power behind her!

    Chen Hao quickly thought of the Black Blood Kingdom, now the Southern Cloud Kingdom and the Black Blood Kingdom completely fought in wars, the battle under the Mingtai City, Shiqi himself should have been on the Black Iron Army’s blacklist.

    Less than sixteen years old, late True Origin Realm, invulnerable, treating 30,000 Black Iron Army as nothing …… under the innate realm, no one could control, and being valued by the Black Blood Kingdom was normal.

    In the evening at the banquet, Zhao Ke’er’s performance was impeccable. But just now, when she left the city lord’s house alone and persuaded Shiqi to take her away, her motive showed a little too obvious.

    Shiqi had almost no emotional experience, trapped in it, and couldn’t see it, but Chen Hao was all along, standing on the side, completely watching the fire.

    In the end, Zhao Ke’er was anxious or prepared another killer move, Chen Hao was not clear, but if you continue to read it, you would know.

    Anyway, no matter how they calculate…it’s impossible to calculate it to Chen Hao, right?

    “Sorry, I can’t leave here yet!” Shiqi said in a difficult tone.

    Chen Hao looked at the increasingly intense field force on Zhao Ke’er but he snickered in his heart.

    This woman stepped on the lightning! Mention what was not good, but to mention regardless of the Southern Cloud Kingdom ……

    “You ……” Zhao Ke’er’s eyes slightly surprised, then quickly covered by despair and pain.

    “I’m sorry!” Shiqi took a deep breath and bit the tip of his tongue and said in a deep voice, “I still have many unfinished wishes in the Southern Cloud Kingdom, so I cannot leave for the time being.”


    Shiqi tried to push her away, but found that the other party was holding him too tightly! If she pushed Zhao Ke’er away hard, she would probably be injured!

    With no choice, Shiqi could only choose to wait. Until the sound of Wang Yongbo’s angry roar came ……

    Wang Yongbo was standing not far away looking angrily at the pair of “dog man and woman”, his face was swollen red, the long sword in his hand gulped with a terrifying green sword aura, his eyes were red and he shouted angrily, “You two, what are you doing?”

    No matter which man, I’m afraid he can’t stand his wife leaving home in the middle of the night, sneaking around to meet with other men, and hugging together!

    Young genius like Wang Yongbo, who was born in a family and carries pride in his body, that would be even more unbearable!

    “…… I have nothing to do with Commander Chen!” Zhao Ke’er reacted quickly and hurriedly let go of Shiqi and took a few steps back, “Don’t get me wrong!” 

There was so many nonsense that Wang Yongbo didn’t believe it at all! It was more like defending Chen Pengfei! Wang Yongbo preferred to believe what he saw with his own eyes. The evil fire in his heart burned even stronger.

    He had already sensed something was wrong at the banquet today, and now it seemed that the two were clearly having an affair!

    “Chen Pengfei, I want you to die!”

    Faced with the hateful strike of the innate master, Shiqi did not dare to be careless, with the heavy sword in his hand raised high, steadily blocking Wang Yongbo’s sword!

    “Very good, really worthy of being the first genius of the Southern Cloud Kingdom!” Under the influence of Zhao Ke’er, under the anger towards Shiqi, Wang Yongbo had completely lost his wits, “Then let me see how many swords you genius can resist me!”

    A great battle that had been carefully planned out was already unstoppable! Wang Yongbo lost his mind, and his strokes were ruthless! One sword strike was stronger than another!

    Shiqi was able to maintain restraint at first, but after Wang Yongbo started to use the wind intent realm, and after Shiqi’s body was cut by the sword intent’s one after another, he couldn’t help but fight out of the true fire!

    “Killing Intent Realm!”

    Killing intent spurted out from Shiqi’s body without any concealment.

    “So that’s how it is, no wonder he is called a genius!” Wang Yongbo watched viciously, the killing intent in his eyes becoming more and more obvious.

    “General Wang, don’t forget the identity of you and me!”

    “Bullshit with the identity, I just want to kill you today!”

    Shiqi frowned, he didn’t expect that Wang Yongbo would hate him so much that he wouldn’t even consider the consequences!

    “Then let’s see, who will kill who!”

    Shiqi faced the innate master and for a while, he did not fall into the following wind. Zhao Ke’er shrank in the corner in fear, just like a scared ordinary young girl. In the darkness, however, her eyes were fixed dead on Shiqi, as if she saw a rare treasure.

    “Wind Intent Realm: Wind Blade Heavenly Attack!”

    “Killing Intent Realm: Blood Demon Three Swords!”

    Both of them used their killing moves at the same time! But at this moment, something unexpected happened.

    “No!” Zhao Ke’er ran out from nowhere and blocked in front of Shiqi. She had her eyes closed, a fearful and fearless look as if she really intended to block that sword for Shiqi!

    She stood in just the right position, just in front of where Wang Yongbo’s sword was coming out.

    When Wang Yongbo saw Zhao Ke’er in front of him, his heart ached intensely, and thinking that the other party would probably die in fragrance, he stiffly reversed his sword momentum so that the longsword deflected away from Ke’er.

    Wang Yongbo was blocked by Ke’er, disturbing his mind, but Shiqi’s ultimate move has arrived!

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