The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 41: The Lord of Heaven and Earth

Two hundred million divine spirit stones!

The voice was not loud, however, it was clearly transmitted into the ears of everyone in the main hall.

When everyone was in a daze, they all looked at the VIP room No. two.

“What, two, two hundred million!” Even the young master of the Dragon Family, Long Hengfeng, was shocked.

“Quickly find out who is in VIP room number two!” He said to the two Dragon Family experts behind him.

The two men answered yes.

Everyone in the main hall was stunned by the two hundred million divine spirit stones bid.

Inside VIP room number one, Lu Yi Ping was also a little surprised. He glanced at VIP room number two and smiled lightly, “Ancient true dragon bloodline? It’s a bit interesting.”

 At this moment, inside VIP room number two, that young man sipped the excellent wine provided by the Chamber of Commerce and laughed blandly, “Just 200 million divine Spirit Stones, it has shocked this group of hicks.”

The henchman behind him laughed, “Two hundred million Divine Spirit Stones is a hairy sum for you, Young Master, but for these people, it’s something they can’t even scrape together by smashing pots and pans.”

The young man smiled, “This Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ decree,  although it doesn’t do much for me, but if I buy it back, I can hang it and enjoy it.”

Spending 200 million divine Spirit Stones to buy this Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree just to hang it up and enjoy it!

Just at this moment, suddenly, a weak voice rang out.

“One billion Divine Spirit Stones!”

As the voice came out, the hall, which was initially in an uproar over 200 million Divine Spirit Stones, suddenly fell silent, and all of them looked at VIP room number one in horror.

The one who spoke just now was none other than Lu Yiping. In the second VIP room, the young man had a cough, obviously choked by the wine in his mouth.

The young master of the Long family, Long Hengfeng, was also full of shock.

In the second VIP room, the young man had lost his previous bland smile entirely, and his voice was low, “One billion divine spirit stones? The news that this surname Lu had obtained the cave treasures of the Saint Demon and the Time Elder, it seems to be true.”

He looked towards VIP room number one, and his eyes were icy and cold, suddenly his whole body gushed with light, a sword light shot out violently, these sword lights actually transformed into a divine dragon!

“Sword of Intent!”

“Sword of the Heavenly Dragon!”

This sword dragon light was so fast and terrifying, it directly penetrated through the forbidden system between the two rooms and fiercely blasted towards Lu Yiping.

Moreover, this sword dragon light did not cause spatial fluctuations at all. The crowd outside surprisingly did not feel the power of the sword dragons.

Lu Yiping looked at the sword dragon light that came bombarding and coldly snorted. A heaven-destroying invisible force was born and immediately struck the sword dragons instantly and made them disintegrated.

In the second VIP room, the young man was backlashed by the power of the Heavenly Dragon’s Sword and felt as if a chaotic hammer hit his heart and soul, his throat was hot, and he spurted out a mouthful of golden blood.

Then, he spurted again! Three big spurts of blood in a row.

“Young master!” His men were terrified.

The young man looked towards VIP room number one, his face equally appalled.

Initially, just now, he was angry and wanted to use the sword of his mind to kill and erase this Lu Yiping, but he did not expect that this Lu Yiping would, unexpectedly!

Lu Yiping said indifferently, “Little fellow, if it wasn’t for the sake of your old ancestor, you would already be a dead man!”

“If there is another time, even if your old ancestor comes in person, he will not be able to protect you!”

The young man, Ao Bi, was even more shocked: “You know the old ancestor of my Heavenly Dragon divine Kingdom?

 Lu Yiping did not speak again.

“Impossible, how could he know my Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom Old Ancestor!” The young man, Ao Bi, was astonished. Their family’s old ancestor had not left the divine Kingdom for many years, and even his grandfather had not seen their old ancestor for many years.

Their old ancestor had been cultivating in the Sword Dragon Tomb, and even his grandfather was not sure if their family’s old ancestor was still alive.

“Who are you?!” Ao Bi couldn’t help but be surprised and asked.

“Who am I, you can go back and ask your family’s old ancestor.” Lu Yiping blandly said.

Ao Bi was even more astonished.

He even doubted if this Lu Yiping was pretending to be a god, but looking at Lu Yiping, it didn’t look like it.

What happened within the room was not known to the people outside. After that, no one else bid against Lu Yiping, and he won the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods Decree.

When it came time to pay for the divine spirit stone, Lu Yiping flicked his finger, and the divine spirit stone went straight through the glass of the room and then fell onto the auction table.

The Divine Spirit Stones were one big piece. Each piece was as big as a mountain and could be cut into 100 million Divine Spirit Stones.

There were ten pieces in total.  However, these ten pieces of divine spirit stone the size of a mountain were sealed into the size of a fist by Lu Yiping.

Looking at the ten intact divine-quality spirit stones the size of a mountain, the hearts of the crowd were shocked beyond words.

“This is, divine origin stones!” The White Flame Sword Sect Sect Master mumbled in his throat.

The origin stone meant naturally formed spirit stone and had not been cut and processed, so the spiritual energy within the origin stone was more well preserved.

Such a large piece of the divine origin stone was rare in the world. Its value was far more than one billion.

After collecting the spirit stones, the Chamber of Commerce sent the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods Decree to Lu Yiping.

Holding the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods Decree, Lu Yiping’s divine sense penetrated it and entered the great array of the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods Decree without the slightest hindrance.

After a moment, he withdrew his divine sense.

As he expected, the great array inside the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods Decree had not been activated for many years.

This Great Array in the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods Decree had a total of one thousand levels, and only one person had entered the three hundredth level.

Then, the auction was for a stone, and it was as high as a person with pockmarks on its surface.

“This stone, also from the ancient times, after countless years of devouring the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, a jade essence has been born within the stone, and this jade essence has reached the True God level.” The host, Chen Rui, said.

Everyone was surprised. The Jade Essence of the True God level! In other words, once this jade essence was bred, it will be a true god powerhouse!

However, Lu Yiping lacked interest in this stone. This stone was finally auctioned off to the young master of the Dragon Family, Long Hengfeng.

The third final item of the auction was an elixir that was already 200,000 years old.

The 100,000-year-old elixir was rare but occasionally seen on the market, but it was difficult to see for a 200,000-year-old elixir to exist.

Finally, this 200,000-year-old elixir was auctioned off to Yu Xin of the Place of Medicine King.

“Next, the last item to be auctioned is thefinale.” The host, Chen Rui, laughed.

When the auction brought out a piece of seven-colored jade, Lu Yiping’s face sank. There was killing intent in his eyes.

“This, is the Heirloom Jade?!” Someone said in shock.

“That’s right, this is the Heirloom Jade!” The host, Chen Rui, laughed, “The heirloom jade of the Lord of Heaven and Earth back then!”

This Heirloom Jade was actually given to the Lord of Heaven and Earth by Lu Yiping back then, and later, Lord of Heaven and Earth refined it into a natal divine artifact.

The importance of the natal divine weapon to oneself was self-evident, and it was impossible for the Lord of Heaven and Earth to take out the natal divine artifact for auction.

Unless the Lord of Heaven and Earth had been killed, this natal divine artifact would only be taken out to auction!

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