I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 131 Take Me Away

    “Hahahaha …… I’m joking, what kind of expression is that for you guys!” Wang Yongbo suddenly laughed and said to Shiqi, “Commander Chen  is really young and talented, since Ke’er wants to toast you, then you can not refuse, you guys come to drink once!”

    Zhao Keer stood up and frowned and endured the spicy taste, a full glass of wine was pouring into her mouth.

    Wang Yongbo said, “Don’t force yourself if you can’t finish it!”

    Zhao Ke’er stubbornly ignored him, rather than drinking, it was more like gambling. After a glass of wine, she looked at Shiqi’s eyes shining with tears.

    “The wine choked my eyes with tears!” Zhao Ke’er covered up. Her cover-up is a bit clumsy, but no one dared to expose it!

    Jiang Jiankai swept a glance at Shiqi, Wang Yongbo, and Zhao Ke’er and shrank down, trying to make himself look a little smaller.

    Zhao Wei stood up, just like an amiable father, and pinned dishes for Ke’er, “What is this little girl of yours trying to be a hero? Eat food, eat food, eat more food!”

    “Thank you father!”

    Wang Yongbo reminded next to him, “Commander Chen, your cup hasn’t dried up yet!”

    “Alright!” The beautiful wine went down his throat and turned into a hundred different flavors in Shiqi’s heart.

    He regretted that he had given up on Zhao Ke’er. If he had agreed to the “good intentions” of Lord Zhao at that time, perhaps now Ke’er would be nestled in his arms!

    It was only when you lose something that you knew how to cherish it? Shiqi now completely understood this saying.

    After a short while, Ke’er’s face flushed her face as red and lovely as a peony. Her eyes were dazed and could not open, and she slowly slumped on the table, never sitting up again.

    Wang Yongbo asked in a low voice, “Ke’er, what’s wrong with you?”

    Zhao Ke’er muttered, “I seem to be a little drunk!”

    “Then you should go back and rest early! You obviously can’t drink, why are you still trying to be a hero!” City Master Zhao shouted, “Xiao Xiang, help the Young lady back to rest!”

    After Zhao Ke’er left, the big stone in almost everyone’s heart fell to the ground except Wang Yongbo. Jiang Jiankai was able to drink again, City Lord Zhao also let go, and Shiqi was not even thinking about going back to cultivate at night.

    And Wang Yongbo, for some reason, also drank a lot. His eyes looked at Seventeen from time to time, as if there was something stuck in his heart, but it was difficult to ask.

    Drinking until midnight, City Lord Zhao was drunk and Jiang Jiankai couldn’t tell the difference, so they stopped.

    The whole room was full of wine, and the ground was full of wine jars.

   “General Chen leads a huge amount!”

    “General Wang is modest, I can’t drink anymore!”

    Martial artists, indeed, could force the alcohol out of their bodies, but on this occasion, no one would do so.

    After being discovered such a move, no one will invite you to drink in the future.

    This is sort of the unspoken rule of the drinking scene in this world.

    “You seem to know Ke’er!”

    Shiqi didn’t cover up and said directly, “I know she is the adopted daughter of Lord Zhao City and have met her a few times!” If he said he didn’t know her, Wang Yongbo would definitely not believe it and might be more suspicious.

    “Hmm!” Wang Yongbo’s face was flat and he looked at the scene around him and said, “Then let’s get together another day!”

    Helping Jiang Jiankai, Shiqi left the city lord’s mansion, at the gate of the city lord’s mansion, Shiqi patted him and said, “Sober yourself up, don’t get really drunk, or else if the Black Blood Kingdom’s army comes to attack the city at night, I’ll be the first one to cut you down!”

    “Okay, okay, got it!” Jiang Jiankai sat down on his butt and a white mist quickly rose from his body. After a while, he sobered up, patted the dust on his buttocks, looked at Shiqi, and said, “Brother Chen, just now at the wine table, I was scared to death!”

    “Wang Yongbo is not likely to deal with you!”

    “I was worried about you!”

    Shiqi said in a very carefree tone, “Thank you for worrying about me, now let’s go back to the camp!”

    “Brother, you should be careful, I always think that woman may have grown hatred for you out of love!” Jiang Jiankai said rather gloatingly, “I’m even now glad that it’s not me she’s looking at.”

    “Anyway, you have to guard against her!”

    Jiang Jiankai left, the barracks of the City Guards and the barracks of the Purple Thorn Army were not in the same direction.

    “Who is it? Come out!” Shiqi took two steps in the direction of the barracks and shouted to the alley next to it, “If you don’t come out, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

    “It’s me!” Hearing this voice, Shiqi’s entire body was stunned. How could it be? The person slowly walked out of the alley, with long hair and tear marks on her pretty and delicate little face.

    That’s right, it was Zhao Ke’er. In million years Shiqi had never thought that Zhao Ke’er would come out of the house and wait for him here.

    “It’s midnight now, don’t you know it’s not safe outside?”

    “I just wanted to see you again!” Shiqi didn’t know how to answer. He could clearly feel that the girl was in love with him. This love was soft and tough, strong and hot, more terrifying than the killing intent inside him.

    He had an impulse right now, a reckless impulse to run over and fiercely hold the girl into his arms.

    “You shouldn’t have come!”

    “Just now at the banquet, I saw it all, you still like me!”

    Shiqi skimmed turned his head away, not daring to look her in the eyes: “You saw it wrong!”

    Just now at the banquet, the strong feelings of remorse and longing came up again. They were like a tidal wave, frantically pounding the dam in his heart.

    “No, there’s no way I could have misread it!” The girl looked at Shiqi, her eyes filled with blazing love, she gritted her teeth and asked, “If I give you another chance, would you like to have me?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “If you are willing I can go with you right now!”

    “You are now General Wang’s woman!”

    “Are you afraid of him now?” Zhao Ke’er asked in a low voice.

    “How is that possible?” Was he afraid of Wang Yongbo? To be honest, Shiqi wasn’t afraid of him. If Wang Yongbo really dared to kill him, he was afraid that Wang Yongbo couldn’t afford that price.  Besides, Wang Yongbo was not an impulsive person.

    “I know that you are concerned about his status as a general and an Innate master, as well as the family behind him,” Zhao Ke’er said in a low voice as she looked at Shiqi, “Then you can take me away! I’m willing to follow you anywhere, as long as you can take me with you!”

    Shiqi saw a sign of courage, overflowing love, and encouragement in her eyes. She was like a girl who would do anything for love, hoping that her beloved would take him away with her.

    His heart seemed to soften, “Where can I go?”

    “Now that the Southern Cloud Kingdom is fighting with the Black Blood Kingdom, swords are eyeless on the battlefield, it’s too dangerous for you to be the commander of the Purple Thorn Army!” Zhao Ke’er leaned her small head into Shiqi’s solid chest and whispered, “As long as Wang Yongbo isn’t stupid, he definitely won’t be able to go to the Black Blood Kingdom to look for us.”

    She raised her head and stared at Shiqi with shining eyes and continued, “When you get to the Black Blood Kingdm, you can cultivate in peace and become an innate mastert that everyone respects, and I can have children for you ……”

    She hurriedly lowered her head and said in a small, shy voice, “Maybe, we can establish a family ……”

    Chen Hao inside the magic sword found that Shiqi’s heart was beating faster and faster! He was definitely interested!

    Go to the Black Blood Kingdom to live a “quiet” life? Chen Hao absolutely not opposed, the world was so big, he also wanted to go to the Black Blood Kingdom to see.

    “Take me away! As long as we leave, we don’t have to pay attention to Wang Yongbo anymore, and from now on, we have nothing to do with the Southern Cloud Kingdom!”

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