The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 40: The Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree

Long Hengfeng, the young master of the Long Family, saw the chamber of commerce steward come out, with a hopeful face, he asked, “How is it?”

The steward shook his head, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Young Master Lu said he wasn’t interested.”

Long Hengfeng’s face sank fiercely.

“Let’s go back to the room first.” After a moment’s delay, he said in a deep voice, then led the two experts of the Long Family back to VIP room number four.

After returning to VIP room number four, an expert of the Dragon Family said, “Young master, should we check what Lu Yiping came to the auction to try to bid for?”

Long Hengfeng shook his head, “No need.”

“This Lu Yiping can’t be arrogant for long.” But, then, another Long Family expert sneered, “Hao Shan was killed, the Yin Ghost Sect won’t be able to let him go!”

“However, this Lu Yiping’s identity is a mystery, now some people say that he might be from the Nine Heavens, so the Yin Ghost Sect won’t make a move yet, once they confirm that he’s not from the Nine Heavens, then the Yin Ghost Sect will press in with an army and tear his bones apart one by one!”

“Moreover, why does Lu Yiping have Su Xiu token? Some people suspect that Su Xiu has most likely been killed by him, and the Yellow Springs Demon Sect has already started investigating the matter of Su Xiu’s token.”

“If the Yellow Springs Demon Sect is sure that Su Xiu is dead, then the Yellow Springs Demon Sect will definitely hunt him as well!”

With the crowd entering one after another, it didn’t take long for the auction hall to be filled.

Then the auction began.

The person presiding over the auction was a senior appraiser of the Tianji Chamber of Commerce, who was also a God realm expert.

Normally, the auction would rarely have a God realm expert out to be the host. Unless there were extremely valuable things to auction, by then, they would only let the god realm expert host the auction.

The first item that was auctioned off was a sword.

“This sword, named the Green Rainbow Sword. It is the sword of the Green Rainbow Celestial God in the recent ancient period!” Chen Rui, the God Realm expert who was presiding over the auction, smiled at everyone and said, “Green Rainbow Celestial God, I’m sure many people are not unfamiliar with it, right?”

On the spot, a commotion arose. Green-Rainbow Celestial God! It was more than unfamiliar.

One hundred thousand years ago, a nearly invincible existence was one of the top ten experts in the Eternal Source realm back then and was known as the number one in the sword dao back then.

No one expected that the first item to be auctioned would be the Green-Rainbow Sword.

This Green Rainbow Sword was a rare and good quality sword, even though it was the early sword worn by the Green-Rainbow Celestial God.

“Back then, the Green Rainbow Celestial God often used this sword to practice sword techniques, so this Green Rainbow Sword, has the unique sword intent of the Green Rainbow Celestial God. If a sword dao expert bids to buy it back and often perceives the sword intent of the Green Rainbow Celestial God, his sword dao will definitely be able to go a thousand miles a day.” Chen Rui laughed and said.

Lu Yiping smiled, shook his head. If only by a sword, and it could make any sword dao attainment soar by leaps and bounds in a day. Then anyone in the world could easily become a sword dao expert.

What was said by the host, Chen Rui, was only the words of enticement. But his deception words proved to be quite effective as the next auction was very intense.

In the end, it was bought by the White Flame Sword Sect master with 200 million high-quality spirit stones.

The White Flame Sword Sect was one of the super sects of the Divine Martial Continent. It was comparable in strength to the Yun Family of the Hundred Flowers Empire, 

Next, the second auction was a cultivation method called the Surangama Sutra*. It was one of the supreme cultivation methods of the Fire Dragon Temple.

In the Eternal Source realm, there were many Buddhist sects. And the Fire Dragon Temple was once one of the strongest Buddhist powers in the Divine Martial Continent.

However, more than 10,000 years ago, it was extinguished. The person who struck back then was none other than the Tan family.

After the Fire Dragon Temple was destroyed, many of its experts were captured alive and refined into puppets by the Tan family experts. As a result, the Tan family had a puppet that surpassed the celestial rank, which was made from one of the most powerful old ancestors of the Fire Dragon Temple.

The Surangama Sutra was finally bought by Yu Xin of the Medicine Kill Temple.

Lu Yiping was a little surprised, and he didn’t expect this girl would be interested in the Buddhist cultivation method.

Immediately afterward, the auction was held for the third, fourth, and fifth items.

Although the items were excellent, but not to Lu Yiping, he just sat and watched, did not make any bid.

More than twenty items were auctioned in a row. Then, finally, there were the four final items of the auction.

“The next item to be auctioned was the token of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods from the ancient times.” The host, Chen Rui, laughed.

At this time, the expert of the Tianji Chamber of Commerce came up holding a jade tray. On top of the jade tray, there was a palm-sized basalt-colored token.

Sure enough, it was the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree! Lu Yiping sat up straight when he saw the token.

This Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree, of course, was not just a token. Within the token, the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods refined an ancient array that could attack the enemy.

Moreover, the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods created his cave in a mysterious place, no one knew about it. But with this token, you could sense where the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods cave was.

Of course, it needed at least an expert who had the same strength as the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods back then to activate it.

With the current strength of the Eternal Source realm, it was impossible to activate the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree.

Therefore, the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree was not very useful for the people of the Eternal Source realm.

“in the ancient times, by using this Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree , one could command the gods of the world.” The host, Chen Rui, explained, “And the materialitself was even forged with the rare divine material, the Taixu Profound Iron.”

“Taixu Profound Iron, is the hardest divine iron in the world, comparable to the iron of chaos, this material alone, is worth a fortune.”

“And inside the token there are the supreme array of the Lord of Ten Thousand God. Any array master may be able gain enlightement from the supreme array.”

After three or four minutes of explanation, the auction began.

“However, the friend who entrusted our Chamber of Commerce to auction the token said that he only wanted divine spirit stones.” The host, Chen Rui, was a little embarrassed, “So, the friend who want to bid for the token can only use divine-quality spirit stones.”

“What, Divine Spirit Stones!” There was a commotion among the crowd.

The experts who had intended to bid for this Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree also had their brows furrowed.

It wasn’t that no one own divine-quality spirit stones. However, it was so scarce. Since ancient times, it decreased piece by piece, and no one was willing to trade them at auctions.

“Moreover, this entrusted friend has said that all divine spirit stones must be intact.” Chen Rui added.

When spirit stones were traded, over time, they would wear and tear inevitably, so there were fewer of them to be intact.

“The Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree, the starting bid is one hundred million divine spirit stones.” Chen Rui said again.

“One hundred million, divine spirit Stones?!” Everyone drew a breath of cold air.

The White Flame Sword Sect master on the scene shook his head, not to mention 100 million divine spirit stones. He could hardly afford to take out even 100 million extremely high-quality spirit stones.

“One hundred million divine grade spirit stones!” Long Hengfeng, the young master of the Long Family, locked his eyebrows. Although he originally came over this time because he was also interested in this Lord of Ten Thousand Gods’ Decree. But this price was so high that it exceeded his expectation.

“Two hundred million divine spirit stones.” Just at this moment, suddenly, the young man in the second VIP room said slowly.


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