I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 130 The Dream Lover of Every Girl

    “Are you sure?” Shiqi frowned.

    Although he was mentally prepared after rejecting Ke’er, he nevertheless didn’t expect that Zhao Wei would give her to Wang Yongbo so quickly.

    A man’s possessiveness still existed in Shiqi as well. It’s just that he restrained it more, and many of his emotions did not show up obviously.

    “Of course I’m sure, I saw it with my own eyes!” Jiang Jiankai whispered, “I happened to go to the city lord, right in the garden of the city lord’s residence I bumped into them, that Zhao Wei’s adopted daughter was following behind Wang Yongbo, and he was holding her hand as if he was very satisfied.”

    “That Zhao Wei really moves fast, huh?” Shiqi took two steps on the city wall and said, “I also didn’t expect that his target was Wang Yongbo?”

    Jiang Jiankai laughed disdainfully, “In Qingfeng City, besides you and Wang Yongbo, which other people can Zhao City Lord befriend?”

    “Are you saying that Wang Yongbo really likes that Zhao …… that Zhao Wei’s daughter?”

    Jiang Jiankai asked rhetorically, “The girl is so beautiful, which man is not moved?”


    “I say brother, the way Zhao Wei doing this thing is too unethical, do you want us to give him a little beating?”

    “No!” Shiqi waved his hand and refused.

    Jiang Jiankai was surprised: “No way, brother, you can even tolerate this? Zhao Wei clearly first gave you the girl, tbut when he saw Wang Yongbo, he regretted it and gave your girl to Wang Yongbo, and that day I saw that girl quite like you …… this insolency, you can tolerate it?”

    Shiqi said in a sultry tone, ” City Lord Zhao wanted to marry Zhao Ke’er to me as a concubine not long ago, and asked my opinion ……”

    “You wouldn’t have refused, would you?” Jiang Jiankai’s eyes stared deadly at Shiqi.


    “Huh? Why?” Jiang Jiankai asked with some disbelief.

    “I haven’t thought about starting a family for now!”

    Jiang Jiankai asked, “Is that a reason?”

    Shiqi asked rhetorically, “Isn’t that a reason?”

    “Brother, if you don’t want her, just don’t like her, you can pass her on to me!” Jiang Jiankai said with a remorseful face, “You know, I am the most compassionate person, you give her to me, I guarantee that I can make her ……”

    Shiqi hands put slowly on the sword’s hilt, Jiang Jiankai’s voice abruptly stopped, like a duck caught in the throat.

    “I’m kidding, brother!” Jiang Jiankai said with a smile. Just a moment ago, he clearly felt a powerful killing aura! It always felt like he had strolled around the ghost gate.

    “Let’s just forget about it, don’t mention this matter in the future!” Shiqi looked at Jiang Jiankai in distress, “especially not in front of Wang Yongbo face!”

    “Okay, I understand, I will not give you trouble brother!”

    Shiqi thought that Zhao Ke’er follow Wang Yongbo was also a good ending. At least her life would not be threatened. She would not lack glory and wealth. Wang Yongbo’s strength and talent are not bad. His age for an innate expert was still young. For a city lord’s adopted daughter, her life, already considered good.

    To be honest, Shiqi didn’t want to face Zhao Kerr, and even a little faintly resisted. Every time he remembered the last time he saw Zhao Ke’er, the strong, fiery, slightly crazy, but very different from the killing aura in his heart raged ……

    He couldn’t help but resist! Could not help but be a little afraid! He could not help but use his reason to desperately suppress this uncontrollable emotion in the bottom of his heart!

    He could keenly feel that if he really accepted the other side, his indestructible heart would be hard chiseled a gap by Zhao Ke’er, I’m afraid. It was terrifying, wasn’t it?

    So, thinking that he will definitely not meet with Zhao Ke’er again in the future, he was suddenly a little grateful. After five days, there was still no Black Blood Kingdom’s army appearing, and Shiqi wondered if they had turned their goal to other cities.

    The more you were afraid of certain things, the more likely they would happen. Shiqi once again received an invitation from the city lord, Jiang Jiankai also received the same invitation. At the same time, Zhao Wei also claimed that General Wang, who had not been showing up much, would also attend. He had another happy event to announce.

    “What happy event can there be, that old guy is not going to marry again, right?”

    “Just go and see.”

    At the banquet, Zhao Ke’er was sitting next to Wang Yongbo, who had a smile on his face and was half-embracing her. Zhao Ke’er only resisted slightly at first and then remained at his mercy.

    Shiqi sipped the wine, but there was no taste in his mouth, just like drinking water.

    “Let me introduce to you all, this is Zhao City Lord’s adopted daughter Ke’er.” Wang Yongbo had a blush on his face. Sometimes when people didn’t want to get drunk, they drunk, “I fell in love with her at first sight, I’ve already told the city lord to take Ke’er as a concubine!”

    Jiang Jiankai glanced at Shiqi, only to see him lift up the wine cup and said, “Congratulations to General Wang for being happy having a beautiful concubine!”

    Jiang Jiankai looked at this situation and also hurriedly lifted his wine cup, “Congratulations General Wang!”

    “Commander Chen, Commander Jiang, thanks a lot, let’s have a toast!” Wang Yongbo also said bashfully.

    The three clinked glasses, Shiqi deeply glanced at Zhao Ke’er. Zhao Ke’er also similarly looked at him, her beautiful eyes starry, full of helplessness, sorrow and sadness, and a little resentment.

    Shiqi’s heart was aching, and then he drank the wine in his cup in one gulp!

    Zhao Wei said with a pleasing smile on his face, “General Wang can have your eyes on Ke’er, that is her blessing in her last life, it is my Zhao family that has climbed high!”

    “Don’t say that, City Lord Zhao, from now on you will be my elder!” Zhao Wei smiled with creases on his chubby face.

    Wang Yongbo’s attitude towards Zhao Wei was much friendlier than before, and anyone could see that it was because of Zhao Ke’er.

    “I have heard of the great name of Commander Chen for a long time, I wonder if the young woman can toast you?” A delicate voice had just appeared, but the entire wine table was silent.

    Jiang Jiankai looked at Zhao Ke’er in surprise, but Zhao Wei’s face was a bit worried. Shiqi chopsticks were hanging in mid-air, not knowing whether to take them back instead.

    “Oh ~ Ke’er you have heard of the Chen Commander?” Wang Yongbo froze for a moment, glanced at the stunned Shiqi, then turned his head to look at the beautiful woman beside him.

    For Zhao Ke’er, Wang Yongbo was fond of tight, from the first time he inadvertently saw her, he felt his heart thumping, leaving a beautiful impression in his mind.

    The second time he saw Zhao Ke’er, she was fluttering butterflies in the garden, the girl’s giggling, lively and naive demeanor, pure and lovely appearance all deeply attracted Wang Yongbo. Her every move, as if there was a kind of incredible magic power, firmly drew Wang Yongbo’s almost 30-year-old heart.

    A very wonderful feeling, just like first love, he had not had that feeling for a long time.

    Later, he inquired about the identity of Zhao Ke’er to Zhao City Lord, who learned that Wang Yongbo was interested in his daughter, of course, immediately began to set up, one with love, one with interest, things just simply came to fruition.

    “Of course I have heard of the deeds of the Commander Chen, in our Blackwater County he is very famous, the first young genius in the Southern Cloud Kingdom, less than sixteen years old, is already a late stage True Origin realm experts. His battle achievements was now the sixth army commander, later being promoted to a general, that is certainly to happen. He may become a great general someday!” Zhao Ke’er looked at Shiqi with a smile on her face and said, “Commander Chen is the entire Blackwater County maiden’s dream lover …… and how could I not recognize?”

    “The dream lover of the girls in Blackwater County? I didn’t expect that Commander Chen was so famous!” Wang Yongbo smilingly looked at Ke’er and asked, “Then Ke’er, tell, is he the lover of your dreams?”

    The entire banquet atmosphere suddenly chilled down.

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