The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 39: I Heard That His Sword Is Fast

The night would eventually pass.

Lu Yiping left the mansion in the Golden Horned Bull Chariot and came towards the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce. Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, and the four others accompanied him.

The Golden Horned Bull Chariot looked unusually bright and clear under the early morning sunlight.

Initially, some passing clan experts were walking well on the street side, but when they suddenly saw the Golden Horned Bull Chariot, they were so frightened that the birds and beasts scattered, so the street in front of them was empty.

Lu Yiping was speechless, was he that scary? In a short while, the chariot came to the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce.

When the chariot arrived, Sun Lixuan’s expression was greatly lifted, and he stepped forward, cupped his fist, and smiled, “Young Master Lu is coming to Heavenly Chamber of Commerce again, Heavenly Chamber of Commerce future will be bright!”

Lu Yiping laughed, “Chairman Sun is polite, I believe you have been waiting for a long time.”

When Sun Lixuan heard this, he felt flattered and shook his hand repeatedly, “No, no, we heard that Young Master Lu came over and I just came out.”

Lu Yi Ping nodded once, then, under Sun Lixuan’s welcome, he and Zhang Jin entered the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce.

Sun Lixuan smiled and said, “When I learned that Young Master Lu was coming, I had someone clear the No. 1 VIP room early.”

Lu Yiping smiled and said, “I heard that the No. 1 VIP room of the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce is never open to the public, it is reserved for your General Chairman and the Heavenly’s Young Master.”

Sun Lixuan smiled, “Young Master Lu is coming to our branch to attend the auction, I had reported it to the General Assembly, and the General Assembly Chairman personally ordered that VIP room number one to be cleared out to welcome Young Master Lu.”

Lu Yiping smiled and didn’t say anything else.

Thus, under Sun Lixuan’s welcoming, Lu Yiping entered VIP room number one.

At this time, in VIP room number two, a young man frowned, “Sun Lixuan opened VIP room number one and welcomed other people in?”

“Yes, young master, it’s that Lu Yiping!” His men said respectfully.

“Oh, Lu Yiping.” The young man shook the wine in his hand, the fragrance of wine overflowing, and laughed, “That’s the kid named Lu who killed Hao Shan?”

The tone of voice was casual, seemingly not putting Lu Yiping in his eyes.

His men said, “Yes, that’s the kid named Lu.”

The young man gave a hint and suddenly said, “I heard that his sword is fast, I would like to see if his sword is fast or mine.”

His men laughed, “If we talk about the sword dao, in this Eternal Source realm, in the younger generation, who can compare with you, young master.”

The young man laughed.

And after Lu Yi Ping and his men came to VIP room number one, they sat on top of the sofa in the center of the room.  It was made with the skin of ancient foreign beasts, and it should be made with True God realm ancient foreign beasts.

Sitting on it, it was comfortable, soft, and had a faint fragrance that was refreshing to the mind.

“This is the skin of the Fragrant Beast.” Lu Yiping spoke.

Sun Lixuan immediately laughed, “Yes, Young Master Lu has good eyesight, even many sect masters do not know this Fragrant Beastbeast.”

Lu Yiping’s tone changed, “I heard Song Ning say that you are going to auction the token of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods from the ancient times at this auction? I wonder if this token was commissioned by another person or was it found by your Heavenly Chamber of Commerce?”

Sun Lixuan hesitated for a moment and smiled, “I’m not going to hide it from Young Master Lu, this token of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods was commissioned by someone else to be auctioned by our Chamber of Commerce, but the person who commissioned it, our Chamber of Commerce doesn’t know, the other party came to commission the auction wearing a mask.”

“Oh.” Lu Yiping remained calm and did not ask other questions.

After a while, Sun Lixuan withdrew from the room so that if Lu Yiping needed anything, he could order the steward outside the door.

After Sun Lixuan withdrew, Lu Yiping pondered, back then, he didn’t even find the token of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods in the battlefield of the Gods. How did the other party get it?

Is it the descendant of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods?

If not the descendant of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods, then it was most likely the descendant of someone who surrounded and killed the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods back then?

At this time, the experts from all sides who came to the auction also entered the venue one after another.

Lu Yiping saw a familiar figure through the glass in front of VIP room number one and was a little surprised that it was her? Only to see that the one who was welcomed in by the steward of the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce was none other than Yu Xin, the woman from the Palace of Medicine King whom he had met earlier on the battlefield of the Gods.

However, the old man He Shao was missing. Yu Xin’s arrival also caused a lot of commotion at the scene.

Although the main hall of the Palace of Medicine King is not in the Divine Martial Continent, but the power of the Palace of Medicine King in the Divine Martial Continent was not weak. It had its alchemy which no sect could outstrip. Even the Wan Family of the Northern Star Empire sometimes have to go to the Pill King Hall for Dan.

“Young Master Lu Gongzi, the young master of the Long Family, Long Hengfeng, is outside and says he wants to pay you a visit.” At this time, the steward of the Chamber of Commerce came in and said to Lu Yiping.

The Long Family, along with the Wan Family, Tan Family, and Lu Family, were on par.

Regardless of the fact that the Long Family’s headquarters was not in the Divine Martial Continent but the Heavenly Dragon Continent.

“Not seeing.” Lu Yiping said blandly. 

The Chamber of Commerce Steward was stunned. Not seeing?

But he quickly reacted, answered in a respectful voice, and then retreated.

Outside the door, the young master of the Long Family, Long Hengfeng, who was dressed in a light yellow brocade robe and had a dignified air, was holding a jade fan and fanning it slowly. He was accompanied by two experts of the Long Family behind.

At this time, the room door suddenly opened, the chamber steward came out, Long Hengfeng smiled and asked, “Steward Lin, so I go in now?”

However, the chamber steward squeaked, “Young Master Long, I’m sorry, Young Master Lu said he won’t see you.”

“No?!” Long Hengfeng was stunned, “You told him that I am the young master of the Long Family?”

“I did.” The Chamber of Commerce steward said.

Long Hengfeng’s face was ugly, after the news about the Northern Star Imperial Palace spread yesterday, he rushed over in the night, but he didn’t expect that this Lu Yiping wouldn’t even see him!

“This Lu Yiping, what a big guts!” Behind him, a Dragon Family expert also had a sullen face.

The steward didn’t know how to interface for a moment. He also did not expect that Lu Yiping would not even see Long Hengfeng.

Another Dragon Family expert said coldly to the chamber steward, “Go in and tell him that our young master wants him to talk about the Golden Flame Divine Fist, and that our young master has brought the Bones of the Heavenly Dragon.”

“What, the Bones of the Heavenly Dragon!” The merchant steward was shocked.

Long Hengfeng gave a handful of divine spirit stones to the chamber steward and said, “Tell Lu Yiping that we don’t need the true Golden Flame Divine Fist either, we just need to watch it for one night, and then, the Bones of the Heavenly Dragon will be his!”

The merchant steward took the divine spirit stone, hesitated for a moment, and then went in to report to Lu Yiping.

“The Bone of the Heavenly Dragon?” Lu Yiping glanced at that Chamber of Commerce Steward. For some reason, the Chamber of Commerce Steward was made to feel cold inside by this glance from Lu Yiping.

“Not interested.” Lu Yiping said indifferently, “During the auction later, don’t come in and disturb me without my order.”

Lu Yiping said plainly, but the chamber steward’s heart was shrinking, hurriedly answered yes, busily retreated, and as he exited, he found that his back was covered with cold sweat.

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