I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 129 Want a Word

Shiqi didn’t undress and fell straight onto the bed, not wanting to move.

Today he didn’t go back to the barracks but stayed overnight in the City Lord’s residence. He had just rejected Zhao Wei, and it was not good to reject him a second time.

Because Shiqi could see that City Lord Zhao was somewhat dissatisfied with him, although he hid it very profoundly. Stationed in Qingfeng City, he really couldn’t afford to offend the city lord to death completely!

After lying in bed for about a quarter of an hour, he heard someone walk up to his door, and then there was a light knock. When he opened the door, it was none other than Zhao Ke’er who was crying with pearly tears.

“Why?” Zhao Ke’er wiped her tears and sobbed in a low voice, “Commander Chen, I don’t ask for much, even to be your concubine, why don’t you say yes to father?”

“We are not suitable!” Shiqi bowed his head and said.

Zhao Ke’er suddenly grabbed Shiqi’s big hand and said, “That’s not a reason, you’re perfuming me!”

“Please, Commander Chen, you have to take me!” Zhao Ke’er looked at Shiqi’s eyes, eyes full of expectation, “I will be very good and obedient …… father asked someone to teach me things, I have learned very well, I will serve you well, to ensure that you will be satisfied, OK!” Her voice here was full of a different kind of temptation.

Shiqi tilted his head, not daring to look at Ke’er squarely, he held his breath, not daring to smell her scent. He was afraid that he would go soft.

“You do like me, don’t you?”

“I don’t know!”

Shiqi had always been very confident in his concentration, but today, he felt that he was on the verge of losing control. This feeling was strange, and he was very resistant and very eager at the same time.

“Commander Chen, if you don’t promise me, I will hate you for the rest of my life, do you believe me?” There was a threat in Ke’er’s tone.

Shiqi could clearly feel her anger and unwillingness.

“You know what?” Zhao Ke’er lowered her voice and said, “If you don’t want me, father will definitely give me to someone else!”

“Mm!” Shiqi answered, but it was hard to feel in her heart. After Zhao Ke’er reminded him of this, he instantly understood that everything at the banquet just now was probably an act by Zhao Wei, the old fox.

It was not that he was too stupid, but Zhao Wei acted too well, too real! He didn’t react at once. After all, Zhao Wei was only using his adopted daughter as a tool to befriend the powerful. He, on the other hand, was the very person Zhao Wei wanted to befriend.

“My last sister was given to an old man whose granddaughter was older than her!” Zhao Ke’er choked and whispered, “I don’t want to be like her!”

An irresistible force tore Shiqi’s heart. Zhao Ke’er leaned her head against Shiqi’s chest, then held him in a deadly embrace as if she wanted to squeeze him into her body.

“I admit that I played a little careful, but I really like you, you’re the best man I’ve ever seen!” Zhao Ke’er cried, “Please, Commander Chen, keep me, it’s just a matter of your words.”

Playing it safe, Shiqi skipped it. He could understand. Helping her was, indeed, just a matter of a word. As long as he mentioned a word to Zhao Wei, perhaps he would offer Ke’er up.

But, Shiqi could not say this sentence. In his life, he had only made four promises to one person! Four promises, the last three, he had now fulfilled it. He didn’t cry anymore, he made a name for himself, he didn’t die, he lived a good life. But there was still one promise that was never fulfilled.

He wasn’t strong enough! This promise, at times, weighed him down a bit, and he now had no way to make a promise to another woman.

“I’m sorry!” Shiqi gritted his teeth, gently pushed Zhao Ke’er away, and slowly closed the door in her desperate gaze.

The girl lay on her back in front of his door and sobbed in a small voice, and only after a long time did she get up from the ground, and only when her footsteps were getting farther and farther away until they disappeared did Shiqi let out a soft sigh of relief.

Chen Hao sighed softly, “Why bother, so what if you marry her?”

“I don’t even know when I’ll die …… I can’t take care of her!”

“You have a problem with your thinking, haven’t you heard that phrase?”

“What words?”

“Don’t care about forever, you just need to take it…” as a life mentor Chen Hao enlightened, “To put it bluntly, is to marry first, happy first, and then talk about it when you are happy what do you care about her later ah? “

“In my opinion, marrying her is a promise!”

Mmmm mmmm … Chen Hao is completely convinced! Are people with strong willpower so temperamental? If only he could exchange skills! He desperately needed the full-level mouth-cannon skills! The kind that can bring dead people to life and lame Shiqi.

The next few days, Shiqi was almost busy practicing, training and preparing to defend Qingfeng City. The walls needed repairs, and the defense needed adjustments, rolling stones, rolling logs, fierce fire oil.

Ten days had passed, but Shiqi still could not forget Zhao Ke’er’s desperate eyes that night. General Wang Yongbo stayed behind closed doors. He had not even climbed the walls of Qingfeng City, and the Black Iron Legion had not appeared around Qingfeng City.

Shiqi was in an agitated mood, and he desperately needed a big battle. Perhaps only a big battle can make him forget all his troubles for a while!

And Shiqi’s subordinates had obviously felt all his irritable mood recently, all of them trembling, afraid to make the commander angry, even Meng Fei, who usually behaved a little careless, was extremely careful in his actions.

On this day, Shiqi stood alone on the city wall, looking at the mountains in the distance. Only when looking into the distance, his mood calm down slightly.

In the face of the wind, his scarlet cloak was swayed from side to side. He liked the color scarlet.

In the distance, there were footsteps coming, getting closer and closer, he turned his head, and it was Jiang Jiankai who came.

“I say, brother, have you seen the beautiful adopted daughter of Fatty Zhao recently?” Jiang Jiankai asked directly as soon as he came up.

“What’s wrong?” Shiqi heard his dissatisfaction with City Lord Zhao.

He and Jiang Jiankai had a good relationship. After all, they were people who had done wicked things together, killed people together, robbed money together, and were about to fight a war together.

Jiang Jiankai scolded the city lord in front of him, and every time he heard it, he actually felt somewhat comfortable in his heart, which proved that the other party treated him as one of his own.

“That Fatty Zhao is so nothing!” Jiang Jiankai gritted his teeth and said, “He seems to have given his adopted daughter to Wang Yongbo!”

“Do you think it’s like that? It’s obvious that you’re the one who has eyes on her first! That fatty definitely thinks that holding Wang Yongbo’s thighs has a future …… than holding your thighs, so he ran over to send his daughter to befriend Wang Yongbo!” Jiang Jiankai viciously spat a mouthful of spit, “He is the old thing with eyes without pearls, how can Wang Yongbo compare with you, brother? When Wang Yongbo was sixteen years old, he was still playing in the mud somewhere!”

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