The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 38: What’s His Origin?

“This Lu Yiping’s subordinates, not only does he know our Wan Family’s Golden Flame Divine Fist, but his men also know even the masterpieces of Senior Saint Demon and Senior Time Elder.” Wan Cheng said.

“You mean, its men also know the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist?!” Wan Wudi was once again surprised.

Wan Cheng nodded, “Not only they know, but Lu Yiping also has the real copy of the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist secret book! He took out the true copies of the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist secret books in front of everyone!”

“Hong’er said that he did not reognize, what kind of material they are made of, and the two secret true books, permeated with mysterious and majestic power.”

Wan Wudi listened and his face was astonished and suspicious.

“Now it is said that that this Lu Yiping has obtained the cave treasures of Senior Saint Demon and Senior Time Elder!” Wan Cheng said, pausing slightly, “Could Lu Yiping have also obtained the cave treasure of one of our Wan Family’s family heads?”

Wan Wudi’s eyes flashed and said, “You mean, grandfather ancestor?!”

The second Wan Family Patriarch, Wan Yuzhi, mysteriously disappeared back then, and this matter became a mystery of the Wan Family.

Wan Cheng nodded his head.

Wan Wudi pondered for a moment and said, “Go and see this Lu Yiping, ask him to come to our Wan Family, I want to meet this Lu Yiping.”

No matter what, this matter must be clarified. If possible, that Golden Flame Divine Fist true book must be recovered. They could not let this Lu Yiping spread it more than this.

Only, how should they ask for it back? Wan Wudi’s brows were locked.

“The Realm of the Zither Immortal.” Wan Wudi muttered to himself.

At this time, the Hundred Flowers Empress Ji Yu and all the experts of the Hundred Flowers Empire were also discussing Lu Yiping.

“What do you guys think, this Lu Yiping, what is his origin?” Hundred Flower Empress Ji Yu asked.

“This Lu Yiping has late stage True God experts under him, so obviously he can’t be the son or nephew of Su Xiu of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect.” One of the Hundred Flowers Empire’s God Realm experts mused, wanting to speak, with a wary face, “Could it be, from that place?!”

Then pointed to the high altitude. The faces of the experts of the Hundred Flowers Empire changed greatly.

“You mean to say that he came from, the Nine Heavens?!” Another God realm expert trembled.

The Nine Heavens! Everyone was silenced. Even the hand of the Hundred Flower Empress JJi Yu herself could not stabilize her hand that was holding the teacup.

Nine Heavens

After a long delay, Hundred Flower Empress Ji Yu said, “This is just our guess, perhaps, we all guessed wrong, he is not from the Nine Heavens.”

Everyone nodded their heads.

While the various forces were discussing, Lu Yiping was inside Su Xiu’s residence, taking out two of the godheads from the spatial ring of the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan. These two godheads were both top-grade godheads.

One was a late-stage True God, and one was a mid-stage True God.

Lu Yiping punched these two godheads into the sea of Wei Bing and Chen Yongyuan’s souls respectively, and then used the Supreme Dao Law to fuse the two godheads with their soul sea.

At this point, Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan had completely possessed the Godhead of the True God and were true True God powerhouses.

“Those high-grade spirit veins, you all take them out and use them to quench your fleshly bodies in general.” Lu Yiping said, “And work hard to cultivate the techniques I passed down to you, and strive to break through the Celestial God realm as soon as possible!”

“Yes, master!” Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen’s four people, kneeled down.

Lu Yiping let the four of them get up as his fingers surging with divine light, a number of divine laws condensed from between his fingers, and then he pointed out his finger. These divine laws entered into the sea of ​​the souls of Zhang Jin’s four, and they were branded to the four.

These Celestial God laws were the laws that Lu Yiping had previously understood, directly integrated into the four people’s gods, and the four people would be able to upgrade to the Celestial God realm exceptionally quickly.

At this time, outside, Song Ning’s voice rang out, “My lord, Song Ning has a request to see you.”

“Come in.” Lu Yiping said.

Song Ning walked in, bent over, and then came in front of Lu Yiping. He not daring to breathe and was unusually respectful, “My lord, the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce knows that you are going to attend their auction tomorrow, and Chairman Sun Lixuan sent a high-level VIP card, and he also said that he would be waiting for you at that time!”

Returning from the Imperial Palace, Song Ning was still in a mood that was difficult to calm. He wanted to steal a glance at Zhang Jin and the four of them, but he didn’t dare.

Thinking about the word True God gave him a feeling of suffocation.

At that time at the celebration banquet, when he learned that Lu Yiping had beheaded Hao Shan, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, he shivered even more, and the experts of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect shivered equally.

The Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect Sect’s supreme elder, who had previously questioned Lu Yiping’s excessively loud on the street, was so scared that he almost fainted.

Lu Yiping took the high-level VIP card of the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce and shook his head, “Godhead, I already have it, I won’t go to the auction tomorrow.”

He wants to participate in this auction because he wants to give Wei Bing and Chen Yongyuan the godhead.  Now that both of them have their godheads, there is no need to go to this auction.

Song Ning was stunned. He cautiously said, “I heard that tomorrow’s auction, in addition to the godhead, there are many rare treasures, the auction will also auction the token of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods in ancient times.”

“Oh, the token of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods.” Lu Yiping was surprised.

“Yes.” Song Ning respectfully said, “In addition to the token of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods, I heard that there are other ancient items.”

“Other ancient items.” Lu Yiping’s eyes flashed, “Do you know what it is?”

“I don’t know.” Song Ning said, “This is what Chairman Sun Lixuan said.”

Lu Yiping nodded, “Good, I see.” Then he took a top-grade spirit vein out, sealed it, formed it into the size of a circle, and gave it to Song Ning.

Song Ning looked at the top-grade spirit vein in front of him and froze, swallowed his saliva, “Young Master, this!”

“It’s not for you either, it’s for the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.” Lu Yiping said, “When the time comes, you take it back and have Yang Cheng arrange it on top of the ancestral veins of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.”

“I see that your Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect ancestral vein has signs of declining, with this spiritual vein it can support some years.”

Song Ning kneeled in excitement, “Thank you, my lord!”

“Song Ning thanks you for your great kindness on behalf of all the disciples of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.”

Lu Yiping looked at the kneeling Song Ning and said with emotion, “That little fellow Yang Dong also said the same thing as you did.”

Song Ning’s heart was shocked, Yang Dong little fellow?

It was difficult for him to describe the shock in his heart, although he did not know the identity of Lu Yiping, from the words just now, he could infer that Lu Yiping was a more ancient existence than their old ancestor Yang Dong Sword God!

Afterward, Lu Yiping gave Song Ning some divine spirit stones.

Since knowing that Yang Dong may have been buried in the Nine Deadly Burial God Array, he always felt indebted to the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect. Back then, if he were willing to teach Yang Dong about array, even if he were trapped in the Nine Deadly Burial God Array, he would have been able to escape.

Thinking of the Nine Deadly Burial Gods Formation, Lu Yiping’s face sank down. Song Ning saw Lu Yiping’s suddenly sunken face, and he was so frightened that he didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

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