It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 106: Young Master’s Residence is Full of Powerful Beings

Sun Hao’s residence, in the front yard.

Luo Liuyan’s group of five people stood respectfully in front of Ying You, cupping their fists and saluting, “Greetings, senior!” 

The voice was neat, and the attitude was respectful.

“Very good manners!”

Ying You shifted and turned into an old woman.

Red light filled her face, and her aura was monstrous. The terrifying pressure that was slightly released caused Luo Liuyan and the others to have difficulty breathing, and their complexions turned ugly.

“Since the Young Master has asked you to stay, there must be a reason. Do you know why the Young Master has asked you to stay here?” Ying You spoke.

“Replying senior, it’s because the evil race will attack here! To sound out Young Master’s strength!” Luo Liuyan said.

“What? Attacking here? It’s the opposite!”

Ying You’s Aura expanded rapidly, and the mighty pressure rushed in from all directions like a tsunami. The pressure was so intense that they couldn’t move their entire bodies. Their hearts seemed to stop beating, and their faces were white. They were almost crushed to death on the spot by Ying You.

At this time.

“Alright!” A sound rang out. The pressure disappeared in response to the sound.

A woman, dressed in lotus clothes and wearing a lotus hairpiece, stepped out from the Ten Thousand-color God Lotus. Her figure was delicate and breathtakingly beautiful. The Immortal aura that draped on her was vigorous and elegant. One look can make those who saw her to lose themselves.

“Ying You, are you trying to obliterate the people regarded by Master?” The lotus demon spoke indifferently.

“Senior Qin Lian, sorry, just now I was too angry, I lost control of myself!” Ying You’s face showed a look of embarrassment.

“You, still as short-tempered as always, how would Master not know of such a small evil race’s attack?” The Lotus demon, no, calling her Venerable Qing Lian was more apt, opened her mouth.

“Then why did Master leave at this time?” Confusion filled Ying You’s face.

“Replying to senior!” Cold sweat dripped Luo Liuyan’s back, she clasped her fist and saluted, then spoke: “Young Master has already predicted everything, and did not want the evil clan to sound out his strength, so he left! Letting us guard this place must have been a test from Young Master!” Luo Liuyan said.

Hearing this, Ying You and Venerable Qing Lian nodded at the same time. “In that case, this place will be handed over to you all!” Venerable Qing Lian said.

“Two seniors, the strength of those who come to attack would most likely be not weak, we may not necessarily be able to resist! Asking the two seniors to please help us!” Luo Liuyan cupped her fist and bowed.

“Humph!” Venerable Qing Lian snorted coldly, “Since the master is testing you, how can we interfere!”

“Right, I won’t intervene either!” Ying You said.

“And us!” At this time, two crisp voices rang out.

“Whoosh ……” Two cherry blossom trees rapidly changed and transformed into two little lolitas in a flurry of petals. Both have rosy cheeks and fair skin, they looked adorable.

Luo Liuyan’s group of five people stare dumbfoundedly at the two little lolis, they stood frozen for a while.

Two tree demons, not only that but also demon immortals! Aren’t the two of them very similar to each other? They looked like a pair of twins.

“Why are you all looking at us like that?” One of the little lolis put both hands on her hips with an angry face.

“That’s right, even Master has never stared at us like that!” The other loli raised her fist, altogether threatening them.

Luo Liuyan’s group of five people’s scalps tingled, they hurriedly retracted their gaze.

“Sorry, seniors, just now we were too ……” Before Luo Liuyan could finish her sentence, the little loli with arms on her hips angrily said, “Who are you calling seniors?”

“Precisely, we are only 100,000 years old now, very young, yet you actually called us seniors!”

“I think they should be taught a lesson!”

“Good point!” When these words ended, five bodies were inexplicably thrown into mid-air.

“Boom! Boom ……”

Suddenly, there came a sharp pain in the buttocks.

“Aiyo! It hurts, right? This is fun, so very fun!”

“When Master is around, I don’t even dare to transform, now it’s really fun!”

“Who let you call us seniors, now you know it’s wrong, right?”


“That’s enough!” Venerable Qing Lian spoke, and the two little lolis immediately stopped.

“Yes, Sister Qing Lian!” The little lolis, one on the left and one on the right, held onto Venerable Qing Lian’s arm.

“Bang ……”

The five people fell to the ground, they all revealed a look of fear.

Just now, they almost lost their breath. It hurts so much to the point of them doubting their life. After landing on the ground, surprisingly, there was no injury at all.

They looked at the two little lolis, scared beyond belief.

“Younger sisters, just now I called wrongly, please understand!” Luo Liuyan cupped her fist.

“That’s more like it!” The two lolis crossed their arms, their face radiated haughtiness.

“My name is Xiao(1) Fen, from now on you have to call me little sister Xiao Fen!”

“My name is Xiao Fang, from now on you have to call me little sister Xiao Fang!”

“Don’t get it wrong or we’ll spank you!” 

The five people’s ass couldn’t help but tremble when they saw the two little loli’s unkind eyes. Subsequently, their faces were full of bitterness. However you look, they look exactly the same. How were they supposed to distinguish them? If this continued, they would undoubtedly be spanked every day. What should they do? Young Master’s residence was full of powerful beings. It’s simply too horrible!

“Yes!” Luo Liuyan nodded helplessly.

“I will not help you guys either!”

“This old man will only stand by and watch too!”

“Young Master’s test is your own business, it has nothing to do with this senior!”

“If you guys die,I will not interfere either!”

Such voices kept coming. Each sound rang on the humans’ ears and shook their hearts, they were unable to calm down for a long time. It left them in shock and filled with horror, they were astonished. Their hearts did not feel to be their own any longer.

“Okay, all go back to their respective places so that the evil clan does not discover anything!” Venerable Qing Lian opened her mouth.

“Yes, Venerable Qing Lian!”

Immediately after that.

Ying You transformed into a nine-colored golden pheasant and lazily lay on the ground. Xiao Fen and Xiao Fang transformed into two cherry blossom trees and continued to bloom. Venerable Qing Lian once again returned to the Ten Thousand-color God Lotus.

Everything became peaceful again. It was as if what had happened was only an illusion.

“So … scary!” Su Yiling secretly wiped the cold sweat, her small mouth open into an O shape, while her voice trembled.

“Stop talking, my legs are still shaking!” Wen Renshi’s face was filled with panic. Having lived for so long, it was his first time to see such a shocking scene. 

Until now, he had already seen the Young Master as a powerful being. Now it seems like that was far from enough.

Every one of the Young Master’s follower was a powerful being. Surprisingly, all of them were all just the Young Master’s servants. Speaking of which, can you believe that? It was absolutely fucking scary.

How terrifying was Young Master’s identity? Unimaginable!

“Hiss ……” Wen Renshi drew in a few cold breaths, and his body trembled uncontrollably.

The other four were not much different compared to him. These people need a long time to regain their bearings.

“Everyone, our primary task is to pass the Young Master’s test first! Regardless of the strength of those who come, even if we die, we can’t let them destroy the Young Master’s residence, understand?” Luo Liuyan looked at the crowd carefully.


  1. Means little/small. Since it’s followed by a younger/little sister, I decided to use the pinyin.

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