I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 128 A Father

    “Lord Commander, that young lady is here again!” Meng Fei told Shiqi with a smile.

    Shiqi thought a little and said, “Tell her that I’m busy and can’t see her!” He understood Zhao Ke’er’s feelings, but he couldn’t accept it.

    “No way, Lord Commander, you don’t see anyone else?” Meng Fei persuaded, “Lord Commander intends to disappoint someone’s good intentions?”

    “No nonsense, do as I ordered!”

    Soon after, Meng Fei returned, carrying a food box, “Lord, this is what the girl asked me to give you!”

    Shiqi looked at the food box for a moment and wanted to teach Meng Fei a lesson but thought better of it.

    “What’s her reaction?”

    “What reaction can there be?” Meng Fei whispered, “Of course she is very lost!”

    Shiqi took a deep breath and said, “It’s good to be lost, it’s good to be lost, she should understand what I mean!”

    “Have you ever thought of starting a family?”

    He said casually and perfunctorily, “It’s too early for me to start a family and establish a career.”

    Meng Fei did not dare to say more. After getting along with Shiqi for a long time, he was probably clear about the Lord Commander’s character, he was usually easy to talk about, but when it comes to some matters of principle, he tended to say one thing. He would not listen to anyone’s advice.

    The morning after rejecting Zhao Ke’er, Shiqi received a report from Meng Fei that the girl had come again!

    “Just tell her I don’t want to see her!”

    Shiqi wondered if he hadn’t refused obviously enough yesterday and Zhao Ke’er had misunderstood …… that he was swamped?

    “This subordinate understands!”

    Meng Fei was just about to leave when Shiqi shouted at him again, “Also, if she sends something, you must not accept it!”

    When Meng Fei reappeared, Shiqi asked him, “How is she?”

    “The little girl seems to be crying, her eyes are red!”

    “Hmm!” Shiqi nodded and didn’t say anything else.

    But Meng Fei couldn’t hold back a bit. He obviously rejected people and still cared about the other party’s reaction, wasn’t that strange?

    “Lord Commander, I see that you still care about her! The girl is quite beautiful, her family background should be good, why did you reject her?”

    “What you shouldn’t ask, don’t ask!” Shiqi looked at Meng Fei and said every word, “People who are too curious usually don’t live long, do you understand?”

    “Uh, understand!”

    Chen Hao looked at Shiqi sitting in a chair dazed from inside the devil sword and couldn’t help but say, “Shiqi, I think that little girl is quite pretty, why don’t you accept her!”

    “Lord Sword Spirit, I’m not suitable, I can’t give her what she needs, if she follows me, she’ll probably die!”

    Shiqi was a no-name in the Purple Thorn Legion, so of course, he was not suitable to marry Zhao Ke’er. The problem was, he, Chen Hao, likes to see this kind of drama!

    It would be great if the strong-minded Shiqi could fall completely. Chen Hao, who was sealed in the devil sword, was definitely a sword spirit full of bad taste!

    When it came to sword masters that he looked more comfortable with, although he would not take the initiative to victimize them, as long as there was no danger to his life, he would definitely be happy to see the swordmasters down on their luck.

    If you wanted to ask why the reason was also straightforward, it was like he was bored!

    The very next morning, when Shiqi clearly said no, Zhao Ke’er came again.  Meng Fei came back and said, “She wants to see you!”


    “I talked to her, it was okay if I didn’t say anything but once I said it, she kept shedding tears, as if she is very sad!” Meng Fei frowned and said, “I think she should really like you.”

    Meng Fei could hardly imagine that Shiqi could be so cold-hearted as to reject such a woman. If it were him, he would have fallen completely. Perhaps, this was the gap between him and the genius? Meng Fei couldn’t help but think.

    “You go receive thirty military batons and sober up properly!”

    On the third and fourth day, after explicitly rejecting Zhao Ke’er, that beautiful and naive girl never appeared again. Every morning, Shiqi put down his sword in training, slightly stop to rest.

    Of course all this, only the sword spirit Chen Hao, who was very familiar with his habits, knew best.

    He said rather gloatingly, “What, regret? The girl is also shameless, chasing you back, and you clearly rejected her. I don’t know how sad he will be!”

    That afternoon, Shiqi received an invitation from the city lord Zhao Wei, inviting him to a banquet. Once he got there and sat down, he realized that the city lord had invited him alone.

    The two sat opposite each other, with a small square table in front of them, full of wine and food, without servants, and Zhao Wei personally poured wine for him.

    After drinking three cups, he saw that Zhao Wei still had not spoken. Shiqi couldn’t bear it. He didn’t like to waste his time on these meaningless matters, “Does the Lord of the City have something important to discuss with me?”

    “Ugh! It’s the matter of my little daughter?” Zhao Wei said with some difficulty, “Ah, Commander Chen, my little daughter truly admires you!”

    See Shiqi ruthlessly pour himself a mouthful of wine did not speak, City Lord Zhao continued, “I know that Chen Commander has superb ability and at young age is already the sixth army commander, True Origin Realm late master, and will become an innate master in the future. Promotion to a general with real power that is also just around the corner. The one can be worthy of Chen Commander, I am afraid that only those from the top family clan of the most beautiful women! …… But as a father, I still have something I must say, not for myself, but for Ke’er.”

    “Ke’er is my adopted daughter, this girl is an orphan, a hard-working girl.  After being adopted by me she has been good and obedient. I like her very much and always treat her as my own daughter. The day before yesterday, she came back, she hid in the boudoir, for two days she did not eat much, I asked her what happened, she also did not say anything either. Later I asked the carriage driver only to know the original story! “

    Orphan? When Shiqi heard this word, he somehow became a little sensitive.

    Zhao Wei crawled on the table, his face sad, he drained his glass of wine in one gulp, plucked up courage, as if with great determination he asked, “Commander Chen, I’ll just ask you, if Ke’er is willing to be your concubine, not the main wife, are you willing to accept Ke’er?”

    He leaned limply against the back of the chair as if his strength had been taken away, and he said in a long voice, “I do not want to condescend to Ke’er as a concubine, but that girl really likes you and admires you …… I, as a father …… Also had to give in ah!”

    Shiqi lowered his head, gritting his teeth! Sitting opposite him, Zhao Wei made Shiqi completely changed his impression of him, at least now in his eyes, he was indeed a respectable father who loves his daughter!

    But for Shiqi, he would rather fight the Black Iron Legion’s 40,000 troops alone than face this choice! 

When he went to the banquet and entered, he just sat down and noticed the screen behind the city lord Zhao Wei. Behind the screen, there was another person.

    As a late-stage True Origin realm martial artist, the person behind the screen could not yet hide from him. Although he noticed, he did not say anything, but now, he probably guessed who was standing behind the screen!

    As Zhao Wei asked this question, the breathing of the person behind the screen stopped.

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