The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 36: There Are No More Immortals In The World

Yun Haitian glanced at Lu Yiping, and if Hao Shan worshipped the Six Fingers Zither Demon as his teacher, then Lu Yiping was afraid that he would lose!

Six Fingers Zither Demon, as the first person of the zither dao in the Eternal Source realm, his zither dao had reached a realm that no one can reach. It was the peak that all zither practitioners in the Eternal Source realm can not climb.

Everyone wanted to worship the Six Fingers Zither Demon as a teacher. Still, no one had ever heard of anyone succeeding because the requirements for the Six Fingers Zither Demon to choose a disciple were too high.

Now, Hao Shan could be accepted as a disciple by the Six Fingers Zither Demon showed that his talent in the zither dao was extremely high, and he could pass the Heavenly Demon Zither to Hao Shan, which means that Hao Shan had gotten his true lineage.

With Hao Shan’s current zither dao realm, I’m afraid he could win. In the entire Eternal Source realm, few people could possibly win over Hao Shan.

Everyone took a look at the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist secret books on Lu Yi Ping’s desk and frowned. Could it be that they were going to fall into the hands of the Yin Ghost Sect.

If the Yin Ghost Sect gets the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist, its strength would definitely soar up.

When that happens, won’t even the Supreme Unity Sect be unable to suppress the Yin Ghost Sect?

The Northern Star Emperor Zhou Dingtian, Wan Hong, the young master of the Wan family, the Hundred Flower Empress, He Chaorong of the Blazing Flame Sect and others, all frowned when they looked at the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist secret books.

Hao Shan put down the Heavenly Demon zither and stroked it with an intoxicated face, “I have the chance to worship the Six Finger Zither Demon senior as my teacher, practice for a hundred years, keep company with the zither, be friends with the zither, and enlighten the great path of the zither, it is my good fortune!”

“Today, I will play a heavenly devil song to help everyone’s elegance.”

Heavenly Demon Song! When the crowd heard it, they were shocked.

The Heavenly Demon Song was the unique masterpiece of the Six Fingers Zither Demon!

It was also one of the ten most famous songs since ancient times in the Eternal Source realm.

As Hao Shan finished speaking, his entire aura suddenly changed, and heaven and earth seemed to quiet down. The air currents in the hall were stagnated as if they had also stopped.

Hao Shan’s whole person, sitting there, hand on the zither, did not move.

“the unity of the zither and man!” Yun Haitian’s face was grave. There were ten realms in the zither dao. And the unity of the zither and man was the eighth realm.

Above that, it was the realm of the zither saint.


Hao Shan moved his hand and snapped the zither’s strings, and suddenly, the sound was like thunder falling to the ground. All the strings in the hearts of the crowd followed by a tremor.

Immediately after that, a thunder-like sound of the zither sounded continuously.

A wave of sound from the main hall resounded through the entire Imperial Palace, and then, the whole Imperial City, the sound of thunder.

Everyone only felt their minds roaring as if they were in the world of thunder. Suddenly, the sound of thunder disappeared.

The crowd saw a demonic qi in the sky over the Imperial City, and the magic qi denser and denser, more and more intense. This demonic qi condensed into a heavenly demon.

The heavenly demon danced chaotically. At first, the crowd could still see the gestures, but the crowd could only see an afterimage at the back.

And around Hao Shan’s body, the demonic energy was like a sea, and then an amazing aura swept out.

“The peak of the late God Realm!” Someone exclaimed. Hao Shan was clearly a late peak God Realm.

In the end,  Hao Shan had his body completely wrapped in demonic qi, as if he had transformed into a heavenly demon.

“Transforming a demon with one’s body!”

“The demonic’s sound is all natural!”

“Man and zither are united, zither and sound are united, sound is united with heaven!” Yun Haitian marvelled.

This was already beyond the realm of the unity of the zither and man. Even if he had not yet reached the realm of the zither saint, he was not far off.

Subsequently, Yun Haitian saw that many god realm experts had demonic light surging in their eyes in the hall. They were obviously affected by the demonic sound of the Heavenly Demon Song and had already become demonized.

Once thoroughly demonized, they would be controlled by the heavenly devil zither, controlled by the young patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan!

Yun Haitian only felt a cold sweat.

Even the god realm experts could be controlled, and if tHao Shan let these God realm experts strike, then the consequences were absolutely terrifying.

Zhou Dingtian looked at the main hall of those demonized god realms, and his heart was even tighter.

A few moments later.

Suddenly, the zither sound stopped.

The demonic Qi collapsed, and the heavenly demon gradually dissipated above the imperial capital city.

In the main hall, those who had also been demonized regained their wisdom one by one.

Zhou Dingtian, the Hundred Flower Empress, and all the experts of the Wan Family were all relieved and looked at the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan, with a look of jealousy.

Although Hao Shan was not a True God, undoubtedly more terrifying than many True God experts.

“It’s your turn!” Hao Shan stopped and looked at Lu Yiping coldly, then sneered, “If you don’t have a good zither, I can lend you this Heavenly Demon zither.”

Lu Yiping looked at his opponent and said indifferently, “Even if I don’t have a zither, I can still win against someone like you who just learned to play the zither.”

The crowd was stunned.

Hao Shan was delighted and laughed, “I just learned to play the zither? Good! Then I, Hao Shan, would like to see your supreme zither dao!”

Yun Haitian looked at Lu Yi Ping and frowned. The Six Fingers Zither Demon was only at the ninth realm of the zither dao, the realm of the zither saint.

In the entire Eternal Source realm, those whose zither dao reached this realm were only a few. Is this Lu Yiping zither dao also reached this realm? It should not be possible! If not, this is a bit big-mouthed.

Because Hao Shan’s zither dao realm just now already infinitely close to the realm of the qin saint.

At this moment, suddenly, Lu Yi Ping hands placed above the table. When the crowd saw this, they were stunned.

What was Lu Yiping doing? There was no zither on his table!

But Yun Haitian’s eyes were wide open, thinking of a possibility, could it be?  At this moment, Lu Yi Ping moved his ten fingers.

“Zheng!” The sound of the zither rang out.

“What?!” Above the main hall, everyone rose in shock. There was no zither! Yet, a zither sound was played!

Lu Yi Ping’s ten fingers quickened, and a zither sound resounded continuously. The zither sound was like high mountains and flowing water, like the clear wind among the trees, like wild thunder and rain, like the humming of an immortal.

In the sound of the zither, the crowd felt as if they were transformed into all things in heaven and earth.

One by one, musical notes flew out from Lu Yi Ping’s ten fingers. That’s right, the notes, like physical objects, flew out.

These musical notes, sometimes turned into a divine beast, sometimes changed into an ancient heavenly god, sometimes turned into a thunderbolt!

Yun Haitian’s eyes widened to the maximum, shocked, excitedly shouted, “There is no zither in the hands, yet everything in heaven and earth is its zither sound, the tenth realm, the realm of zither immortal! This is the realm of the zither immortal!”

Since ancient times, there was no zither immortal more. But now, the realm of the zither immortal had reappeared in the world!

Hao Shan looked at Lu Yi Ping’s waving ten fingers in disbelief, almost dumbfounded, and shouted frantically, “Impossible! It can’t be the realm of the Zither Immortal! There are no more Immortals in the world, how can he be a Zither Immortal!”

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