The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 37: Invincible

Seeing Hao Shan’s crazy look, the crowd was silent for a while.

“You have lost.” Lu Yiping stopped his hand and said blandly.

You lost! Lu Yiping’s voice echoed over the great hall.

The voice was plain, but in the ears of the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan, and the crowd, it resounded loudly.

Lu Yiping put away the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist secret books, and at some point, there was an additional sword in his hand.

“Scarlet Flame Sword!” An old ancestor of the Blazing Fire Sect was shocked.

All eyes fell on the Scarlet Flame Sword.

The hall was once again dead silent. An aura of death began to permeate the hall.

The young master of the Wan family, Wan Hong, also felt his throat was dry. Did Lu Yiping really want to kill the young master of the Yin Ghost Sect?

Northern Star Great Emperor Zhou Dingtian hesitated for a moment and spoke with difficulty, “Young Master Lu, you and Hao Shan celebrated may empire birthday with the zither, it is an elegant matter, the gambling fight, I think, it is better to forget it.”

However, when Zhou Dingtian had not finished speaking, suddenly, a sword light flashed up.

A crimson sword light! When the sword light disappeared.

The crowd looked, only to see Hao Shan was covering his throat, looking at Lu Yiping in disbelief, and golden blood was continuously gushing out from between his throat.

“You!” Hao Shan pointed his finger at Lu Yiping.

Following that, his entire head rolled down from his neck and rolled down above the centre of the hall.

Blood was gushing continuously. The hall was stained red.

Looking at Hao Shan’s head rolling down, everyone was frozen.

Even Zhou Dingtian, Wan Hong, the Hundred Flower Empress and others were startled, and their bodies stiffened.

There was a sense of the sky collapsing. Hao Shan, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, died just like that? No one could see how Lu Yiping slashed his sword.

But everyone just now did not sense the divine power fluctuation.

“Young, young patriarch!” The Yin Ghost Sect experts also looked at Hao Shan’s corpse in disbelief.

Ba Tian and Long Tian had swallowed the pills and had recovered a lot from their injuries.

Yin Ghost Sect’s Ba Tian, Long Tian looked at Lu Yiping angrily, but, in the end, no one dared to make a move.

“Lu Yiping, in another day, our Yin Ghost Sect and the Prison of the Underworld experts will come to visit you again!” After a moment of silence, that Long Tian spoke, his voice low and his eyes bloodshot.

Hearing Long Tian mention the Prison of the Underworld again, the people’s hearts in the main hall trembled.

The Yin Ghost Sect, indeed, had come together with the Prison of the Underworld!

Lu Yiping smiled when he heard that, “Then I’ll wait.”

The two of them took the corpse of Hao Shan with them and broke through the air, disappearing into the sky in the blink of an eye.

Looking at the Yin Ghost Sect people who disappeared in the sky, the hall was silent, no one spoke up, and no one dared to break the silence.

The hall was depressing.

In Lu Yiping hands, all the Yin Ghost Sect Hao experts’ spatial ring and the Yin Yang furnace were given to Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, Chen Yongyuan. Even the Yin Yang furnace, he also gave it to Zhao Wen.

The crowd had mixed feelings when they saw Lu Yiping give all the things to Zhang Jin’s four people, and even the Yin Yang furnace was no exception.

Lu Yiping said toZhou Dingtian, “Today is supposed to be a celebration of the Northern Star Empire, but I let the blood stain the hall, please forgive me, Great Emperor Zhou Dingtian.”

Zhou Dingtian was flattered by this and hurriedly shook his hand, “Young Master Lu is very kind, it’s not a problem, just now, your zither immortal song will become a legendary story in the Eternal Source realm, it’s a blessing for me and all those who listen to your zither immortal song!”

Lu Yiping smiled at his words.

Afterwards, Zhou Dingtian had his men quickly clear the hall, and then the celebration continued.

And the news of Lu Yiping and the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect Hao Shan’s zither competition in the main hall also quickly spread to the inner hall, the square, and the entire Imperial Capital City.

The Imperial Capital City, originally bustling streets, had become quiet.

Although the celebration still continued because of the incident of the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect Hao Shan, so in the main hall, all people are on pins and needles.

Some of the experts who had the same murderous intent towards Lu Yiping as Hao Shan sat there with even more fear and trembling.

Even Wan Hong, the young master of the Wan family, also had difficulty suppressing the fear in his heart.

However, since Lu Yiping did not leave, no one in the hall dared to propose to leave the room.

In the end, it was hard to get through until the end of the celebration.

Seeing the celebration ended, even the Great Emperor Zhou Dingtian himself was obviously relieved.

When Lu Yiping and his party left, Zhou Dingtian himself personally sent them off to the gate of the imperial palace.

As he watched the Golden Bull Chariot gradually travel away, Zhou Dingtian’s face was complicated.

In his mind, he kept thinking back to the moment when the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan’s head rolled down.

Until the Golden Bull Chariot disappeared, Zhou Dingtian only sighed.

He suddenly wanted to slap his own face, and if he did not invite this Lu Yiping, it would not have happened to Hao Shan.

Now, Hao Shan is dead! He could imagine the world’s shocked scene.

When the time comes, the Yin Ghost Sect will definitely send its experts and may even come with a large army.

The Eternal Source realm was relatively calm these hundreds of years, but after today, the Eternal Source realm seemed to be no longer calm.

After the Northern Star Empire’s celebration, almost all the experts who had planned to stay in the Imperial Capital for some time left the capital in a hurry.

A day ago, Northern Star Imperial Capital, which was initially very lively, suddenly became much colder.

Even the original residents of the imperial capital closed their doors.

After leaving the imperial capital, Wan Hong, the young master of the Wan Family, and a group of experts of the Wan Family stopped at a certain mountain peak for a moment.

“Uncle Peng, what do you think? what realm is that Lu Yiping?” Wan Hong asked an old man next to him.

This time, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan was not the only one who brought a True God realm expert, he did too, and it was the old man beside him, Wan Peng.

The old man Wan Peng was an early True God expert, recalling Lu Yiping’s sword, his eyes were astonished, but for a long time, he did not speak because he really could not judge it.

“Also, this Lu Yiping, how did he know our Wan Family’s Golden Flame Divine Fist!” Wan Hong said in a deep voice.

The Wan Family experts were silent.

“Has the news been reported to the Patriarch?” The old man, Wan Peng, had a gloomy face.

It was a grave matter that the Golden Flame Divine Fist, the untold secret of the Wan Family, had been learned by an outsider.

“It has been reported to father, and I guess father would have already entered the ancestral land by now and reported it to grandfather.” Wan Hong, the young master of the Wan Family, said.

At this moment, in the ancestral land of the Wan Family. Wan Cheng, the Wan family Patriarch, respectfully reported to Wan Wubei about this incident of the Northern Star Emperor Palace.

“This Lu Yiping knows the Golden Flame Divine Fist under his hand?!” Wan Wudi was also astonished when he heard the endowment.

The Golden Flame Divine Fist could only be learned by the successive family heads of the Wan Family and could not be passed to an outsider.

Could it be that a certain family head of the Wan Family had passed on this Golden Flame Divine Fist to the outside world?

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