I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 127 Just the Right Amount

Ignoring Jiang Jiankai, Shiqi returned to the barracks.

Stationed in Qingfeng City, the soldiers under his command were staying in the barracks inside the city. In the next few days, Shiqi would be rather busy.

The following day, Shiqi was practicing the Thousand Parallel Sword Technique on the training field. The Thousand Parallel Sword Technique itself was highly compatible with Shiqi and coupled with several successive battles and his own enlightenment, unknowingly, this sword technique had been practiced by him to the realm of perfection.

At this time, Meng Fei appeared outside the field, and he did not dare to disturb Shiqi, just quietly waiting.

When Shiqi completed the set of sword practice, Meng Fei smiled and ran over to hand over a sweat towel and said, “Lord Commander’s sword technique has become more and more refined, even the Southern Family’s newly-emerged genius Lan Haoxuan, Zhou Chulin of the Diverse Element Sect ……  I’m afraid is not a match for Lord Commander!”

Lan Haoxuan and Zhou Chulin were both geniuses who have recently gained fame in the Southern Cloud Kingdom.

Every family clan had its own outstanding children. If these forces did not have any young children worth looking forward to for a certain period of time, that was a danger signal.

Powerful forces, every once in a while, would promote their own genius. For one thing, in order to be powerful: with strong momentum, you could recruit more outstanding potential seeds and deter rivals. Secondly, they could also be used as an example to inspire other young children.

Shiqi did not care about Meng Fei’s words …… over Lan Haoxuan, over Zhou Chulin? Sorry, he had never seen his peers as rivals!

Wiping the beads of sweat from his body, he asked directly, “What’s the matter?”

“Outside the camp, there is a girl who says she wants to see you?”

Shiqi frowned slightly and said, “When you encounter this kind of thing, you still can’t handle it?”

His status as the commander of the Sixth Army of the Purple Thorn Legion, in terms of position, he was on the same level as an ordinary city lord, and in terms of status, he was much more than that!

He couldn’t meet anyone nowadays!

Many people or forces in Purple Thorn City wanted to flatter him and befriend him, but Shiqi didn’t have that patience, nor did he had that time to meet them one by one. He was hardly involved in anything other than fighting and cultivation. This was something that Meng Fei knows very well.

“She’s quite pretty!” Meng Fei quietly gauged the Lord Commander’s reaction, and seeing that his face was a bit gloomy, he immediately added, “She said that she was from the City Lord’s Mansion.”

Hearing Meng Fei’s words, Shiqi had no reason to think of that Zhao Ke’er. Of course, it was more likely to be a business matter.

“I’ll go meet her then!”

A carriage was parked outside the barracks, and just as Shiqi walked out of the barracks, he saw the curtain of the carriage moved, and a beautiful young girl jumped out of the carriage carrying a fine food box. It was Zhao Wei’s adopted daughter Zhao Ke’er.

“Commander Chen!” She trotted and ran in front of Shiqi, blowing a real light breeze. The light breeze brought not only coolness but also the faint body fragrance of the young girl. Shiqi felt that his body was a little hot.

“Commander Chen, originally I wanted to go in to find you, but that bad guy won’t let me in!” The young girl was a little angry with her chin gently. Shiqi looked in the direction, and it was the not far away, Meng Fei.

Meng Fei smiled awkwardly, then ran away in a huff.

Is this a complaint?

He did not notice that just as he looked at Meng Fei, the young girl stole a glance at the solid muscles exposed on his body and then quickly lowered her head as if she was afraid of being caught.

When Shiqi practiced martial arts, he wore a short shirt for convenience.

“Commander Meng did nothing wrong, this is military law and cannot be violated!”

“Okay, I understand!” Zhao Ke’er blushed, did not mention Meng Fei again, but stuffed the food box into Shiqi’s hands and said, “This is the snack I made, see if it suits your appetite!”

“No ……” Before the word “no” was finished, the girl picked up her skirt and jumped directly into the carriage.

“Uncle Zhou, go quickly!” The carriage slowly left, Shiqi held the food box without moving for a long time.

Stop the carriage? Return the snacks?

Shiqi couldn’t do it!

The soldiers who were guarding the barracks’ entrance were seriously standing guard, not moving a muscle, but their eyes were fixed on Shiqi and the food box in his hand. Shiqi turned around hurriedly with the food box and went into his room when Meng Fei came in again.

“What is it?” Meng Fei looked at Shiqi and then at the food box on the table. The meaning in his eyes was unclear.

“Commander Jiang is here, it should be about defending the city.”

“Good, then call up the men, we’ll try to allocate the tasks assigned clearly today!”

Yesterday Shiqi had discussed with Jiang Jiankai, and today they should survey the surrounding terrain of Qingfeng City together. He needed to be familiar with the defensive situation of the city, and at the same time, clarify the division of labor between the defense of the Purple Thorn Legion and the city guards.

“By the way, you take care of that box!” Shiqi pointed to the food box and said, “I see that you seem to care a lot.”

“What to do with it?”

“You eat it, or share it, whatever!”

“No, no, I don’t want it!” Meng Fei’s head shook like a wave, “I’m not hungry, I don’t want to eat, I don’t want it!” Just kidding, it was a gift from a girl to the Lord Commander. How dare he eat it? He did not want to die?

Wang Yongbo came in the afternoon. The reason for his late arrival was that he had forgotten the time in his training. Shiqi didn’t care, and it was good that he came.

After he arrived, Qingfeng City Lord Zhao Wei and Jiang Jiankai were very nervous about the family behind Wang Yongbo and Wang Yongbo’s strength.

Innate masters in the Southern Cloud Kingdom definitely belong to the suppression of a big figure! Jiang Jiankai invited Wang Yongbo to the banquet. As usual, Wang Yongbo did not refuse. In the banquet, Shiqi did not see Zhao Ke’er.

This makes him some slight loss and some satisfaction …… these subtle and transparent emotions, perhaps even he himself did not notice.

Wang Yongbo asked Zhao Wei for a quiet mansion. Zhao Wei was very enthusiastic about arranging him next door to the city lord’s residence. Shiqi suspected that the guy was just afraid of death. In times of war, having an innate master living next door is simply a security guarantee.

Wang Yongbo had turned his gaze to Shiqi, “Commander Chen, I will stay in the mansion, you are a person valued by General Xu, with outstanding ability, the defense of Qingfeng City matters will be your responsibility, unless the Black-blooded Kingdom has sent an innate master, or encountered something that requires me to take action, you don’t need to notify me about other things. You can decide with full authority..”

The other party was going to be a hands-off boss, and Shiqi could only respond. When the banquet was over, Jiang Jiankai asked with some uncertainty, “Is he going to cultivate?”

He couldn’t think of other reasons without leaving the house.

Shiqi nodded and said, “It should be, even if his talent is very high, and has the family support behind him, without desperately hard refined cultivation, he could not have reached today’s achievement!”

Speaking of which, Wang Yongbo still retains the habits of an ordinary family martial artist. It was not that he was not right. The pursuit of personal force was originally the unchanging goal of martial artists.

Shiqi could only say that he was not suitable to be a soldier!

Shiqi went ahead to the banquet, not in the barracks, and he did not know his men were exploded, gossiping.

“How dare a woman pursue daring Commander Chen?”

“Yes, that woman is really bold!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, our Lord Commander is so powerful, how can there be a woman who is not moved?”

“If she had not seen the Lord Commander in battle, if she did, I’m afraid she wouldn’t dare to appear in front of the Lord Commander!”

“Nonsense, women like men like the Lord Commander, the more fierce and domineering the better, super secure, do you understand?”


Once Shiqi returned to the barracks, all discussions were over.

Back to the room, he opened the food box. Inside it was exquisite pastry. The pastry was not the common flakes or cubes but was made into various cute animal appearances… He could see that the other party was very attentive!

He casually took a bite, it didn’t taste dry, and in the mouth, the pastry was melted by saliva. It was not very sweet and greasy kind. The sweetness filled the tip of the tongue, which made Shiqi, who had just had a bitter mouth feel more comfortable.

Just the right amount of sweetness to make people physically and mentally happy!

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