The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 35: Playing With Life

Dare? Or you don’t dare?

Being stared at by all the experts in the main hall, the Yin Ghost Sect’s Young Patriarch Hao Shan’s face was as gloomy as water.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at the relaxed Lu Yiping, his face was a little fierce, “How about the two of us compare two moves personally?!”

Everyone in the main hall was surprised. The Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect was actually going to personally take action against Lu Yiping?

The hall was once again quiet.

“However, we are not on the battle stage.” Hao Shan, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, said again.

Lu Yiping put down his wine glass and looked at the other party with a smirk, “Then how do you want to compete?”

Hao Shan laughed coldly, “Let’s compete on the zither!”

A match on the zither? The crowd was stunned.

No one expected that the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan, would want to compete with Lu Yiping on the zither.

The crowd couldn’t help but look at Yun Haitian, the young master of the Yun Family, whose attainments in the sword and zither dao were famous in the Divine Martial Continent.

“Compare the zither?” Lu Yiping smiled blandly, “How ido we compare?”

Hao Shan saw Lu Yiping’s smile and sneered, “There is no shortage of zither dao experts in the hall, let’s each play a song and let the hall crowd judge, whose zither dao is higher, who wins!”

Speaking of this, he paused and said slowly, “If you lose, I want your life!”

Play with life! Everyone’s hearts were shocked.

“Young master!” The Yin Ghost Sect expert heard this and said in shock.

The Northern Star Great Emperor Zhou Dingtian also frowned and advised, “Young Patriarch Hao Shan, winning or losing is a common thing in a competition, there is no need to do so, I hope Young Patriarch Hao Shan will reconsider!”

Whether it was Hao Shan or Lu Yiping, dying in the Northern Star Imperial Palace was not a good thing for his Northern Star Empire.

No one dared to squeal. Obviously, no one wanted to get into the matter of Hao Shan and Lu Yiping.

Hao Shan ignored Zhou Dingtian as he stared at Lu Yiping and added, “However, it’s not interesting to just play for your life!”

“The secret books of Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist are on you, right?”

Speaking of this, he took out a spatial ring and opened it, only to see inside, top-grade spirit stones piled up like a mountain reaching up a billion! There were countless spirit pills, and even several hundred thousand-year-old spirit pills.

Moreover, there are many divine golden pills, four godheads, six top-grade spiritual veins, four lower-grade divine weapons.

“If you lose, the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and the Time Divine Fist secret book will be mine!”

“If I lose, all of these on me are yours!” The voice of Hao Shan echoed in the hall.

Everyone swallowed in their throats when they saw the contents of Hao Shan Space’s ring.

Ordinary true gods do not even have a single lower-grade divine weapon, but now, Hao Shan actually has four! Those top-grade spiritual stones, spiritual medicine, divine pills, godheads, spiritual veins, all of them also make the crowd’s heart pulsating hard.

Yun Haitian was also secretly surprised when he saw the contents of the spatial ring things. the Yun family is the Divine Martial Continent four big families, he as the young master of the Yun family ws also considered to be rich, but compared with Hao Shan, it was simply the difference between heaven and earth! 、

“How?” Hao Shan asked in a cold voice.

Lu Yiping shook his head. Just when the crowd thought Lu Yiping was going to refuse, Lu Yiping said, “Your life, it’s not worth anything!”

“The Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist secret books, I have them, but those trash things of yours, you think you can afford to buy the real deals?”

Lu Yiping looked at Hao Shan’s spatial ring items and said indifferently. On his body, the most trash divine artifacts were of extreme quality. The spirit stones he used to use were of the lowest quality of divine goods.

As for those divine pills, spiritual veins, spiritual medicine was not to mention.

Hao Shan, the young master of the Yin Ghost Sect, suddenly turned blue when he heard this.

This Lu Yiping said that he, the Yin Ghost Sect Young Patriarch, was not worthy! Was that what he meant?

Saying that his divine weapons, spiritual veins, divine pills are garbage? Is that what you mean?

At this time, Lu Yiping took out two secret books, which were made from unknown materials, emitting a faint glow, which, surprisingly, contained a mysterious and astonishing power.

“Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist!”

“Time Divine Fist!”

Seeing the ancient script on the two secret books, the crowd was lost in thought.

The originally angry Hao Shan, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, also had hot eyes.

The Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and the Time Divine Fist secret manual were really on this Lu Yiping! This Lu Yiping, really got the cave treasures of the Saint Demon and the Time Old Demon?

No wonder he couldn’t look at his lower grade divine weapons, spirit veins, and spirit stones.

If he had obtained the cave treasures of the Saint Demon and the Time Old Demon, it was normal that e didn’t look at his inferior divine weapons, spiritual veins, and spiritual stones in his eyes.

The Northern Star Emperor Zhou Dingtian, Wan Hong, Yun Haitian, the Hundred Flower Empress, the ancestor of the Blazing Flame Sect He Chaorong, and others all had their eyes flashing, apparently, all of them, like Hao Shan, felt that Lu Yiping had obtained the cave treasures of the Saint Demon and the Time Old Demon.

Hao Shan said to several other experts of the Yin Ghost Sect, “Take out the spatial rings you have on you.”

Several experts of the Yin Ghost Sect guessed what Hao Shan was going to do and looked at the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist and Time Divine Fist secret books on Lu Yiping’s desk as they hesitated and took out all the spatial rings on their bodies.

“Young master, or forget it, this matter, I think, it is better to go back to ask the clan master before deciding!” A Yin Ghost Sect expert advised again.

If Hao Shan lost and really died here, they could not avoid being heavily punished!

“You think I will lose?” Hao Shan gave that Yin Ghost Sect expert a cold look, then opened all the spatial rings.

At once aura surged and divine light flooded.

“Plus these, how about that?” Hao Shan, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, said coldly to Lu Yiping.

These Yin Ghost Sect experts, the lowest was also in the God Realm, that Baitian was a true god and his spatial ring hidden naturally very rich.

However, Lu Yiping shook his head, “Not enough.” Then he said, “The Yin Yang Furnace of your Yin Ghost Sect is on you, right?”

Yin Yang Furnace! When the crowd heard this, their expressions were lifted.

The Yin Yang Furnace, a top-grade divine weapon of the Yin Ghost Sect, was a supreme divine furnace for refining pills, and when using this furnace to refine pills, the pills carried their own yin and yang qi, and the quality was greatly enhanced.

Hao Shan face changed gloomily, then gritted his teeth and took out a furnace, which was two-colored and glittering. It was the yin and Yang furnace.

Hao Shan put the Yin Yang Furnace on the table and looked coldly at Lu Yiping, “Is that enough now?”

“Sloppy, this Yin Yang Furnace is also trash, but it’s okay for my men to use.” Lu Yiping said blandly.

Everyone squirted out the drink in their mouths. If this Lu Yiping wins, he will give this Yin Yang furnace to his men to use?

Hao Shan had an ugly look on his face, his eyes staring at Lu Yiping, “You first, or me first?”

Lu Yiping made an inviting gesture.

Hao Shan didn’t say any more nonsense and took out a zither, which was one meter and two-thirds in size, with a dark color, as if it had a demonic nature, making it difficult for people to take their eyes away after looking at it.

“Heavenly Demon Zither!” Once Yun Haitian saw this zither, he was astonished and shouted.

“What? The Heavenly Demon Zither! Could it be the Six Fingers Zither Demon’s Heavenly Demon zither!” When the crowd heard it, they were all in an uproar.

Six Fingers Zither Demon was the number one in the zither dao in the Eternal Plane realm right now!

Now, Hao Shan, took out the Heavenly Demon Zither, could it be that he had already worshipped the Six Fingers Zither Demon as his master?

T/N: The author repeatedly wrote Hao Shan the….or Zhou Dingtian the emperor…The Flower Empress… by then I decided to shorten it, I guessed you already know who they are.

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