It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 104: Taking Food from the Divine Beast

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“Hey, why haven’t you all finished eating yet?” Sun Hao looked at the half-eaten hot pot and asked.

Although the eel was quite big, there were so many people. Moreover, they were cultivators. A huge yellow eel should not be enough for them to eat!

“Young Master, I’m so full!” Su Yiling touched her round belly, looking content.

“Young Master, we are all full!” Seeing that they had no intention of eating anymore, Sun Hao sighed secretly.

“It’s a pity, I can only throw it!” After speaking, Sun Hao picked up the pot and walked to the pond.

When Xuanyuan Shi saw this scene, she couldn’t help but raised her eyebrows.

Young Master, this was? Was it possible he’s going to dump it? Oh my god! Wasn’t that a waste? This was a yellow dragon meat! In this world, she had never heard of anyone who has eaten yellow dragon meat. How about getting some for father?

Thinking about it this way, Xuanyuan Shi mustered up the courage and asked, “Young Master, what are you doing?”

“Preparing to throw!” Sun Hao said.

“Young … Young Master, can you give it to me?” She said

“Whoosh ….” Luo Liuyan’s group all stared at Xuanyuan Shi.

Especially Mu Bing, she smiled and shook her head, showing a ridiculing expression. Regarding everyone’s reaction, Xuanyuan Shi naturally saw it. Was it wrong to do this? Was there something amiss? She won’t do it then!

“Are you sure you want this?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, I … I don’t want it anymore,” Xuanyuan Shi said. Hearing this, Sun Hao frowned, his expression unhappy. One moment she said yes, the other time she said no.

Did you think it was easy to carry this big pot? Even if you are a cultivator, you can’t make a fool of him like this!

“Do you want to?” Sun Hao said.

Oh no, Young Master got angry. What a big trouble. It seemed that the Young Master was forcing her to accept. Ai, she was at fault.

“Young Master, I don’t have anything to pack it, so …” Xuanyuan Shi said instead.

“Don’t worry about that, I have!” Sun Hao showed a smile on his face.

Then he quickly ran back into the house. Seeing the smile on Sun Hao’s face, Xuanyuan Shi secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, her body trembled, and delicate beads of sweat overflowed on her forehead.

“Dare to grab my food, you are the first!” There was an explosion in her mind. Infinite pressure rushed all over her body. At this moment, Xuanyuan Shi found that it was extremely difficult to move her fingers.

“Senior, you … you are?” Xuanyuan Shi asked.

“This old one is Ying You!”

A golden pheasant stood in front of Xuanyuan Shi, with the feathers all over its body standing up as if it was cockfighting.

Seeing this scene, Xuanyuan Shi’s pupils shrank, and her face changed drastically. This was the Nine Heavens God Luan! A legendary divine beast! Was she actually able to see a divine beast? This must be a dream, right?

No, what kind of food did it just say? Was it possible that the rest are the food was for Nine Heavens God Luan?

Did she take the food of a divine beast? Nine Heavens God Luan was just a pet raised by Young Master? As this thought flashed on her mind, “Hiss …” Xuanyuan Shi only felt her whole body get cold, as if she was sinking into a ten thousand years old icy cold well.

If she knew that Young Master fed these kinds of food to his pet, she would not dare to ask for it even if she was beaten to death! No wonder, when she requested that, they looked at her like that. What could she do now?

“Senior, I have no intention of doing anything, please forgive me, Senior!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“Hmph, unintentionally already so presumptuous, if it was intentional, wouldn’t you ride on top of me?” 

Xuanyuan Shi trembled with fright when she said this. Delicate beads of sweat condensed on her forehead. She was about to faint soon.

At this time.

“Xiao Ying, what are you doing? If you do this again, I really will stew you into a pot of chicken soup!” As these words came out, the pressure on Xuanyuan Shi’s body suddenly disappeared.

“Quaqua …” Ying You ran to Sun Hao, rubbing his trousers.

When Xuanyuan Shi looked at this scene, her face changed continuously. The divine beast turned out to be just a licking dog. The real identity of Young Master might not be what she could imagine.

“Really, don’t be rude to guests in the future!”

Sun Hao walked up with a big jar, ” Miss Xuanyuan, this chicken is always like this when it sees strangers, please don’t be offended!” 

Xuanyuan Shi’s trembled, and her face was unsightly.

“Young Master, it’s okay!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“Miss Xuanyuan, you can use this!” After speaking, Sun Hao put pieces of dragon meat into a jar.

When he was about to pour the soup, Xuanyuan Shi hurriedly stopped him, “Young Master, that’s all right, that’s enough!” Sun Hao handed the jar to Xuanyuan Shi.

“Quack …” Ying You quacking non-stop.

“Do you want to eat?”

“Quack …” Ying You nodded frantically, like a chicken pecking at rice.

“Okay!” Sun Hao scooped a bowl for Ying You, and all the others were poured into the pond.

“Huu …” The petals of the Ten Thousand God Lotus were constantly shaking as if clapping rapidly. Roots rushed in, devouring the soup frantically.

“Miss Xuanyuan, I like the things you gave me today! I will give you a gift too. What do you want?” Sun Hao asked.

What? Young Master wanted to give something else? This pot of dragon meat was already a top-grade treasure. How would she dare to make an extravagant demand?

“Young Master, I am very satisfied for you to give me so much meat!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“Those leftovers are cold, it’s not worth mentioning. How about I give a couplet?” Sun Hao said.

“This … this …” Xuanyuan Shi’s body trembled slightly with excitement, “This is really embarrassing!”

“As long as Miss doesn’t dislike it!” After speaking, Sun Hao rolled out the painting paper and shook his brush.

“Auspicious dragon soared over a purple mansion, joyful phoenix wrapped around a red painted carriage!” 

Seeing this couplet, Xuanyuan Shi was completely stunned. Her heart could not help but beat violently. She had a feeling that as long as the couplets were hung at the door of her house, the Xuanyuan family would continue to prosper forever.

“Miss Xuanyuan, are you satisfied?” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, thank you!” Xuanyuan Shi was extremely grateful.

“You don’t have to be polite, it’s fine if Miss Xuanyuan likes it!” Sun Hao said.

Xuanyuan Shi held the couplet in both hands, her expression was extremely nervous. This kind of treasure must be sent back immediately.

“Young Master, I have disturbed you for a long time today, I will take my leave now!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“Miss Xuanyuan walks slowly, come often when you have time!” Sun Hao said.

“Definitely!” Xuanyuan Shi walked out quickly, feeling extremely nervous. As she turned around, her body trembled. The lotus flower in the lotus pond strongly stimulated her eyeballs.

If there seems to be no evil spirit coming from time to time.

“Demon immortal!” Xuanyuan Shi’s scalp tingled.

Unexpectedly, Young Master even raised a demon! When she came just now, she was completely attracted by Young Master’s chanting and didn’t pay attention. How terrible! Fortunately, she was not malicious.

Walking out of the gate, Xuanyuan Shi rose up into the sky and turned into a long rainbow, disappearing.

“Ding, blessing points +500. What, 500 blessing points? The last time I gave her calligraphy, I only got 50 blessing points. What’s going on?” Sun Hao looked at the blessing point panel, muttered to himself in confusion.

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