I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 126 Garrisoning Qingfeng City

General Wang, whose full name was Wang Yongbo, broke through to become an innate expert five years ago. He was less than 30 years old this year, so he could be regarded as a young innate master.

General Xu mentioned to him that Wang Yongbo had a family background, and originally did not hold a military position in the Purple Thorn Legion, but once he was transferred, he was at the peak of the True Origin Realm and served as the commander of the Ninth Army.

However, because there were no major wars in the Southern Cloud Kingdom during his tenure as commander, and he himself had no notable battle records, even though he was the general of the Purple Thorn Legion, he was still a false position with little real power in his hands.

Ten days later, Shiqi set out with more than five thousand men. The military ministry considered that the Sixth Army had too many new recruits, and the Black Blood Kingdom’s army had not appeared in the vicinity of Qingfeng City so far, so it should not be the focus of the fight, so they were allowed to prepare for a few more days.

Shiqi informed Wang Yongbo to set off, and Wang Yongbo was a bit arrogant, saying that he would let them go first and he would arrive soon.

Shiqi had no complaints, innate masters were just amazing! They could fly.  He didnot know when he can fly!

When he came to Qingfeng City and saw his old acquaintance Jiang Jiankai again, Jiang Jiankai acted more enthusiastically.

“Older brother, it’s only been a few days since I’ve seen you, and you’ve been promoted from Thousand Man Commander to Commander of the Purple Thorn Legion, it’s simply too scary!”

“Yeah, not bad!” Shiqi modestly said.

His own family knew his own affairs, Shiqi knew clearly that besides his own superior strength, catching a good opportunity and meeting someone who appreciated him was also the reason why he could be promoted so quickly.

“This is our city lord Zhao of Qingfeng City, the city lord’s lord, this is older brother Chen Pengfei of the Purple Thorn Legion, don’t look at older brother Chen’s young age, he is probably one of the top young geniuses in our Southern Cloud Kingdom!”

Zhao Wei, the city lord of Qingfeng City, A fat man in his fifties who was well maintained and looks fat.

The last time when Shiqi and his troops were defeated and fled back to Qingfeng City, the City Lord of Qingfeng City happened to go to Purple Thorn City in those days, so this was the first time Shiqi met City Lord Zhao.

City Lord Zhao said, “I’ve heard of Commander Chen’s reputation for a long time, and now I’ve finally met him in person.”

“The city lord has flattered me!” As Shiqi spoke, he also moved his facial muscles, the mask was indeed well worn.

“Let’s go, brother I’ll receive you here.”

Shiqi did not refuse, he still needed to work with the two for some time in the future, and the defense of Qingfeng City required both sides to work together.

The two powerful figures of Qingfeng City were both very good at socializing, and Shiqi was also more cooperative, and the atmosphere of the banquet inside the City Lord’s residence was very cordial.

From time to time, there were maids pouring wine for Shiqi. Pouring wine was a very normal thing, but what concerned Shiqi was the maid who poured wine.

The waitress was a little too beautiful!

Shiqi had seen a lot of women … the vast majority of these women eventually turned into corpses.

Among the living women, apart from Lan Yanlin, only Liang Anyin from the Sixth Chamber of Commerce could give him some impression. The maid serving him was the second stranger, or girl, who could impress him.

The maid of honor was about sixteen or Shiqi years old, wearing a cyan gauze. She was petite and light, with a small palm-sized face, permeated with innocence and purity, she had a pair of big beautiful eyes that seemed to speak, and when she walked around, her feet jumped slightly.

Every time she poured wine for Shiqi, she would secretly look at Shiqi with curiosity and reverence in her eyes. All these, Shiqi knew clearly, and he must admit that he was a little shy …… and a little proud to be so peeked at by such a young girl.

A very wonderful feeling!

Shiqi’s reaction was completely in line with the normal psychological state of the vast majority of men. No matter how great he was, he was only a sixteen-year-old boy.

From the Lan Family to the army, although he was used to seeing life and death, he was still a young man with regard to feelings and the opposite sex. However, Shiqi belonged to a person with a firm mind, and his face remained unchanged.

He turned his gaze to Zhao Wei, the city lord of Qingfeng City.

Shiqi first ruled out Jiang Jiankai’s suspicion, Jiang Jiankai belonged to a lustful person, he must have kept such a beautiful woman himself and should not let out. And Jiang Jiankai also noticed the young girl, there was greed in his eyes …… and restraint!

Sure enough, Shiqi soon noticed that every time that young girl approached Shiqi, that Zhao Wei was stealthily peeking at her face.

Shiqi’s face was slightly cold. He meant, how could such a stunning girl be reduced to a maid of honor!

He did not move, drank when he needed to drink, ate meat when he needed to eat meat!

After having enough wine and food, the Qingfeng City Lord signaled the servants to withdraw the banquet, and also signaled the City Guard Commander to leave together.

Jiang Jiankai had some lingering glance at the servant girl who still did not leave, and then said goodbye to Shiqi, he probably knew what his own Lord City Master wanted to do.

If it was someone else, it would be fine. But Shiqi, he could not afford to provoke!

“Ke’er, come here!” The maid glanced at Shiqi, blushing a little, ran behind City Lord Zhao with small steps, lowering her head so that City Lord Zhao’s huge body covered her figure.

She seemed to be shy!

Zhao City Lord smilingly said, “Commander Chen, this is my daughter Zhao Ke’er.”

Zhao Ke’er revealed her head and looked at him again, her eyes glowing, causing even Shiqi to froze a little briefly.

“Hmm!” Shiqi’s expression improved a little.

He didn’t like being counted on, and now that City Master Zhao was honestly and directly introducing Zhao Ke’er to him, he was in a much better mood.

“My youngest daughter is sixteen this year, she is my jewel in the palm of my hand, and has not yet been married ……” Seeing that Shiqi did not speak, Zhao City Lord continued, “The little girl has grown up in a deep boudoir since she was young, she is not very talented in martial arts, but she has a very high vision, I told her about you…”

Zhao Ke’er gave a slight push on him and shouted in a petulant tone, “Father!”

“Okay, okay, okay, I won’t say it, won’t say it!”  Although the city lord did not explicitly say, Shiqi was clear in his heart what it meant.

But it was good not to say it explicitly, sometimes things were picked up explicitly, it would only make everyone embarrassed. When Shiqi left the city lord’s residence, he saw Jiang Jiankai squatting at the door.

As soon as Jiang Jiankai saw Shiqi, he walked up with a smile and asked with a squeeze of his eyebrows, “Brother Chen, how did things go?”

“How about what?”

“Don’t fool me, that fatty Zhao clearly wants to marry his daughter to you, such an obvious intention, don’t say you didn’t see it?” Jiang Jiankai rambled, “To be honest, I know he has several adopted daughters, but I did not expect one of them to come out so beautiful!”

“You haven’t seen it?”

Jiang Jiankai said, “Of course not, that old man is watching me like a thief, how can I have a chance?”

“I say, brother Chen, get that woman over, you can guarantee that you will not lose anything!” Jiang Jiankai whispered, “Lord Zhao’s connections are still very broad, he has several goddesses married well, if you marry his daughter, then it’s a family.”

“I am bent on martial arts, for the time being, I have no intention of marrying a wife and having children!”

“Brother, you do not know how to adapt, If you really see it right, you can marry her first. Let’s leave the house first!” Jiang Jiankai smiling goading, “when you want to have a baby …… hey, you know!”

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