The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 34: Do You Want To Go Up And Play Two More Moves

When Zhao Wen raised his hand, everyone seemed to see the space pause for a while!

Suddenly, a heavy divine light burst out from Zhao Wen’s hand.

The divine light was like millions of suns exploded, the intensity of the light covering all the light of heaven and earth. Even the Extreme Cold Claw purple cold light was also eclipsed in front of this divine light.

Between heaven and earth, it seemed that only this divine light was left. The source of heaven and earth seems to be in this divine light.

Then, a mysterious rune was born from the divine light. These runes seemed to come from a new era as if they came from a new world.

Zhao Wen threw a fierce punch. The divine light shot up straight.

The countless runes transformed into a long river of history with the divine light and blasted at the opponent.

These runes, with yin and yang, life and death, and the five elements, seemed to contain all the powers of heaven and earth.


The Extreme Cold Claw disintegrated at once when it collided with the power of Zhao Wen’s divine fist!

The originally frozen space also cracked open, and the heavy purple cold air was seen to shoot out in all directions like broken glass.

The main hall, the inner hall, the square, and even the imperial capital city, originally felt as if heaven and earth were going to be frozen. In this instant, they felt the cold air of heaven and earth dissipate!

As for Zhao Wen’s fist, its force ruthlessly blasted on that Yin Ghost Sect expert, Baitian.

The sound of explosion suddenly sounded intensively.  As if like a divine mountain was burst, and as if the world of ice exploded.

Everyone saw that Yin Ghost Sect expert, Baitian’s eyes were rounded and his whole body, bent backward, like a human prawn that had been ejected, his entire body was ejected.

Dang! It crashed into the forbidden boundary wall of the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform.

The forbidden boundary wall of the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform was shaken violently by the impact.

Everyone within the Imperial Capital City had their ears buzzed.

Within the main hall, everyone’s brains even exploded.

The Northern Star Emperor Zhou Dingtian’s face changed in shock, and he hurriedly reinforced the wind and thunder battle platform’s forbidden power.

Even so, the wind and thunder battle platform also still transmitted the incredible power to the space, shaking it and formed a ripple.

The hall was hit by this spatial ripple, shaking.

The experts of the Northern Star Empire were so frightened that they hurriedly activated the great hall formation.

Only then did the hall stabilize. After a long time, the space finally stopped shaking.

All the divine light slowly dissipated.

The wind and thunder battle platform also stopped rioting.

As everyone looked, they only saw the early-peak True God Realm Yin Ghost Sect expert, Baitian, lying on the wind and thunder battle platform, spitting blood, with a disheveled hair. His whole body was covered with blood, all cracked, and Zhao Wen smashed his entire chest.

Everyone looked at Zhao Wen on the wind and thunder battle platform in horror. Zhao Wen, as his name suggests, was svelte and gentle.

Shocking! Only one punch! And the Yin Ghost Sect expert Baitian was blown into this state.

This is?!

“True God Late Realm?!” The Northern Star Emperor, Zhou Dingtian, trembled.

True God Late Realm!

When the voice of the Great Northern Star Emperor Zhou Dingtian reached the ears of the crowd, everyone’s heart pumped.

“True, late True God?” Hundred Flower Empress Ji Yu murmured, unable to stop herself from sucking in cold air.

Just now, the Yin Ghost Sect’s early peak True God expert, Baitian, was already shocking, but now, there was a late True God!

The key was, this late True God is only Lu Yiping’s subordinates! No, to be exact, a lackey!

What kind of identity does this Lu Yiping have, that he had a True God Late Realm under him!

The young master of the Wan family, Wan Hong, was shocked, but he thought back to Zhao Wen’s divine fist just now. That divine fist, he always felt familiar but could not recall where he had heard of it.

Or maybe he had read it in one of the divine scriptures? Just as the hall was dead silent, Zhao Wen stepped forward and threw a fierce punch.

When Zhao Wen fist power blast out, his body had an invincible momentum like the king of the world.

The fist force that was bubbling with heavy golden flame light broke through the air.

“What?!” Seeing this golden flame giant fist, everyone shouted in shock.

And the Wan family expert even lost his voice: “Golden Flame Divine Fist!”

Golden Flame Divine Fist! It is the masterpiece of the Wan Family! Moreover, it was the secret of the Wan Family!

But how could this Zhao Wen?

And look at the heavy golden flames. It has got the true essence of the Wan family Golden Flame Divine Fist.

The young master of the Wan family, Wan Hong, who had sat down, got up again, his eyes round, full of disbelief. How could this Zhao Wen know the secret of their Wan family?

This Golden Flame Divine Fist, even many of their ancestors of the Wan family, did not know it.

Even he did not know.

Now, there were only two people in the Wan family who knew it, one was his father, and the other was his grandfather, Wan Wuyi, the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent!

To everyone surprise, the golden flame divine fist blasted on that Yin Ghost Sect expert Baitian and boom! Everyone saw that Yin Ghost Sect expert Baitian’s chest was completely blasted through!

The violent power carried in the Golden Flame Divine Fist was madly destroying that Yin Ghost Sect expert Baitian’s vitality.

Everyone hearts trembled.

Although it was said that the true God experts with a godhead were difficult to wear out and die. But, looking at the terrifying injuries of this Yin Ghost Sect expert Baitian, I’m afraid it will take years to recover.

Even if he could recover, I’m afraid it’s hard to return to the peak.

Zhao Wen returned behind Lu Yiping. And Baitian was carried back to the side of the Yin Ghost Sect.

In the inner hall, all the major empires and imperial dynasties were speculating what had happened in the main hall.

A Hundred Flowers Empire expert said, “Just now, news came out from the main hall, saying that the True God realm expert just now was none other than the expert of the Yin Ghost Sect! The True God expert of the Yin Ghost Sect is going to fight with Lu Yiping’s men, at the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform!”

“What, Yin Ghost Sect!” At once, the inner hall crowd of empires, the imperial dynasty experts, buzzed.

“I’ve long heard that the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan, has come to kill Lu Yiping! I never thought that the Yin Ghost Sect would come with a True God realm expert, it seems that Lu Yiping will surely die!”

The crowd was talking.

Song Ning of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, Lu Peng, and others had a change of expression.

“Young Master Lu, will he be okay?” Lu Peng, Lu Xiaoyu, and the two said worriedly.

Not far away, the Xiao family ancestor heard the words, but his heart was secretly happy.

The old ancestor of the Wuji Imperial Dynasty, Tai Wuji, just shook his head, and Princess Tai Yan’s pretty face was obviously relieved.

But soon, that Hundred Flowers Empire expert ate and said, “Just now the news from the main hall came out, that True God realm expert of Yin Ghost Sect was defeated! He was blown half to death!”

Then with a trembling voice, “That Lu Yiping henchman is a late True God expert!”

The inner hall of the empire and the imperial dynasty experts were all horrified by what they heard, and the originally tumultuous inner hall suddenly became dead silent.

Princess Tai Yan’s beautiful eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Even Song Ning of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect was also in a state of disbelief, “True, late True God!”

And the previous elder of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, who was too loud on the street, questioned Lu Yiping. His hands were shaking too hard. His existence as the beginning of the ancient emperor realm, by only a blow True God Realm, he could only be blown to the Heavenly God River.

Meanwhile, Lu Yiping poured himself a glass of wine within the main hall and said slowly to Hao Shan, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, “Do you want to go up and compare two more moves?”

The main hall experts’ face was twitching.

The first time comparing two moves, an early-peak True God Realm was ruined. The second time comparing moves,  a late-stage True God Realm, now still want to compare more moves?

Everyone’s gaze fell on the Yin Ghost Sect Young Patriarch Hao Shan.

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