I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 125 I am So Strong

    Hong Xie asked, “Chen Pengfei, your Golden Body Forging Technique has been cultivated to completion?”

    “Yes, it has been completed!”

    “Then there’s no need to compete, I concede defeat!”

    “What, Old Hong, how can you surrender without a fight?” Shen Yan asked, pretending to be surprised.

    General Xu said from the side, “Well, Shen Yan, you shut up!” Shen Yan shut his mouth decisively.

    Shiqi guessed that Shen Yan was holding a grudge against Hong Xie for using him as a decoy.

    “Chen Pengfei, your Golden Body Forging Technique has been perfected, which, even I can’t compare to, and your strength is strong, let me try your strength!” Xu Sihai pointed at himself and said, “Try attacking me with your full strength!”

    “Full strength?”

    “What, you’re still afraid I’ll get hurt?” Xu Sihai laughed.

    “No!” Shiqi shook his head repeatedly. He didn’t think he could hurt an Innate Realm expert. He hadn’t used his full strength so far!

    On the battlefield, when dealing with enemies, he had habitually reserved a third of his strength. He took a deep breath, his body’s true qi stirred, squeezing his mortar-sized fist fiercely toward Xu Sihai’s chest! The air exploded with an ear-splitting sonic boom.

    Xu Sihai’s face suddenly changed; it was too late for him to pull out the long sword, his right hand hurriedly blocking Shiqi’s fist, the thick true qi instantly condensed to the arm.

    Just in contact with Shiqi’s fist, the intense pain on his arm made Xu Sihai hurriedly retreat to unload the force. After sliding for a dozen steps, Xu Sihai was barely able to stabilize his figure.

    What a strong, strange force! This scene, moreover, made Hong Xie, Shen Yan, and the soldiers present dumbfounded!

    He actually knocked General Xu away with one punch? How powerful must that be?

    “Good, very good, very good!” Xu Sihai endured the stinging pain in his wrist and clapped his hands as if nothing had happened, “Your strength is outrageously strong, worthy of being the first martial artist to pass the test of the Flame Forging Chamber, your strength isnot  inferior to even an ordinary middle Innate expert!”

    “Am I really that strong?”

    “Very strong!” Xu Sihai said very seriously, “You should not underestimate the Flame Body Forging Room, the Flame Body Forging Room comes from the top sect of the Fire God Sect in ancient times, the Flame Body Forging efficacy is really terrifying, the resources you spent in the Flame Body Forging Room are enough to pile up two Innate experts out, otherwise you think, how could you be on Bai Changming’s blacklist, how could you make the rules of the Flame Body Forging Room directly changed?”

    “Does General Xu mean to say that I can win against an Innate Master?”

    Xu Sihai rolled his eyes, “You think that Innate masters rely on strength? But under Innate, you have almost no enemies, that’s true!”

    “I understand!”

    “Alright, I agree to you taking the position of Commander, you all disperse!” Xu Sihai found his wrist bones cracked, it needed a little medical treatment, but before leaving, he still left a sentence, “Hong Xie, write down the list of soldiers present today. Today’s events, no one is allowed to spread the word, it will be consider as violating the military law!”

    After saying that, he also said to Shiqi, “I am doing this to protect you!”

    “Thank you, General Xu!” Shiqi watched the general leave and stared at his fist and muttered, “So, I’m already this strong?”

    After General Xu left, Shen Yan said exaggeratedly, “Commander Chen, you’re really strong, invincible under the Innate Realm!”

    As for the fact that Shiqi had repelled General Xu, the crowd did not care, and they did not think Shiqi could really defeat an Innate Realm expert.

    Innate realm experts do not win with strength, but with wisdom, a constant source of true qi, and flight advantage to absolutely suppress True Origin realm martial artists!

    But invincible under the Innate Realm, coming from the mouth of the Innate Realm expert, General Xu, It was very authoritative!

    “That’s just under the Innate Realm!” Shiqi said, shaking his head. After all, from the beginning to the end, his goal was to be above the Innate!

    Even the ordinary civilians of Purple Thorn City could smell the smell of war coming. With the imminent war and the Black Iron Army pressing in, the Purple Thorn Army was actively recruiting soldiers and drawing elite city guards from Blackwater County and the cities near Blackwater County to join the army. In addition to the Tenth Army, which had disappeared entirely, the lost numbers of the Fifth and Sixth Armies began to be replenished. The insufficient officers were taken from other armies with sufficient strength and merit to serve. Still, it would not be possible to restore the combat power of the two armies overnight.

    The Sixth Army, where Shiqi was assigned, was fine, but the Fifth Army was utterly defeated!

    Hong Xie transferred to him the men he had trained when he was a 1000-man commander and also transferred to him a group of experienced veterans, and Shen Yan, who had few men, did the same.

    One was Shiqi’s former superior, one was saved by Shiqi’s life. Both of them understood his potential and showed goodwill to him. On the battlefield, in the army, where there was so much infighting?

    You don’t think you’re dying fast enough?

    Wu Guang died when attacking Mingtai City, Xiong Tingzhi succeeded in breaking through and became a martial artist at the early stage of the True Origin Realm and was appointed as a 100-man commander, and Meng Fei became a 1000-man commander as he wished.

    The new recruits were not a problem, with the strong support of the court, the military release spared no effort to recruit soldiers, many civilian martial artists with dreams decided to step on this one-way bridge. Recruitment from the transfer of city guards from all over the city also arrived one after another. Soon the strength of the Purple Thorn Army wanted to blow up like a balloon as it began to expand.

    Shiqi released devil fury aura, not afraid of recruiting good strong-willed seedlings! The officers transferred from other armies were trained by Shiqi with “absolute power” to be obedient. Almost all the soldiers sent by Shen Yan were saved by him on the battlefield, and some veterans sent by Hong Xie were also very disciplined.

    The veterans who followed him out of the siege of Mingtai City used wonderful stories to make the recruits and new officers enhance their respect for Shiqi. The Fifth Army and the Tenth Army, which had temporarily disappeared and had not yet been rebuilt, became the perfect backdrop for him!

    In the barracks, besides training, the veterans’ stories also became a favorite pastime for the new recruits, who likewise enjoyed watching the new recruits’ dumbfounded expressions.

    Stories are always farther and farther from the truth after constant telling …… Some veterans, when telling stories, sometimes had a bright idea and may add various gossips to it. This reminds him of the Lord sword spirit story.

    There was also when Shiqi was facing more than 30,000 Black Iron army, a part of the people ran to chase Hong Xie commander. The result from the mouth of veterans, it became seventy thousand people.

    Fortunately, the veterans who made up the story still have the bottom line did not add the innate experts.

    Time rushed, ten days passed in a flash. Just when the acclimatization training of more than five thousand soldiers was almost finished, he received an order from General Xu to bring troops to reinforce the troops stationed in Qingfeng City.

    Purple Thorn City was the home base of the Purple Thorn Army, and with the main force of the Purple Thorn Army stationed there, the defense could be considered solid. However, other cities on the borderline had been attacked, and two had already fallen, so the Purple Thorn Army could not ignore them.

    The main force of the Black Blood Kingdom’s Black Iron Army was stationed fifty miles from Purple Thorn City, and the main force could not move, so they could only send a few troops to reinforce the garrison. At the same time, there was a general at the early Innate realm who was responsible for sitting in command.

    Before leaving, General Xu instructed him, “I have three commanders under my hand, you are the least likely to die, put your brain smartly on the battlefield, If you really can not fight then run, you are still young, making a few mistakes is not a big problem!”

    Shiqi assured, “General Xu, you can rest assured, with me,  Qingfeng city is definitely in, unless the opposite innate experts are too many or too strong, unless the army is exhausted, I can definitely hold out until reinforcements arrive!”

    Xu Sihai instructed in a small voice, “You don’t have to worry too much about the death of the others, listen to General Wang’s orders and just do your best!”

    This was Shiqi’s first subordinate service since he became the commander, and for Shiqi, who had the ambition to develop and grow in the military, this mission was a mission that could not be missed! Having him, a person under sixteen years old, as the commander-in-chief, General Xu also bore a lot of pressure on him.

    After Shiqi became the commander, Hong Xie had told him that in the Purple Thoen Army regarding the appointment of the commander, the ordinary general only had the right to recommend, not the right to decide, and it was only after General Xu insisted to the great general only then Shiqi succeeded in becoming the commander.

    Of course, what Shiqi had spoken was very measured. He did not dare to give empty words, in case the enemy sent tens of thousands of armies to siege Qingfeng City? That was undoubtedly needed reinforcement!  But his luck shouldn’t be that bad.

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