It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 102 Grand Speech

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“Are all of you hungry? Come, let’s eat!” Sun Hao’s voice awakened everyone.

Looking over at where Sun Hao was, everyone couldn’t help but suck in cold air.

“That … that’s a dragon! Oh God, Young Master actually killed a dragon? Young Master … is Young Master really going to eat dragon meat this time?” Luo Liuyan’s group murmured to themselves with shocked faces.

The five of them knew that Sun Hao had eaten the ancient dragon clan, so they could still accept it. Xuanyuan Shi, however, foolishly stood there then pinched herself a few times, grimacing in pain.

“This … this is really a dragon! Young Master actually stewed it in a pot and still wants to eat it? Don’t Young Master even look at the lord of the dragon clan?” Thinking of this, Xuanyuan Shi sucked in cold air. It took a long time for her to calm down.

She stood up, walked in front of Sun Hao, bowed and greeted, “I have seen Young Master!”

“Miss Xuanyuan, you are very polite!” Sun Hao said.

Xuanyuan Shi took out the Xuanyuan Cup and presented it in front of Sun Hao respectfully, “Young Master, please accept this little gift!”

What? A little gift? This was probably the treasure of the Xuanyuan family—Xuanyuan Cup, right? Others might not know, but Mu Bing clearly knew about it.

She had heard about Xuanyuan Cup, one of the three prominent families in Holy Land.

Today, she actually took the family’s heirloom treasure. Ruthless, absolute ruthless! This was the perfect example of a licking dog! Are you not afraid of licking to the end yet end up with nothing? Mu Bing muttered to himself, the sour smell(1) emanated from her whole body.

After that, she clenched her fist secretly, “It looks like I have to return home too! Do you think only your family has a heirloom? Naturally, my Mu family also has it!” Mu Bing murmured.

Sun Hao looked at the Xuanyuan Cup in Xuanyuan Shi’s hand, his eyes gleaming. This thing was like an oil lamp cup(2). There was a spherical space in the middle.

Not long ago, Miss Liuyan gave him a Night Pearl, but he had not used it because he hadn’t made a stand for it yet. Wouldn’t it be right if he placed the night pearl in this lamp cup? Later, he would put it in front of the desk to write and paint at night. It’s not bad that this miss Xuanyuan was so attentive! 

Sun Hao took the Xuanyuan Cup and kept looking at it. “Miss Xuanyuan, you are really attentive! I like this gift!” Sun Hao said.

When these words came out, those in the area were shocked. Everyone’s gaze changed uncertainly. It was not easy to hear the word like from Young Master’s mouth!

Xuanyuan Shi was very good at giving gifts! Thinking of this, Luo Liuyan and the others stared at Xuanyuan Shi, envious. Mu Bing, in particular, was sour, as if she was drinking vinegar.

Xuanyuan Shi let out a long sigh of relief, sensing the envious and jealous gaze behind her, her head was slightly raised with haughtiness written all over her face.

“It’s good as long as Young Master likes it!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“You guys, don’t be stunned, come over and sit down!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” After reacting, these people took their seats one by one.

Sun Hao took out the fine wine and raised it in front of everyone, “This is the fruit wine I have treasured for more than ten years. Today, I will let everyone enjoy it, don’t return without getting drunk!” 

“Good wine? Young Master, I like this stuff!” Chen Daoming’s eyes flashed with light.

“Young Master, I have never drunk wine!” Su Yiling looked eager and itchy.

“If you haven’t drunk it, you can taste it now!” Sun Hao said as he poured wine for everyone.

Afterwards, Sun Hao found that a person was standing at the side, hesitant to speak, humming and hawing.

“Brother Ning, what are you doing? Sit down and eat hot pot together!” Sun Hao called. 

When Ning Mingzhi heard it, his body trembled, and he clasped his hands together, “Shan zai Shan zai, this one has embarked on a journey to become a monk, cannot touch meat and fish, Young Master, this little monk will take his leave!”

“Silly!” Sun Hao lightly scolded him, Ning Mingzhi stood frozen in his place.

“Young Master? You …” Ning Mingzhi looked puzzled.

“Why don’t you eat meat?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, a monk is compassionate and shouldn’t kill a living being, therefore this little monk abstained from eating meat!” Ning Mingzhi said plainly.

“Your heart is compassionate! Isn’t the rice you usually eat also taking a living creature’s life? Could it be that you think plants are not living beings?”

“If this is compassion? What’s the use of it?”

Sun Hao’s questions made Ning Mingzhi speechless. Indeed, every grain of rice was made by husking rice. They could germinate, flower, and bore fruit. Ultimately, they could produce a lot of rice crops. Based on this, every time a grain of rice was eaten, it was unknown how many lives would be killed. Ning Mingzhi’s body couldn’t help but trembled, his eyes flickered as if he had realized something.

“All living beings naturally prey on the weak, this is the law of nature! If someday this eel cultivates and eats us, then it is the strong, but now it is eaten by us, then we are the strong!

“When meat and wine pass through the intestines, the Buddha keeps in his heart, there is kindness in his heart, and kindness in deeds, that is kindness! Abstaining from eating meat and eating meat were all the same!” Sun Hao’s grand speech struck their hearts.

The people present stood in place, quietly comprehending Sun Hao’s every word and sentence. The Cherry Blossom Trees, the Thousand-color God Lotus, and Ying You … at this moment, they all stayed in place, motionless.

There was a horse, a monkey and a pig at the front gate. They were currently still dumbfounded as if they had realized something.

“Thanks to Young Master’s teaching, I understand!” Ning Mingzhi directly sat down. “Young Master, can I drink?” Ning Mingzhi asked.

“Of course you can, come, let’s drink!” Sun Hao raised his cup and said.

“Young Master, cheers!”

“Young Master, bottoms!”(3)

Everyone held their cup and took a small sip.

“Huu …” A thick mellow fragrance filled the mouth. At this moment, every cell in their body seemed to be active. The whole person was refreshed. It smoothly entered the mouth like sweet nectar.

A wave of immortal power flows through their body along the meridians, quickly strengthening their physical body. Xuanyuan Shi was completely stunned.

“This … this is immortal wine! This small sip of wine actually strengthened my physical body by ten times! Ancestors, my luck is really great? For the Young Master to like our family’s heirloom is such an enormous blessing!” Xuanyuan Shi murmured, shaking inwardly.

“Let’s eat the meat, I caught this big guy with my own hands, don’t be shy! Eat to your heart’s content!” Sun Hao took the lead and picked up a piece of the yellow dragon meat. 

Xuanyuan Shi looked at the big pot full of dragon meat, dumbfounded. She followed the crowd, clipped a piece, and took a bite. The aroma is tangy! (4) The dragon meat is very bouncy and chewy. At this moment, the taste buds that were covered in dust for many years had become active.

Too delicious!

If the Young Master weren’t here, Xuanyuan Shi would have screamed with excitement. It turned out that the deliciousness of this world can be so refreshing.

She took another bite of the meat. The demon power that was mixed with the immortal power poured all over her body.

“Kacha …” Xuanyuan Shi’s realm membrane let out a breaking sound. At this moment, she broke through.

“A mouthful of meat actually made me break through to the fourth stage of Ascendant Realm? This …” Xuanyuan Shi was shocked inwardly, and she could not describe it in words.

  1. Smell of jealousy.
  2. My bad, it was actually this ancient bowl thing. But it looks like a cup, and raw also say cup, so let’s just call it Cup.
  1. Ganbei (kanpai) could mean cheers or bottoms up, literally, it means dry cup. They only said “gan” here.
  2. The fragrant smell is strong and overpowering.

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