I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 124: Assuming the Role of Commander

When they returned to Purple Thorn City, the whole Purple Thorn City had already entered a state of war, and most of the people walking through the streets were the people of the Purple Thorn Army.

Entering the military camp, Shen Yan then separated from Shiqi. Before parting, Shen Yan also patted his chest and said, “Elder brother Chen, you saved the lives of our gang, in the future, if you need  our help, you can ask anytime!”

During the two days and two nights of escape, Shiqi realized that most of those people he saved the second time were Shen Yan’s men.


“By the way, brother, I want to ask you a question!”

“What kind of question?”

“Who is that Bai Feifei?” Shen Yan smiled and asked, “I’ve been wanting to ask you this question, but I’m a little embarrassed.”

“Bai Feifei, just that concubine that Jiang Jiankai just snatched, only he and I know about this!”

“Only you and him know? …… no wonder, no wonder he is so warm to you, and call you brother!” Shen Yan said with a dazed look, “He is really generous, I did not even see it!”

Shiqi touched his nose, looking at Shen Yan’s back as he left, he always felt that there was a hidden intention in the other party’s words. Bai Feifei was the Xu family’s third young master’s newly bought concubine. When the city guards occupied the family, Jiang Jiankai saw her and secretly take her away. It was the only thing they both knew.

Shiqi did not think much about it, and he now needs to go to Commander Hong’s side to report immediately. Hong Xie’s face was a bit haggard, and it could be seen that he had been worried a lot recently.

He was a bit surprised to see him back, and after the surprise, he asked how he escaped from the Black Iron Army encirclement and also focused on asking many details. Shiqi did not hide it, except for matters involving the scarlet sword, he answered truthfully.

When he learned that Shiqi had killed several peak experts of the Black Iron Army’s True Origin Realm with his own strength and saved thousands of the Purple Thorn Army, he couldn’t hide the shock on his face.

In the end, he could only say, “Worthy of being a genius who came out of the Flame Forging Chamber!” Other than that, Hong Xie could not find any other reason to explain Shiqi’ss strength.

The word “genius” could explain everything.

“You can save Shen Yan, that is a great thing, but it’s a pity that Commander Sang died!” Hong Xie saw Shiqi some did not understand so he added, “is that when you just went to the front, he recommended you to me, he said you are very good, I also investigated your background at that time, you are indeed very good.”

“Well!” Hong Xie asked in a low voice, “I left you guys behind that day, do you have a problem with me?”

Shiqi didn’t know how to answer.

“You don’t need to answer this question!” Hong Xie continued, “I don’t care if you can understand me now, because you will understand later!”

“This attack on the Black Blood Kingdom we suffered a big loss, our Sixth Army is okay, General Xu is still around, among the three commanders we lost one, plus the nine hundred people you brought back, and the three thousand people who originally stayed in the camp, we still have six thousand people, after replenishing our troops, we still have a chance to go to battle!” Hong Xie clenched his fist and said slowly, “the fifth army and the tenth army is miserable, the fifth army has only General Pei with more than 500 people back, General Pei also suffered serious injuries and need half a year to recover; The tenth army so far has no one returned, we completely lost the news, including the tenth army General Tian, it is estimated that he meet his end!”

“This time we suffer a big lost!”

“Has the spy been caught?”

“I found out it was one of the most trusted guards around the general.” Hong Xie said in a heavy tone, “Recently, the entire Purple Thorn Army is cleaning up the spies, you’d better not go out if you have nothing to do.”


“Since Shen Yan is back, I’ll go to the general’s place, you go rest first!”

Shiqi had a good night’s rest in the barracks, and the next day, he was told that General Xu wanted to see him.

For this, Shiqi was still somewhat mentally prepared. When he entered General Xu’s tent, there was only Xu Sihai sitting in the tent center, and the two commanders, Hong Xie and Shen Yan.

“Your humble subordinates have met General Xu, Commander Hong, and Commander Shen!”

Xu Sihai seriously looked at Shiqi for a moment and said, “Late stage of True Origin Realm, you are indeed a genius, your last breakthrough was when you were the City Guards of Purple Thorn City fighting bandits, right!”

“Yes, after the battle in Mingtai City, subordinate had another breakthrough!”

Xu Sihai looked at Shiqi with some consternation and asked, “It’s written on your profile that you haven’t turned sixteen yet, right?”

“Yes!” Hong Xie and Shen Yan were calm.

They had already been shocked, the position of Shiqi as 1000-man commander was designated by Hong Xie, who had investigated Shiqi.

As for Shen Yan, having fled together for so many days, Shen Yan had long since dug out all of Shiqi’s roots.

Meng Fei had a big mouth; he was the die-hard loyalists more than hated the whole world to know, their 1000-man commander in the South Region, the first young experts of the Devil’s Way as well as the name of the blood-hand slaughter!

“It’s like this, Commander Shen recommended you to be the commander, do you have confidence?”

Recommending him to be the commander? Shiqi looked at Shen Yan with some surprise. Shen Yan smiled at him.

General Xu said slowly, “With your battle achievements and demonstrated strength in Mingtai City, as well as the combat strength shown by the soldiers under your command, you are indeed qualified to serve as commander, as it happens, our Sixth Army now needs a commander …… although your battle achievements cannot be counted!”

Shen Yan backed Shiqi and said, “I guarantee with my head, his battle merits are absolutely true, our nine hundred brothers who escaped can all be guaranteed with their heads!”

General Xu nodded and said, “All these people’s guarantees carry a lot of weight!” Very weighty indeed, almost a large part of the remaining backbone of the Sixth Army, the foundation of the Sixth Army’s reconstruction.

“With the great war coming up, are you confident in assuming the position of the Sixth Army’s commander?”


 “Your mouth says yes, that won’t do!” Xu Sihai stood up and said, “Since you have killed peak True Origin realm experts on the battlefield, then you have to show me your ability!”

“How do I test it?”

“Go to the training field!”

Xu Sihai led the thereof them to the training field and said, “Shen Yan, you and Chen Pengfei have a match, both sides are not allowed to hold back their hands!”

When Xu Sihai said that he was not allowed to keep his hands, it was impossible for Shen Yan to keep his hands, and the eyesight of an innate expert was not just a matter of words.

Shen Yan drew a thick-backed scimitar, looked at Shiqi, slightly hesitant, thought about it, and said, “General, I have little confidence in dealing with brother Chen alone, or let Commander Hong  paly along …… I think it, two people together to lose face, better than me alone to lose face! “

Shen Yan did not have the confidence to kill a few round trips in the 30,000 Black Iron Army! Hong Xie’s face was not good, probably he was angry.

“Okay, Hong Xie, you go together too, remember, no holding back!”

Hong Xie helplessly returned, “Subordinate follows orders!” The two stood on one left and one right, on both sides of Shiqi.

Shen Yan struck first! “Be careful, brother, take my move Heavy Earth Slash!”

The thick-backed scimitar stuttered with an earthy-yellow blade aura, then ruthlessly chopped at Shiqi.

Shiqi raised his right hand, which instantly turned golden yellow, and then in Shen Yan’s astonished eyes, Shiqi held his blade!

He was unconvinced and pulled the blade back hard, his black face was swollen red, and the blade still couldn’t be drawn back.

“Ugh, I say brother, can’t you give some face and let me a few moves?”

“Okay, let’s fight again!” Shiqi said as he let go of his hand.

“Uh …… I’m not fighting, Hong Xie you do it, it’s your turn to do it!”

Hong Xie heart, “&*&&&&%%$%$%$ ……”

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