The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter: 32 Then Compare For One or Two Moves

It took two moves to blast seventy-seven Transcendence and Legend Realm experts!

Hao Shan’s word, the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, undoubtedly showed strong sarcasm. Everyone’s gaze in the main hall fell on Lu Yiping. The Hundred Flower Empress Ji Yu’s beautiful eyes also fell on Lu Yiping.

Lu Yiping glanced at the Yin Ghost Sect Young Patriarch, Hao Shan, took out the ice flame wine he had brewed. Then he poured a full glass, the fragrance of the wine overflowed, overshadowing the hall’s previous wine fragrance.

Everyone smelled the aroma of the wine, and their expressions were lifted.

Lu Yiping said slowly, “Compare two moves?”

Hao Shan, the young patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, withdrew his gaze from Lu Yiping’s wine glass and sneered, “Yes.” Then he gestured to an expert of the Yin Ghost Sect behind him.

That Yin Ghost Sect expert complied and flew up, landing on top of the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform.

When the Ghost Sect expert landed on the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform, the wind and thunder in the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform suddenly flourished and rattled.

The Yin Ghost Sect expert’s gaze landed on Zhang Jin: “Are you the one who killed 77 Trancendence and Legend Realm experts of the White Bone Sect with two moves?”

Zhang Jin looked at Lu Yi Ping.

Lu Yiping said blandly, “Since someone want to compare two moves, then let’s compare two moves.”

“Yes, master.” Zhang Jin answered in a respectful voice. He understood Lu Yi Ping’s meaning, don’t kill him in one move!

Two moves?

Zhang Jin arrived on top of the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform with a flash of his body.

When Hao Shan saw Zhang Jin got on the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform, he smiled coldly and laughed at that Yin Ghost Sect expert, “Long Tian, fight with all your might, don’t let Young Master Lu and his men down.”

“Yes, young master.” That Yin Ghost Sect expert, Long Tian, laughed as his entire body unleashed its whole aura.

Boom! Under that Yin Ghost Sect expert Long Tian’s incredible divine power roar, the entire Wind and Thunder Battle Stag was greatly shocked.

Sensing the astonishing aura of that Yin Ghost Sect expert Long Tian, the crowd within the hall all changed their faces.

“Late peak God realm!” Behind Wan Hong, a Wan family expert was surprised.

The late peak of the God Realm! The highest realm of the God Realm, just one step away from being a True God! This Yin Ghost Clan expert, Long Tian, was precisely a late peak God Realm powerhouse.

“When did the Yin Ghost Sect have such an expert!” An old ancestor of the Yun Clan said in surprise.

 Yun Haitian was also astonished.

Late peak God realm! Such an expert could break through to the True God realm at any time if he met with a fortunate encounter!

I didn’t expect that the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan, would bring a late-stage peak God realm expert here this time!

Behind the Hundred Flowers Empress, Ji Yu, a Hundred Flowers Empire Deity Realm expert, said, “Hao Shan has brought a late peak God Realm expert this time, it seems that Lu Yiping is in grave danger!”

On top of the main hall, experts from all sides buzzed. An expert of the Blazing Flame Sect said to He Chaorong, “Master, this Lu Yiping is in danger, should we make a move later?”

He Chaorong shook his head, “Saving this Lu Yiping will definitely offend the Yin Ghost Sect, the loss will not be worth the gain. This Lu Yi Ping, id he is dead then dead, we just watch the good show from the sidelines.”

Just then, the Yin Ghost Sect expert Long Tian pulled himself up and came over the battle stage, his whole body whistling out in black waves of Qi.

“Abyssal Demon Palm!” Only a huge devil’s palm was seen, blasting down with a momentum that covered the sky.

With the cry of a hundred million evil spirits, this demonic palm emitted an appalling eerie power as if it came from the Abyssal Hell.

Abyssal hell, known as the most painful and darkest hell. If someone fell into Abyssal hell, there would be no reincarnation eternally.

“Surprisingly, it’s the Abhinitic Abyssal Demon Palm!” The Hundred Flower Empress Ji Yu’s pretty face changed.

Even Wan Hong, the young master of the Wan Family, was shocked.

More than a hundred thousand years ago, there was an Abyssal Demon Sect that claimed to be from hell, and everywhere it went, all the powers in the many continents of the Eternal Plane turned pale.

This Abyssal Demon Palm is the Abyssal Demon Sect’s unique moves. Later it offended the Saint Demon, and the Saint Demon killed its patriarch.

In that battle, the Cold Ancient Abyss was shattered, and even the bitter sea was cut into two halves.

Now, the Yin Ghost Sect expert had actually performed the Abyssal Demon Palm. Could it be that the Yin Ghost Sect had obtained the Abyssal Demon Sect’s treasure?

Hao Shan saw that the crowd was shocked, his face smiled brightly. He looked at Lu Yiping, and his face was cold. When he took care of all the guards around this Lu Yiping, then he would end this Lu Yiping life.

This Lu Yiping, he wanted to save him until the end to end him personally.

It’s fun to play slowly.

Zhang Jin looked at the Demon’s palm that covered the sky and threw down the sun. Suddenly, his whole body aura rose, behind him, the dark light rose up to the sky and a giant elephant supporting the sky condensed.

This huge elephant had four hooves which were like the pillars of heaven. Under the four hooves, as if all the evil in the world would be suppressed.

Seeing this giant elephant, everyone was stunned, and then their face horrified.

“This, is this?

“Yes, it’s Lord Saint Demon’s Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist!” The experts of the Ten Thousand Families lost their voices.

The Hundred Flowers Empress Ji Yu rose in shock. Even the Great Northern Star Emperor, Zhou Dingtian, who was initially been sitting on his throne, also rose up haughtily, his face full of disbelief.


When Zhang Jin threw a punch, the celestial image shook heaven and earth as if it ruthlessly hit everyone’s heart. A huge fist print broke through the air, instantly blasting through the Abyssal Demon Palm.

Long Tian, the expert of the Yin Ghost Sect, was directly hit by the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist, and his whole body was ruthlessly lurched up in the sky like a meteor.

At that moment, Zhang Jin took a single step and appeared in the sky, and then, another fist blasted out.

But this time, it was no longer a celestial phenomenon. When his first blasted out, everyone had the illusion that it was as if space-time was reversed in a flash. Only to see a ray of light of space-time burst out between Zhang Jin’s fists.

“Time Divine Fist!” The Great Northern Star Emperor Zhou Dingtian only felt his heart shiver. The Time Divine Fist, a masterpiece of an equally invincible existence!

This invincible existence, more ancient than the Saint Demon, no one knows his real name, nor his divine history records, people only know that his name was the Time Old Devil.

The Time Divine Fist fiercely pounded on the chest of the Yin Ghost Sect expert Long Tian.

At once, the Yin Ghost Sect expert Long Tian’s chest exploded, his divine armor burst into countless pieces, and he, himself, viciously smashed on top of the Wind and Thunder Battle Platform.

The entire battle platform shook violently, and countless wind and lightning splashed. Fortunately, this wind and thunder battle platform had ancient array protection, and the two power did not leak out of the battle platform. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the whole hall was going to be turned upside down.

The hall was dead silent. Zhang Jin slowly fell from the high altitude. And the Yin Ghost Sect expert, Long Tian’s chest was blown thoroughly, only to see his chest with a hole and was being continuously devoured by the power of time, aging and drying up.

The whole person, too, dried up at an alarming rate, and even his hair began to fall off, turning into an old man who was dying. This is exactly the terror of the time power of the Time Divine Fist.

Everyone drew a breath of cold air. Everyone looked at Zhang Jin, and their faces changed.

This Zhang Jin actually knew the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist! Could it be that behind Lu Yi Ping, it was not Su Xiu but Lord Saint Demon!

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