It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 101 Reading Scriptures and Reaping Blessing Points

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Jade Lake Palace, in a secret room.

“Dean Wen, have you realized anything these days?” Luo Liuyan asked.

Wen Renshi shook his head and sighed, “Ai, this old man’s aptitude is dull, I didn’t understand what the Young Master meant!”

“Me too!” Mu Bing sighed lightly.

“Last time, Young Master asked me to help him look after the house, I’m afraid there must be a deep meaning in it!” Chen Daoming said.

“Could someone attack the Young Master’s residence!” Wen Renshi said.

When the words came out, several people raised their eyebrows.

“Dean Wen, you are right!”

“Why didn’t I think of this one!”

“The name of Godly Cunning Immortal has spread throughout the entire Tianluo Continent and evil races must know it! It should not be difficult to investigate the residence of Young Master using their methods! Perhaps this time, it will be a tentative attack, to test the Young Master’s strength! Characters like Young Master are naturally unwilling to be exposed, and leave specially, letting us undertake this task!” Luo Liuyan said. 

Everyone was stunned, and their faces were full of admiration.

“Young Master is amazing! He really predicted everything and saw through the evil clan’s intentions!”

“In this world, there are not many that can be compared with Young Master!” The more they say, the more they worship.

“However, even if the evil race is attacking tentatively, perhaps they will send out a half-step immortal, or even a strong person who is infinitely close to the Immortal Realm. How can we handle it?” Wen Renshi asked.

“Don’t worry about this, this level of strength, naturally there is Immortal Lotus to help!” Luo Liuyan said.

Apparently, this is the Young Master’s way of testing us? We don’t have to be afraid then!”

“Yes, but try not to let Immortal Lotus take action!”


After discussion, these people made a unanimous decision. Su Yiling scratched her head while her face showed confusion. She couldn’t help but ask: “Master, how do you confirm that it must be an attack from the evil race? What if it is a demon race?(1) Or other people?”

“Young Master has repeatedly destroyed the evil race’s plans and accumulated deep grievances. The evil clan will definitely seek revenge!” Luo Liuyan said with a confident expression.

“Yes!” Wen Renshi nodded.

“Okay, let’s go to see Young Master, don’t let Young Master wait too long!”

“That’s great, there is something delicious again!”



“Young Master, do you recite the scriptures today?” Early in the morning, Sun Hao heard Ning Mingzhi’s voice outside the courtyard.

This guy, who had been hanging out by himself for several days, didn’t even have the intention to give up, insisting on listening to Sun Hao’s chanting. Sun Hao opened the blessing point panel, looked at the number that had not changed for several days, and sighed secretly. 

Forget it, now that the anger has disappeared, maybe chanting could reap blessing points. Since he liked to listen, then he would just chant. Thinking about this, Sun Hao said, “Come in!”

“Thank you, Young Master!” A strange glint appeared in Ning Mingming’s eyes. He looked back at the horse, monkey and pig behind him and said, “You are here to listen. Don’t come in and disturb Young Master.”

One horse, one monkey and one pig nodded at the same time.

Ning Mingzhi straightened his clothes, opened the gate of the courtyard, and entered the courtyard.

Seeing the scenery inside, his eyes wavered. “The place where Young Master lives is really unusual! This is totally a paradise!” Ning Mingzhi walked step by step unhurriedly. When he saw Sun Hao walking out with the scriptures, he bowed deeply, “I have seen Young Master!”

“Make yourself at home, sit down and listen!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” Ning Mingzhi then sat cross-legged on the ground, put his palms together, and listened.

Sun Hao sat down, picked up the scriptures, and began to read. “As today passed, length of this life is thus reduced; Just as fish in scant water, what enjoyment is there? One should practice Dharma diligently, as if to put out fire on one’s head; Just remain mindful of impermanence, and cautiously not to indulge in laziness ….”(2)

The voice was long and resounding throughout the courtyard. It radiated outward with the yard as its center. The scriptures that the naked eye could not notice are flying all over the sky. These scriptures flew and disappeared into Ning Mingzhi’s ears. At the same time, some flew into the ears of the horse, monkey, and pig. A few of them listened in a daze, their eyes twinkling. It looked like they entered a state of selflessness.

“Ding, blessing point +1.”

“Ding, blessing point +1.”


The notification beeped continuously. When it came to Sun Hao’s ears, his face showed a festive look. Could chanting reap blessings? That’s wonderful! 

Sun Hao began to recite the scriptures and worked harder. Time passed a little bit. Sun Hao was immersed in the chanting and didn’t mean to stop. After reading one book, he changed to another.

Shortly after. Five figures walked in from outside the courtyard one by one. They are Luo Liuyan’s group of five people.

They didn’t disturb Sun Hao reciting the scriptures, but learned from Ning Mingzhi, sat on the ground and listened carefully. The eyes of the five people also flashed with a strange light.

After half an hour. In the sky, a long rainbow flew quickly and landed outside Sun Hao’s courtyard. She is Xuanyuan Shi. She completely ignored everything around her.

In her eyes, there was only Sun Hao. Sun Hao was like a golden light Buddha, explaining the principles of heaven and earth.

Xuanyuan Shi’s body couldn’t help walking towards Sun Hao. Then she sat cross-legged in front of Sun Hao, listening with the others. Time passed through the fingers like running water. Before they knew it, it was the afternoon.

Sun Hao saw that the blessing point panel had increased by nearly ten thousands blessing points, and his eyes flickered. Unexpectedly, reciting the scriptures today was quite fruitful.

Despite the dry mouth, it was worth it. Looking at the few people sitting on the floor, Sun Hao raised his mouth slightly, “Rumeng, let’s go cooking!”

“Yes, Young Master!” The two walked into the kitchen.

Sun Hao looked at the big eel in the water tank, his eyes lighted up, “With so many people, we should be able to finish it!”

Then, he grabbed the yellow dragon, put it on the chopping board, picked up the kitchen knife, and cut its stomach. The whole action was like a moving cloud and flowing water(3). Finally, the yellow dragon was cut into pieces by him.

“Rumeng, we are making a big hot pot, then help me pick some vegetables as side dishes for the hot pot!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master, I will light the fire first!”

“Okay!” With the perfect cooperation of the two, the hot pot was cooked, and the aroma permeated the whole place. The smell was mouth-watering.

Huang Long’s head was stacked on top of the hot pot. Sprinkled with coriander and red pepper, it was really delicious. Just a glance made the index finger twitched(4).

“Let’s serve it!” Sun Hao carried the pot and moved directly to go under the cherry tree. Huang Rumeng carried a round table and a few stools and put it down easily.

“Rumeng, I will go to the cellar to get two bottles of old wine, help me wake them up!”

They all fell asleep listening to his chanting. He should have been angry, but Sun Hao was thrilled because he had gained a lot of blessing points.

“Yes, Young Master!”

After Sun Hao left, Huang Rumeng walked to several people and woke them up one by one.

“I fell asleep just now?”

“I seem to be asleep too, really rude! But I slept so comfortably!”

“Hey, my soul power has grown more than ten times! Moreover, I feel that my mental state has strengthened a lot too.

“Young Master’s chanting can make me grow so much!”

  1. The previous translator a.k.a Mysty used monsters, but I’m kinda leaning to use demons to differentiate between the beast and those that can shapeshift.
  2. Credit to nonono for helping find the translation to this sutra.
  1. Natural and unforced.
  2. This idiom means omen of delicious food but later changed into being greedy for something delicious. 

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