I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 123 Fleeing Back to the Southern Cloud Kingdom

With the Black Iron Army Commander Hao Commander’s life in hand, Shiqi delayed for another quarter of an hour. It was enough for the fleeing soldiers to run far away.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to delay longer. The problem was that he was afraid that the two innate experts of the Black Iron Army would come back.

When he left the encirclement of the Black Iron Army, only a dozen True Origin realm experts chased him. He slowed down, they similarly slowed down, he speeded up, they immediately followed …… instead of chasing, it should be called following.

After following for more than a mile, they gave up and let him disappear in their sight. At this point, he came to understand that the so-called chase – was just a pretense.

The darkness would hardly affect his vision too much, and he quickly found the secret sign left by Meng Fei. After running for another two miles, he suddenly heard a big reminder from the sword spirit. It said that there were still more than seven hundred martial artists hiding in the woods near him.

Nearly 40,000 people surrounded him, and he’d still rush out, was he still afraid of seven hundred people?

Shiqi approached the woods and asked loudly, “Who are you?” The trail was lost, and more than seven hundred martial artists burst out of the woods.

A big black-faced man said with surprise, “Brother, you really escaped?”

Shiqi narrowed his eyes and saw that these people were all wearing Purple Thorn Army’s standard armor.

“Why aren’t you guys running?”

The big black-faced man lowered his head and said with some embarrassment, “Originally we were going to escape, but we stopped halfway ……”

“Waiting for me?”


The black-faced man nodded and said, “We saw it behind us, you had already rushed out, and you came back to help us …… wanted to kill back to help you, but we didn’t dare, and we were afraid to give you trouble, so we wanted to wait here to see if you could come back, and if there was anything we could do to help.”

“Then you guys come with me!” Shiqi’s heart was still quite happy, at least this black-faced big man is more reliable than Hong Xie, “I still have a group of brothers in front, we escape together, there are many people, but we still shoul be carefull!”

Following the secret signal left by Meng Fei, after running for almost ten miles, he finally found the rest of the Purple Thorn Army.

They also hid in the woods. As soon as Meng Fei saw Shiqi, he shouted happily, “Commander Chen, I knew it, those people will not be able to hold you!”

The group of men under Shiqi all gathered around and looked at him excitedly. The number of people who escaped from the encirclement with his help was quite large, more than one thousand two hundred in total.

The strength of the surviving 1200 people belonged to the upper-middle class in the Sixth Army.

The team included a commander at the peak of the True Origin Realm of the Sixth Army, that big black-faced man Shen Yan. There were eight people in the middle, or late stage of the True Origin realm, among which he knew was Zhu Guangcai, Zhu Qiandou.

There were quite a few 100-man commanders in the early to middle True Origin realm, and there were more than twenty of them! More than one thousand two hundred ordinary purple thorn army, the strength were excellent.

The weak and unlucky ones had all died.

Shen Yan was very familiar with the situation on the border. Under his leadership, more than one thousand people fled desperately in the direction of the Southern Cloud Kingdom, during which they also changed their routes several times and used it to confuse the enemy.

They were lucky that they only encountered a small group of Black Blood Kingdom soldiers along the way, and the rest of the Purple Thorn army easily took them down.

After two days and two nights of running wildly, they entered the territory of the Southern Cloud Kingdom before they stopped to rest. After two days and two nights of desperate escape, the original team of more than a thousand people was now left with only nine hundred people.

Almost all of those who fell in line were injured and physically exhausted or too weak, and there were almost no soldiers below the middle Qi Condensation Realm.

Whether the fallen soldiers could go back or not, it would only depend on their luck.

“Let’s not go to the original camp and go directly to Qingfeng City!” Shen Yan pointed to the simple map and said, “The worst estimate is that all of our legions involved in this attack were ambushed, the entire Purple Thorn Army suffered heavy losses and lost the ability to confront the Black Iron Army head-on, the Purple Thorn Army retreated in its entirety and moved into the city, turning into a defensive state, if we go back to the camp, we might pounce and if we are unlucky, we might even meet a large force of the Black Iron Army. It is better to enter the Clear Wind City directly, the distance is not too far, and is not a strategic location, safer, and can also get supplies, many brothers need to rest.”

Shiqi nodded and said, “Qingfeng City is good!”

After entering the Southern Cloud Kingdom territory, the marching speed slowed down, and after rushing out for four days, they finally arrived outside Qingfeng City at noon.

The gates of Qingfeng City were tightly closed, and there were city guards holding the city walls, and there were quite a few of them.

“Who are you, don’t come any closer!” They had just approached the city when the soldiers standing on the walls shouted.

Shen Yan shouted, “We are from the Sixth Army of the Purple Thorn Army, you guys hurry up and open the city gates and let us in!”

“Wait, we will go report to the Lord Commander immediately!”

Soon, Jiang Jiankai, the commander of Qingfeng City, appeared at the city head, “You said you are from the Purple Thorn Army, then do you have a military order?”

“We are from the Sixth Army, we were ambushed by the Black Blood Kingdom halfway, so we are the only ones who escaped, open the city gates quickly!”

“No, you said you are the Purple Thorn Army, what if you are from the Black Blood Kingdom wearing the uniform of the Purple Thorn Army to fool me to open the gates?”

“Damn, a small city guard commander dares not let us in, I have never suffered such anger! Why don’t we just go together and take down Qingfeng City!” Shen Yan yelled.

Shiqi stood out and said, “Forget it, let me do it!”

“Brother, can you do it?”

Shiqi shouted loudly toward the city wall, “Jiang Jiankai, this is Chen Pengfei, hurry up and open the door!”

“You think you’re Chen Pengfei because you’re wearing a mask?” Jiang Jiankai slightly puzzled to look at him and continued to say, “You!? do you have any credentials?”

“Bai Feifei ……” Shiqi shouted out a person’s name and asked, “Do I need to be more specific?”

“No need, no need, you are my Older brother Chen, absolutely right!” Jiang Jiankai hurriedly stopped him from continuing to talk, and then his figure disappeared from the city wall.

Shen Yan said with some surprise, “I can’t tell, Brother Chen has good communication skills!”

Shiqi smiled and didn’t say anything. His partnership with Jiang Jiankai was not easy to say.

It didn’t take long for the city gate to open, Jiang Jiankai smilingly went out and greeted them warmly, “Elder brother Chen, hurry up and enter the city.”

After Shiqi introduced him to the Purple Thorn Army Commander Shen Yan, Jiang Jiankai was frightened into a cold sweat.

It was true to say that a group of Purple Thorn Army who had just suffered a defeat needed to rest, and Shen Yan did not bother with him for the sake of Shiqi.

At the dinner table, Shiqi also inquired Jiang Jiankai for information, and learned that the Purple Thorn army had withdrawn to the Purple Thorn City, the city guards on the borderline commander received the news, into a state of war, let them strengthen the defense, the Black Blood Kingdom may attack at any time.

As for why the Purple Thorn Army retreated to Purple Thorn City, Jiang Jiankai did not receive a clear notice at that time. But now, Jiang Yan Kai understood.

After resting in the city for two days, leaving some of the soldiers whose wounds had deteriorated and were unfit to continue the journey in the city, Jiang Jiankai would definitely take good care of them, while the others hurriedly set off in the direction of Purple Thorn City.

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