It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 100 What A Big Eel

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In the western region of Tianluo Continent, in a mountain range. There was a seventh-class sect, Blue Mist Sect, located here.

Today, on the Sect’s sky. The sky and the earth roared, shockwave filled the air. A huge yellow dragon floated in the sky, looking down on the entire Blue Mist Sect. On the ground, a group of disciples stared at the giant dragon head blankly, frightened. They fell to the ground, shivering.

“Whoosh …” Dozens of figures came quickly, appearing in front of the dragon’s head. The leader was Blue Mist Sect’s, Sect Master. He looked at Huang Long, delicate beads of sweat flow down on his forehead, “I do not know this honorable senior, do you have any advice?”

“Haha ……” Huang Long smiled coldly, “I’m hungry, do you have any suggestion?”

“Honorable senior, If you are hungry, please eat me, let the other disciples go!” said the leader.

“Are you ordering me to do something?” After speaking, the dragon’s head descended from the sky and bit at the sect master’s location. 

Seeing this scene, the sect master’s scalp went numb and struggled frantically, but his whole body was imprisoned, unable to move at all.

“Kacha!” A cracking sound was heard. The sect master’s head was bitten off, followed by his body. Another “kacha” sounded as Huang Long chewed for a few times then swallowed into its abdomen.

“A little bit is still cultivation!” Huang Long nodded slightly, its eyes swept across the Blue Mist Sect.

“No … don’t …”

“Run…” The disciples were so scared that they were so scared that they ran around like a headless fly.

Huang Long opened its monstrously big mouth and sucked hard. A massive force of horror envelops everyone. They lost control of their body and flew upside down into Huang Long’s mouth. Without chewing, it swallowed all of them into its stomach.

“Pu …” Skeletons filled the sky when they were spat out from Huang Long’s mouth, falling like rain. The Blue Mist Sect was lifeless, like a Shura hell. In an instant, there was no vitality.

“I’m full, it’s time to see Xiao La!” Huang Long glanced at Blue Mist Sect, turned around, and flew quickly to Ghost Dragon Lake.

A few hours later. Huang Long came to Ghost Dragon Lake and sprinted down quickly. Huang Long searched around after entering the lake, “Not here? Where did Xiaola go?”

Meanwhile, in the north of Ghost Dragon Lake, a long rainbow came quickly.

This rainbow was Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng. After landing, Sun Hao looked at the calm Ghost Dragon Lake, his eyes full of brilliance, “Rumeng, do you think you can catch the eel this time?”

The eel? Young Master, that is a peerless ferocious flood dragon, only one step away from transforming into a dragon. Only one of this fierce flood dragon kind in this Ghost Dragon Lake was already pretty good. How could it be possible to get more.

“Ma … maybe!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Rumeng, you don’t believe me? This entire pool is like a lake, maybe I can fish out something big!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, of course I believe you! Good luck, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Well, help me get the fishnet out.” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng took out the fishnet that Sun Hao had prepared in advance. She looked at this fishnet, her eyes twinkled indefinitely. She couldn’t see the grade of this fishnet. However, it could be ascertained that even if an immortal was tied up, they might not be able to break free.

“Rumeng, when Brother Chen and the others come over, we will travel around the world, what do you think?” Sun Hao said.

“Everything will be arranged by Young Master!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Don’t, tell me what you think!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, my idea is to follow every of your arrangements!” Huang Rumeng smiled.

“…” Sun Hao was speechless for a while, really couldn’t treat her equally.

Ai, heart-plugged(1). Forget it, that was fine. It was a blessing to have such a wife who never quarrels.

“Rumeng, do you know this Western Region, which place has the most cultivators?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, the place with the most immortal cultivators in the Western Region is West Prefecture Immortal City. More than 90% of the people in it are cultivators!” Huang Rumeng said.

“West Prefecture Immortal City?” Sun Hao’s eyes shone with brilliance, revealing an extreme fascination.

If there were so many cultivators, then it must be effortless to distribute his works. When Brother Chen comes over, he will go to West Prefecture Immortal City! Sun Hao murmured, secretly making a decision.

Sun Hao threw the fishnet down, making a splashing sound and layers of ripples on the water. These vibrations spread from the surface to the bottom of the Lake.

Huang Long stared at a soul lamp that had been extinguished, its face full of anger.

“Ah! Who the hell is it? Who killed Xiao La? Don’t let me catch you, otherwise, I will skin you and pull you apart!” Huang Long said bitterly as its eyes were about to split from anger.

Suddenly, it raised its eyebrows, “Someone? A mortal? Actually daring to cast off a fishnet in this place? Courting death! A little girl in ninth stage Ascendant? It just so happens that I will make you two as a sacrifice to Xiao La! What? The both of them have Xiao La’s aura!”

“Damn, damn! Xiaola was eaten by them! My Xiao La, you died so miserably, I shouldn’t have been too far away from you! I should be crossing my tribulation nearby! When I catch you, you won’t be able to live nor die!” After speaking, Huang Long rushed up quickly.

“Damn fishnet, I will break it!” Huang Long aimed at the fishnet and slammed into it. The terrifying momentum caused the water in the entire Ghost Dragon Lake to stir.

The next second, Huang Long’s face changed drastically. It found that its body was shrinking rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it became only as thick as a thigh.

“Whoosh …” It was as if the fishnet was alive. It would immediately envelop Huang Long. It was impossible to break free even if it exhausted every means possible.

“Damn, how dare a mortal like you restrain me?!”

“I am from the ancient dragon clan! If your human clan doesn’t want to be destroyed, then let me go! Damn, do you hear me? My father is Ziyang Planet’s Dragon King! If you dare to touch me, you will be very dead!” However, when these voices reached Sun Hao’s ears, they all turned into eels screeches.

“Oh, what a big eel! This is a thigh thick. Fortunately, my net is strong enough. Otherwise, it may be able to break free! Rumeng, we can make it into several meals now!”  Sun Hao’s eyes lit up as he said so.

“Just base on you being a mortal, you want to control and capture me!” Huang Long saw Sun Hao grabbing it with big hands, it aimed to bite his hand. However, a force like Mount Tai straightly pressed Huang Long down to the ground, it was unable to move at all.

“Zi zi …” It squeaked and struggled frantically, however, it was useless. Sun Hao’s big hand seemed to be extremely powerful(2), so it could not break free at all.

“Seven inches hold(3), do you still want to escape? I’m a person who has strike iron, and I have a bit of strength!” After speaking, Sun Hao held a hammer and aimed it at Huang Long’s head and hit it down.

“Bang!” Huang Long fainted instantly with a tilted head. 

Huang Rumeng watched this scene blankly, with fine sweat rolling down her forehead. This … this is a dragon! Although it was a dragon that had just transformed, it was still a real dragon! The yellow dragon was in the hands of Young Master, and it didn’t even have a chance to struggle.

Young Master’s strength was terrifying! Not to mention the future of the dragon, maybe that dragon king will fall head first in the hands of Young Master.

  1. Internet invented word, this means there is an emotion that makes you feel flustered, uncomfortable, unspeakable pain, and speechlessness.
  1. Wanjun: million catty.
  2. It should be from “Hit the snake 7 inches below its head”. Supposedly this will one-hit k.o-ed the snake. I guess Sun Hao’s move is to paralyse (although the back of their head should hold this slithery creature). 
  3. Huang = Yellow, Long = Dragon, so yeah basically Yellow Dragon, usually refer to the weakest one if it is yellow.
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