I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 122: You’re on The Right Track

    Being targeted by the Black Iron Army experts, the frequency of True Origin Realm experts appearing in front of their escaping route increased, and the pressure on Shiqi increased significantly.

    “Thousand Parallel Sword Arts!” Shiqi finally made use of his martial arts.

    Just now, he had been using pure physical strength in order to preserve his combat power.

    After the Scarlet Blood Devil Sword was upgraded to an intermediate level spiritual weapon, as the swordmaster, all the sword techniques used by him directly doubled in damage.

    The Thousand Parallel Sword Arts of the inferior Xuan grade was used by him with the killing power of a mid-Xuan grade sword technique.

    The Thousand Parallel Sword Arts, every move, every stance, was pursued to bring out the most potent power of the martial artist. After the damage was multiplied by the Scarlet Blood Devil Sword, the power contained within each of Shiqi’ss swords reached a terrifying level!

    Even the peak of the vast majority of True Origin Realm martial artists could not afford to hold out Shiqi’s strength.

    The True Origin Realm experts of the Black Iron Army realized in horror that they were as helpless as a weak child in front of this humanoid beast. They could only see their fellow soldiers being sent flying, injured, maimed, or even killed by the swords, and sadly they could do nothing!

    They had the opportunity to attack the other side’s body, but the other side was completely carefree and almost invulnerable to swords and spears!

    If it was an ordinary battlefield, they could still take a kiting fighting style and not fight hard against Shiqi, but the problem was that the military order was for them to stop the other side.

    If they wanted to stop each other, then they could only confront each other head-on! When the second peak True Origin Realm commander died under Shiqi’s sword, even the battlefield experienced, and strong-willed generals of the Black Blood Kingdom were emboldened.

    Thirty percent of the strength of the Devil Fury Aura did not have much effect on them, but their comrades died one after another. The fear of facing death, the sense of powerlessness in the face of Shiqi was strengthened.

    If there were a sense of fear, the Devil Fury Aura would take advantage of the opportunity to enter their will. Thus their fear amplified!

    Some of the hundreds, thousands, and even a few of the commanders began to think in their minds – they couldn’t stop it, so they might as well let this guy go!

    The pressure Shiqi encountered began to diminish gradually, and finally, after killing an unenlightened enemy of the middle True Origin Realm, he saw the wilderness!

    Following him were Meng Fei and the other four 100-man commanders and the Purple Thorn Army that kept rushing out from the encirclement.

    Shiqi looked back and saw that many of his comrades were still deep in the enemy line and hadn’t rushed out. With a bit of thought, he decided to break in one more time!

    Just as he was about to kill the enemy formation again, he heard a roar not far away, a roar that used true qi, and he could hear it clearly on the battlefield. “Entangle them up, don’t let anyone get away!”

    Shiqi narrowed his eyes slightly and took a look at the sound, and the Black Iron Army commander was standing on a chariot.

    “Lord commander run away!” Xiong Tingzhi urged anxiously.

    “You guys run away first, I’ll take the rear, those True Origin Realm experts are targeting me, only I can stop them!”

    “But ……”

    “This is my order, violators of military law will be punished!”

    Looking at Shiqi, righteous turned his head, rushed to the rear to face the Black Iron army; almost all the Purple Thorn army’s eyes were red.

    Meng Fei shouted, “Hurry up and go, don’t let Lord 1000-man commander’s painstaking efforts go to waste!” His tone was choked with sobs. Those who really escaped from the encirclement, just over five hundred people, the vast majority followed closely behind Shiqi’s men!

    After Shiqi led his men to rush out, the encirclement closed again, and there were still more than a thousand Purple Thorn soldiers struggling.

    The Black Iron Army True Origin Realm experts had been surrounding Shiqi. Those who dared to strike at him had already died; the rest definitely did not want to fight him hard, that was, followed him, surrounded him, passive idle warfare.

    Shiqi did not go directly to save those besieged comrades, even if he rushed in again, he could not save many people, his trained men had almost broken out, and the Purple Thorn Army that had not been trained to adapt was likely to fall into absolute madness in the battle.

    He turned his gaze to the enemy commander.

    “Flash step!” After coming out of the blazing forging chamber, his physical strength was outrageously strong.

    After using the flash step, the ground trembled slightly with every step he took, knocking away seven or eight True Origin realm experts along the way and charging directly towards the general who was the commander of the battlefield.

    The two real innate generals of the Black Iron Army fought with Xu Sihao and had already fought to who knows where, so the one who was in command as the enemy was, at most, a peak True Origin realm expert.

    Shiqi was too dazzling on the battlefield, as the commanding general’s gaze had never left him. Seeing the other side rushing straight towards him, it was foolish if he didn’t understand what the other side wanted to do there?

    On the battlefield, the commander had always been the target that the enemy tried to kill.

    “Stop him for me!” The enemy commander shouted. He knew very well the consequences of letting the other side get close to him. Under his order, countless Black Iron Army soldiers began to aim their spears at Shiqi.

    Shiqi was like a killing machine that knew no fatigue and unlimited true qi, and his eyes glowed blood red as he rushed towards the enemy commander like a madman.

    Killing feedback, the devil sword kept sending pure true qi towards his body, the true qi in his body was stirring! Just now, no one could stop him from leading a breakout, and now the same!

    “Lord Sword Spirit, Devil Fury Aura, one hundred percent!”

    After the dual refinement of the Mind Condensation Technique and the Fiery Body Forging Chamber, Shiqi’s mental strength and willpower were already sufficient to maintain a certain level of sobriety in a complete Devil Fury Aura.

    It really wasn’t an easy thing for him to go completely into devilish madness!

    The Devil Fury aura was instantly enhanced, and the inextricably thick fury continuously eroded every soldier’s mind in the aura. Ordinary soldiers’ faces were defeated, and began to retreat. The weak-willed soldiers saw Shiqi as if they saw a devil god upon a mountain of blood!

    They did not have the courage to face him directly! The ordinary soldiers closest to him were the first to flee! The morale of the ordinary soldiers nearby was almost broken!

    All the Black Iron Army experts who were surrounding him and struggling to hold on in the Devil Fury aura discovered this situation, and their morale dropped even more by half. And his target was similarly enveloped by the aura.

    The enemy commander knew clearly that no one could stop the masked monster; he couldn’t escape this! No one was not afraid to die, and no one did not fear death. As long as fear existed, the speed of erosion by the devil fury aura is greatly accelerated.

    The warhorses were frightened. The four horses pulling the chariot wanted to scatter and run away, but they forgot that they were still tied to the chariot. It kept spinning back and forth, knocking many soldiers away, the four horses pulled like a tug of war, and finally, the rope broke, and they fled like crazy.

    The commander of the Black Iron Army jumped off the chariot and fled directly, and he felt that no one could stop that monster unless the innate experts made a move.

    Shiqi did not let him go, gradually closing in on him, gradually driving him crazy and making him desperate. His whole body was like gushing out of blood, and he was covered with sticky blood-red slurry and flesh mist …… in the eyes of his enemies, he was the devil!

    The fleeing commander finally broke down and hissed in a wretched voice, “Everyone, come and protect me!”

    “Protect Commander Hao!”

    “Quick, protect Commander Hao!”

    “……” The one who helped convey the order to shout was his personal guard! Shiqi grinned. This was the order he wanted. The soldiers surrounding the Purple Thorn Army froze.

    When they heard Commander Hao’s order again, they began to retreat slowly and went forward to protect Commander Hao. On the battlefield, military orders are military orders! Absolutely could not be disobeyed!

    It was very rigid but absolutely must be obeyed.

    The few hundred remaining Purple Thorn Army soldiers suddenly found that the Black Iron Army had stopped besieging them. They didn’t even think about it and ran directly towards the outside of the encirclement and soon disappeared in the vast night.

    They climbed up the small dirt slope and looked back, just in time to see the Black Iron Army gradually surrounding a man whose whole body was shrouded in a blood-red mist.

    Is that the man? The man who had been rushing at the front of the line? Hasn’t he …… already rushed out?

    Shiqi saw them leave and happily looked at the foot of Commander Hao and laughed, “Not bad, you’re on the right track, so I decided to ……”

    “Let me go?”

    “No, it is to let you die a little later!”

  • TL: I made some changes
  1. Devilish Aura = Devil Fury Aura
  2. Bauhinia Army = Purple Thorn Army
  3. Black = Xuan, Yellow = Huang (I can’t find any good equivalent so it will stay in its Chinese)

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