The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 30 The Celebration Begins

“Oh, the Flying Flower Sect.” Lu Yiping was surprised.

The Flying Flower Sect was a very large power in the Hundred Flowers Empire.

At least it was much stronger than the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, and the current head of the Flying Flower Sect was the sister of the Hundred Flower Empress.

The sister of the Hundred Flower Empress had been a member of the Flying Flower Sect since childhood and was later accepted as a disciple by the old ancestor of the Flying Flower Sect. By virtue of her own efforts, she ascended step by step to the position of the Sect Master of the Flying Flower Sect.

Lu Yiping got the memories of Su Xiu and Wu Mo.  Although he didn’t know the Eternal Plane very well, he was still clear about many forces.

“Yes, it’s the Flying Flower Sect’s Supreme Elder Ke Jie.” Song Ning said, “As to whether she is under the order of the Flying Flower Sect’s Sect Master, we don’t know yet.”

“However, we found out that this Ke Jie, and the Dark Devil Hall old ancestor Yang Siyuan relationship is somewhat unclear.”

“Dark Devil Hall, Yang Siyuan.” Lu Yiping pondered.

Just when Lu Yiping asked Song Ning about the Shura Sect’s investigation, within a certain mansion in the imperial capital, Hao Shan, the young patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, who was dressed in a white spotlessly clean shirt, and with skin more hydrated than a woman, was reclining in the arms of a voluptuous maid, then eating peeled spiritual fruits.

“That Lu Yiping, hasn’t even left the mansion lately?” He asked elegantly.

His men hurriedly replied, “No, since he went back after going to the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce, he had been staying at the mansion and not willing to see anyone.”

“What do you guys think, what is the strength of that Lu Yiping?” Hao Shan asked unhurriedly.

The man pondered, “It’s hard to say, but all who have seen Lu Yiping, said that his whole body has no true qi, and no divine power.”

“My subordinate guessed that it could be that he used a divine weapon to conceal his cultivation level.”

Hao Shan mused, “Three thousand years ago, that Tang Xiaobai wore the Void Cloth and concealed his cultivation, could he have obtained Tang Xiaobai’s Void Cloth?”

Hearing Hao Shan mention Tang Xiaobai, several of Hao Shan’s men were astonished.

Three thousand years ago, Tang Xiaobai came out, both good and evil, wearing the Void Cloth, no one could see his cultivation. He did things all by preference, and his cultivation level was extremely high. Nobody knew how many sect experts died in his hands, and even he dared to kill the ten superpowers’ disciples.

Later, Tang Xiaobai was surrounded by the Supreme Unity Sect experts and died on the Cliff of Burial Soul.

Suddenly, Hao Shan laughed and said, “Do you guys think that if I killed Lu Yiping during the North Star Empire celebration, would Old Devil Su Xiu go crazy?”

Kill Lu Yiping?!

A few of his men smiled and hold their breath, “This, Young Patriarch, no, it’s not very good, right?”

“Lu Yiping has the token of Yellow Springs Old Devil Su Xiu, and now he lives in Su Xiu’s mansion, so it is clear that this Lu Yiping is extremely valued by Su Xiu, otherwise, it is impossible for him to hold Su Xiu’s token.”

“If we kill him, I’m affraid that Su Xiu will be furious!”

Hao Shan sneered, “So what if he is furious, are we afraid of Su Xiu and the Yellow Springs Demon Sect? Back then, Su Xiu killed hundreds of disciples and experts of our Yin Ghost Sect! I am just collecting some interest by killing one of his nephews!”

“All these years, old devil Su Xiu has been hiding in the Gods Battlefield to cultivate, no one knows where he is hiding.”

“I’m just going to make Old Devil Su Xiu furious and lure him out!”

“I will slaughter him and cut off his flesh, piece by piece, for the wine!”

Several of his men were silent. No one dared to interfere. Among the hundreds of experts of the Yin Ghost Sect that Old Devil Su Xiu had killed, there was one of their Young Patriarch’s closest relatives.

“Okay, you guys go down.” Hao Shan said.

After his subordinates retreated, he violently grabbed the maid next to him and bit down on her neck. A terrifying scream rang out.

His subordinates heard the sound behind them, and it made their backs back chills, their young patriarch cultivating Gorefiend Divine Art. It made him often need to drink human blood. It should be fresh and hot human blood.

And at this time, the Wan family, Wan Hong, also all asked his men about Lu Yiping’s movement.

“Young master, are we really want to take action against this Lu Yiping? I heard that those four guards around him are very strong, they are at the Gods realm!” A Wan family expert hesitantly said, “Should we report to the patriarch first?”

Wan Hong stood with his hands behind his back and said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, I have a plan in mind, besides, even if we don’t make a move, Hao Shan of the Yin Ghost Sect won’t let him go.”

Inside the Northern Star Imperial Palace.

Tomorrow was the empire’s ten-thousand-year celebration, but the Great Emperor of the Northern Star Zhou Dingtian was frowning.

Lu Yiping’s identity had been leaked, and he didn’t expect it to attract Hao Shan’s attention, the young master of the Yin Ghost Sect, and Wan Hong, the young master of the Wan Family to come.

Not only that, in recent days in the imperial capital, the number of evil sect experts had increased dramatically.

The imperial capital was surging underneath.

And General Chen Yuan was kneeling in the main hall with his forehead full of sweat because the identity of Lu Yiping was leaked to Yun Haitian of the Yun family from his mouth.

“Your Majesty, I, deserve to die!” Chen Yuan saw that Zhou Dingtian did not speak for half a day. His heart gripped tightly, and he kneeled even more and said,.

Zhou Dingtian said in a deep voice, “Get up.”

After Chen Yuan got up cautiously, he said, “Tomorrow’s celebration, double the number of troops to guard the major entrances and exits of the Imperial Palace!”

Double the military strength?

Chen Yuan was stunned.

You know, now, not to mention the military strength in the imperial capital city, the Imperial Palace alone had a million soldiers, and all of them were the Empire’s ace elite army.

However, Zhou Dingtian had ordered, he did not dare to question. He respectfully took his orders and retreated.

The next day, the great sun was rising. The entire Northern Star Empire was bustling with activity.

The crowd was surging. Wave after wave of fireworks rang out in the sky above the imperial palace, and the fireworks bloomed brilliantly, brightly reflecting the entire imperial capital.

The streets and alleys of the Northern Star Imperial Capital were filled with a festive atmosphere.

“My lord, the celebration has begun.” Lu Peng looked at the splendid imperial palace high in the sky joyfully and smiled at Lu Yiping.

The Wuji Dynasty was the imperial dynasty under the Northern Star Empire, so Lu Peng and the others also barely counted as half of the Northern Star Empire citizens. They were also thrilled in their hearts for the Northern Star Empire 10,000-year celebration.

Lu Yiping smiled and stood up, “Let’s go, let’s go to the celebration.”

So Lu Yiping and the others went out of the mansion and drove.

Lu Yiping also let Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu get into the chariot, Zhang Jin and the four were in front, while Song Ning and Tunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s experts followed behind.

“Lu Yiping! He is Lu Yiping!”

On the street, the crowd was surging, and it was almost impenetrable, but when people saw the Golden Bull chariot, they all gave way for it to pass through.

“He is Lu Yiping? Isn’t he rumored to be green-faced and fanged looks like an evil ghost?”

“I heard that he got Tang Xiaobai’s Void Cloth, covering up his cultivation base, so he really has no true qi.”

From the crowd, all kinds of whispering were heard.

On the chariot, Lu Yiping frowned, green face and fangs, looked like an evil ghost? The Void Cloth? Who deliberately passed this gossips?

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull listened to the noise around hummed coldly, like a divine thunder explosion, at once, the discussion of the people’s was buzzing in their mind, frightened and silent.

The chariot moved slowly. In a short while, the imperial palace was in sight.

At this time, a white chariot came from another street, and it was the chariot of the young patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect.

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