It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 99 Family Treasure Xuanyuan Cup

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“For what reason!” Xuanyuan Shi said coldly.

The second elder’s body trembled, and his expression trembled. “First, your father is not dead yet, he is locked in the secret room! We are the top power of the Xuanyuan family. If you kill us, the Xuanyuan clan will definitely decline!”

“Threatening me?” Xuanyuan Shi smiled coldly.

“In the future, the Xuanyuan family will not decline with me! Thus, the vermins who harm my father shall die!” As she finished her words, six sword lights rushed over quickly.

“No!” A shout full of unwillingness stopped abruptly. The nine elders fell down in a daze, turning into headless corpses. At this moment, everyone was paralyzed and shivered.

“Listen first, I will spare your life for the time being! As a descendant of the Xuanyuan family, those who want to obtain resources must contribute to the family! The family does not keep waste and white-eyed wolf(ingrate)! Next time if you dare commit another crime, I will uproot you and never show mercy!” 

The overbearing and unquestionable voice spread through the ears of every child. All the children crawled on the ground and kept kowtowing. “Thanking Miss for sparing us!”


Xuanyuan Shi flew down, came to the middle-aged man, took out the pill, and fed it down.

After exploring the pulse, he breathed a sigh of relief, “Uncle Ying, take a rest first, I’ll go to find my father! Someone come!”


“Take a good care of Uncle Ying!”

“Yes, miss!”

“Whoosh …” Xuanyuan Shi disappeared instantly. When she reappeared, she had already come to the family forbidden dungeon. The people detained here were all murderous people.

“Damn it! Dared to lock my father here. You should be happy I didn’t kill you!” Xuanyuan Shi’s face was full of anger. She rushed to the dungeon and soon came to her destination. Looking at the scene before her, tears were shining in her eyes.

“Father!” He saw a middle-aged man hung in the air inside a cell. A few chains as thick as an arm directly pierced his shoulder blade from behind. His whole face was drained of blood. This person was Xuanyuan Yi, Xuanyuan Shi’s father.

Xuanyuan Shi smashed through the cell door with a sword and put Xuanyuan Yi down. After pulling out the iron chain on his body, she feeds him the spirit pill. She walked out carrying him … Xuanyuan Yi woke up leisurely on his bed in the patriarch’s room after a long time.

“Little Shi, you are back? Did you rescue me? Where are the ten grand elders? They didn’t embarrass you, did they?” Xuanyuan Yi asked.

“It’s okay! Father, they are all dead!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“What? How is this possible? What is going on?” Xuanyuan Yi asked in disbelief.

Then, Xuanyuan Shi told everything from her entrance to Blood Phoenix Nest to an encounter with Sun Hao. Xuanyuan Yi listened quietly, gaped, and did not recover for a long time.

“In this world, there are such immortals? The human race has hope!” Xuanyuan Yi muttered to himself, his eyes shining indefinitely. He looked at Xuanyuan Shi with a serious look, “Little Shi, you are doing the right thing, that Young Master is great, you must return a gift to Young Master!”

“Father, can you give Young Master some immortal crystals?” Xuanyuan Shi looked at Xuanyuan Yi, her expression was tense.

“No!” Xuanyuan Yi strictly refused.

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Shi sighed secretly and furrowed her eyebrows. Immortal crystal was indeed too expensive, and it made sense for her father being reluctant to take it out. As the patriarch, it was not easy for her father to consider the family. 

They wished to break every immortal crystal into three parts for every use. However, if they didn’t take the immortal crystal, what can she give the Young Master? After thinking about it, Xuanyuan Shi couldn’t think of anything that the Young Master would like.

“Little Shi, how can a character like the Young Master regard an immortal crystal? If you want to give a gift, it will naturally be our family’s heirloom!” Xuanyuan Yi said.

“What?” Xuanyuan Shi looked astonished and couldn’t believe it.

“Family heirloom? Father, when do we have a family heirloom?” Xuanyuan Shi asked.

“Of course we have!” Xuanyuan Yi smiled slightly, pretending to be profound.

“The family heirloom is kept by the Patriarch! Of the entire family, only the Patriarch and the ten elders know! The reason why father is still alive is because I did not hand over the family heirloom. Otherwise, they would have killed me long ago!”

“Father, do we really have Xuanyuan Cup?”(1)


“Follow father!”

“Yes, father!”

Xuanyuan Shi took a sigh of relief and followed Xuanyuan Yi into a firewood shack. After Xuanyuan Yi pressed the hidden switch, an underground tunnel was revealed. Along the way, the two passed through many secret passages and mechanisms.

Some mechanisms that seemed like stone walls opened a secret door under Xuanyuan Yi’s operation. There are at least dozens of hidden doors like this. Moreover, the wall can block the divine consciousness and prevent detection.

No wonder the ten elders did not get the family heirloom. These secret doors alone made it impossible for people to find them. This walk took half an hour. Xuanyuan Yi stood in front of a stone wall with a serious look.

“Father, this is?” Xuanyuan Shi asked.

“Wait a moment, it will be fine soon!” Xuanyuan Yi closed his eyes, muttering words in his mouth, waving his hands incessantly, making Xuanyuan’s Shi to be dazzled.

After a while, the stone wall slowly sank, and a stone chamber appeared. The stone room was small, only a few square meters. There were dense arrays all around.

In the middle of the stone wall, a shelf was 2 meters high and looked like a lantern. The shape was extraordinary, like a spire. There was an empty circular hole in the middle of the shelf, the size of a head.

Standing in front of this shelf made one feel that their whole person was very comfortable and their soul was getting stronger.

Treasure! Xuanyuan Shi murmured, her eyes twinkling.

“Little Shi, this is called Xuanyuan Cup, it is our family’s heirloom. I hope Young Master can see its value!” Xuanyuan Yi said.

“Father, do you really want to give the family heirloom to Young Master?” Xuanyuan Shi looked surprised.

“Of course!” Xuanyuan Yi showed incomparably resolute expression, “It is our blessing to be in the good grace of such characters as the Young Master! Compared with the calligraphy that Young Master gave you, it is not at the same level! When you fully integrate the words on it, you will be able to become an immortal!”

“With you, my Xuanyuan family will be able to pass it on for thousands of years! Not to mention, we have a good bond with Young Master! If Young Master can give us a little fortune, My Xuanyuan family can inherit one hundred thousand years or millions of years! Do you understand these principles?” Xuanyuan Yi said earnestly.

“Father, I understand!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“Good child, take this thing, hurry and send it to Young Master, don’t let Young Master think you are a white-eyed wolf!” Xuanyuan Yi said.

“Yes, father!”


“Father, what else do you have to say?”

“Remember, you must never contradict the Young Master! Just follow the Young Master! Remember, bear it in mind!”

“Yes, father!” Xuanyuan Shi nodded heavily.

Then, with a wave of her right hand, she placed the Xuanyuan Cup in her palm and quickly walked away.

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