I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 121 Becoming A Diversion

The first wave was a dense rain of thousands of arrows. In this kind of battlefield, the archer did not need to aim at all, only needed to draw the bow and continuously shoot the arrow!

Soldiers with shields immediately erected the shields in front of them. If they had no shields, they could only block them with weapons in their hands.

When the bows and arrows were dense to a certain level, it was almost impossible to block all the arrows! After an arrow rain, it caused significant damage to the team.

Shiqi ran to the rear of his team, desperately waving the heavy crimson sword, and cast the length and width advantage of the sword to the limit, barely blocking most of the arrows for his men. Some of them could not be stopped, so he simply used his body to harden it.

Seven arrows were nailed to him, making a “dang dang” crash and then falling to the ground. Ordinary bows and arrows couldn’t hurt seventeen.

“Listen to all the soldiers of the Southern Cloud Kingdom, you have nowhere to go. As long as you are willing to lay down your weapons and surrender and serve for our Black Blood Kingdom, we are willing to accept prisoners!”

“……”  These words were repeated several times. Shiqi was also afraid of death, but he didn’t believe a word. Captive? When he was fighting bandits, he also did not take any prisoners!

These words, however, could really shake the morale. After all, the Bauhinia Army had been cornered to a dead end.

Even if the Bauhinia Army’s resistance could be slightly weakened, the purpose of these words had been achieved.

“The Sixth Army followed the order, and the rear army rushed out to the side for me!”

Commander Hong’s voice suddenly appeared, and his command made the Bauhinia Army find the target, and all the Bauhinia Army began to break through according to his orders.

On the battlefield, the soldiers on both sides collided fiercely! All the Bauhinia Army suffocated their breath and tried hard to open a bloody path.

But if you wanted to break through, where was it so easy?

The commander of the Black Iron Army was not a fool. After discovering the intention of the Bauhinia Army, he began to dispatch troops and seal their way.

Their ambition was very big, that was, to swallow the Sixth Army!

On the cruel battlefield, no one was spared, relying on nearly four times the number of advantages, the Black Iron Army strangled the Bauhinia Army!

About a quarter of an hour later, the Bauhinia Army still failed to break through the Black Iron Army. The Bauhinia Army in front of the Shiqi team was dying more and more, and the number was getting less and less. Seeing that, the Shiqi’s army was about to rise up!

More than 3,000 Bauhinia troops had died in battle, but the breakthrough was indefinite, and Shiqi doubted whether they could breakthrough!

Shiqi was concentrating on holding his breath. It was the first time he faced such a large-scale battle!

Just when he was about to contact the enemy, Chen Hao said in his ear: “Look behind you!”

Back? Being sandwiched back and forth?

Shiqi quickly turned his head but was surprised to find that the Bauhinia army behind the original itself was less than a half!

In the darkness, Shiqi saw more than 3,000 Bauhinia Army from his right rear, breaking through the weak line of defense of the Black Iron Army and disappearing into the night. Part of the Black Iron Army was still unwilling to chase them.

He immediately searched for the figure of Commander Hong behind him but could not find it. He took a deep breath, and even if he did an excellent job of nurturing his qi, his anger would inevitably come into being.

Shiqi did not know that this part of their soldiers who were in front of them had been thrown away as bait.

Commander Hong let them break through in this direction, basically making them a target to attract the enemy’s attention. When the Black Iron Army transferred most of its troops to block it, the strength of other positions was reduced.

Then, Hong Xi took his troops to break through from the weak position! Even if Shiqi and his were dissatisfied with Hong Yang again, it must be admitted that his tactics were successful, and he took more than three thousand soldiers to break through successfully.

It was a blessing that the Sixth Army could break through with more than 3,000 soldiers.

Up to now, many soldiers still didn’t know about Hong Xi’s escape. Shiqi would not talk nonsense. It would only shake the morale of the army!

“Meng Fei, tell the brothers, when you break through, stay close to me and I’ll take them out!”

“Commander are you sure?”

“If I can’t rush out, then you just put down your weapons!”

Shiqi’s specific strength was not even clear to him himself. Since leaving Bauhinia City, he had not had an accurate estimate. But he could say for sure that, but his strength definitely belongs to the top under the innate realm.

“Good!” At a critical juncture, Meng Fei chose to believe in Shiqi. Not only was Meng Fei, but thousands of soldiers under his command believe in him.

Because there was no one more trustworthy than Lan Shiqi.

“Lord Sword Spirit, Devilish Aura, 30%!”

Shiqi’s eyes instantly turned blood red. With him as the center, the blood-red murderous aura quietly spread in the darkness. When the soldiers trained by Shiqi just shrouded in it, a familiar excitement appeared.

Thirty percent was just the critical line for adapting to training. Moreover, they would really fight with the Black Iron Army until the last drop of blood flows out.

“Brothers, all follow me!” Shiqi shouted, he raised his heavy sword and rushed to the enemy fiercely. In the vast sea of soldiers, his tall and magnificent figure stood out.

Shiqi took a step, leaving a deep footprint crack on the ground, he rushed into the black iron army, brandishing his heavy crimson sword.

He swept the first sword in the middle, and ordinary armor and weapons could not stop the blade of the crimson blood sword, and the Black Iron army within four meters was cut in half!

With the second sword, he directly took down three enemies in the way.

His sword slashed at a warrior officer in the early True Origin Realm with the third sword, and the officer was instantly torn apart!


On the battlefield, no one could get close to Shiqi’s range within four meters! The crossbow shot from the dark clanged and slammed into him before being bounced away.

Extraordinary power, a defense that can hardly be breached, superb swordsmanship, and a terrifying murderous aura… created such a fearsome beast that rampaged and trampled on the battlefield! And behind Shiqi, there was also a group of crazy soldiers.

The soldiers affected by the evil spirit aura, faced with the numerous Black Iron army, not only weren’t afraid but excited instead.

After killing some enemies, their eyes began to turn latosolic red, and the whole people started to go crazy slowly. They frantically attack any enemy who dares to approach, endlessly!

A Bauhinia soldier desperately pierced the opponent’s throat and was then pierced by three Black Iron soldiers with spears. As he died, he smiled frantically, threw out his sword, and took another person away!

A Bauhinia soldier’s right hand was cut off, and he threw down an enemy madly. It was not until someone stabbed him to death and pulled him away that he found that the soldier he had thrown down had died, and his neck was all bloody.

Even if they gave up all their defense, they would tear up the enemy crazily. As long as they were still breathing, they would try very hard to tear off a piece of meat on the enemy.

What the hell was this?

Unlike the desperate madness of trapped beasts fighting and desperate, those crazy soldiers… seem to be a group of lunatics, a group of chilling bloodthirsty beasts!

Surrounded by the Bauhinia Army, the Black Iron Army, who witnessed these crazy soldiers with their own eyes, were all panicking! For no reason, something called fear appeared. Under the influence of the evil spirit aura, that fear was infinitely magnified.

They started to step back and tried to stay away from those lunatics!

The Bauhinia Army under Seventeen did not pursue it. They always remembered the last command under him- to keep up with him!

So, under Shiqi’s leadership, they abruptly cut a gap in more than 30,000 enemy troops! And getting closer and closer to success!

“Stop them!” The commander of the Black Iron Army shouted angrily, “You can’t let them run away. All officers with more than 100-man must stop them!”

Four times the strength of troops, a perfect ambush, even so, there were still three thousand Bauhinia army escaping.

If the rest of the Bauhinia Army in the encirclement breaks through successfully, what awaited them was not a reward but the harshest punishment from the military!

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