The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 29 The Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect

“After his men killed seventy-seven people on After his men killed seventy-seven people in King’s Border Hill (Prev Wang Bian Mountain), General Chen Yuan was going to capture him for questioning, but he took out a tokent.”

“That token belongs to the Yellow Springs Demon Sect’s Su Xiu!” Yun Haitian added, “And the mansion he lives in now is the Yellow Springs Demon Sect Su Xiu’s.”

“As for the four guards around him, they should be at the Gods realm!”

The Yun family experts were shocked again when they heard the words.

Four Gods realm experts, as escorts?

This Yellow Springs Demon Sect’s Su Xiu sent four Gods realm experts to protect this Lu Yiping!

The status of Lu Yiping in the heart of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect’s Su Xiu spoke for itself!

“No wonder the Northern Star Emperor Zhou Dingtian didn’t capture him for questioning!” Yun Cheng, the Yun Clan’s Elder, said. When it came to this, he took a look at Yun Xingyun.

Fortunately, he had blocked Yun Xingyun in the morning. Otherwise, it was not sure what else happened now.

Yun Xingyun’s face changed. He did not expect this Lu Yiping was none other than the nephew of the great devil Su Xiu of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect. Thinking of his grandson’s tragic death, he sighed in his heart.

While standing in the corner of the hall, Yun Guohua, who was standing in the corner of the hall, looked pale and felt cold and sweaty all over.

Thinking back to that scene in the morning, he only felt his soul tremble. Fortunately, he was not the one who stopped the bull chariot in the morning, otherwise, now, he would have died in vain!

Then, Yun Haitian said, “I also learned that this time, one of the ten invitations with the inscription by Emperor Zhou Tianding, was given to this Lu Yiping.”

The hearts of all the people in the Yun family were suddenly shocked.

Yun Haitian called Yun Guohua in front of him and said coldly, “From now on, you should not go out, and next month, when the Northern Star Empire celebration begins, you should not go to attend either.”

Yun Guohua lowered his head and had to bow down and answer yes respectfully.

The next day, Princess Taiyan, Xiao Changfeng, and Zheng Yue came to Yun Guohua’s residence and explained their identities to the housekeeper to visit Yun Guohua. Still, the housekeeper shook his head, “I have to apologize to three young masters, my master has been grounded and can’t go out, so he can’t see anyone.”

“Grounded?!” Princess Tai Yan and the two were shocked.

“Why?!” Xiao Changfeng couldn’t help but ask.

The housekeeper shook his head, “I don’t know the exact reason, but it was ordered by Lord Yun Haitian himself.”

“Yun!? Lord Yun Haitian!” The three were stunned when they heard that Yun Haitian personally ordered Yun Guohua’s punishment.

In the end, the three left with astonishment. The three went back to their residences.

As soon as Princess Tai Yan returned to the mansion, she was summoned by Tai Wuji, the ancestor of the Wuji Dynasty.

“The old ancestor wants to see me?” Princess Tai Taiyan was stunned. Puzzled, she followed behind the inner palace experts of the Wuji Imperial Dynasty and arrived at the courtyard where Tai Wuji lived.

For this celebration of the Northern Star Empire, as the old ancestor of the Wuji Imperial Dynasty, Tai Wuji also came.

When Princess Tai Yan arrived, she found that her father, Tai Hao, was also there.

When Tai Wuji saw Princess Taiyan had arrived, he smiled and said, “Tai Yan, Patriarch Song Ning and the experts of the Tunder Sparrow Sword also arrived yesterday, you will go and meet Patriarch Song Ning later, you are also indeed a disciple of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.”

Princess Tai Yan was puzzled. Let her go to visit Song Ning?

Although she was also considered a disciple of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, but with her status as a princess of the Wuji Dynasty, she was no less important than Song Ning, so there was no need to visit Song Ning at all, right?

Seeing Princess Tai Yan’s doubts, Tai Wuji smiled and said, “Patriarch Song Ning and his friends are now together with Young Master Lu Yiping, after you go over, you can ask Young Master Lu for some advice on swordsmanship and fist technique, Lu Yiping you know, right? It’s the Scarlet Flame Sword, Young Master Lu Yiping.”

“Lu, Lu Yiping?!” Princess Tai Yan was stunned hearing the Old Ancestor Tai Wuji’s words, and she dared to say that by asking her to visit Song Ning, she actually wanted her to get in acquaintance with Lu Yiping?

But, why?

“Old Ancestor, that Lu Yiping?” Princess Tai Yan asked in disbelief.

Tai Wuji nodded and smiled, “Not bad, we just got word that this Lu Yiping is the nephew of Yellow Spring Demon Sect’s old ancestor Su Xiu!”

“What, Yellow, Yellow Springs Demon Sect, Old Demon, Su Xiu!” Princess Tai Yan’s pretty face changed significantly.

How could this be, this Lu Yiping was actually the nephew of Su Xiu of the Yellow Spring Demon Sect!

Then! Suddenly, she thought of Yun Guohua.

So it turns out!

So it was!

Tai Wuji saw Princess Tai Yan’s reaction. Although he felt strange, he didn’t think too much and said, “The identity of Lu Yiping has been slowly spread. It is estimated that this will also be known the Xiao family and the Zheng family.”

And at the same time, in the Xiao family courtyard, Xiao Changfeng’s whole body, as if drained of strength, slumped on the chair, muttering to himself.


Su Xiu mansion.

Lu Yi Ping stood within the courtyard pavilion, holding a large sword in his hand.

The sword was ten feet long, the blade was turquoise blue, reflecting the entire yard a blue color.

This sword was the battle sword of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods.

After the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods perished, he found it on the battlefield of the Gods. Back then, when he found this battle sword, the battle sword was stained with purple blood.

“Master, the old ancestor of the Xiao family is outside kneeling and begging, he brought Xiao Changfeng over and has shattered Xiao Changfeng’s golden pellet and dantian, saying that it’s all up to the master to dispose of, only begging the master to spare the Xiao family.” Zhang Jin came in and said to Lu Yiping in a respectful voice.

“Let him go.” Lu Yiping said indifferently, “Tell him that I don’t like people kneeling in front of the residence.”

“Also, if there are other people asking to see me these days, don’t come in and disturb me.”

“Understood Master!” Zhang Jin answered in a respectful voice and retreated.

After Zhang Jin left, Lu Yi Ping put the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods Battle Sword into the Universal Cauldron and then cultivated the Longevity Arts.

Although he had reached the last layer of Longevity Arts, he always felt that the forty-ninth layer did not seem to be the end of the Longevity Arts. There was still the fiftieth layer? However, within the Jade Disc of Creation, there was no method for the fiftieth layer.

In the following days, Lu Yiping stayed in the courtyard, not going anywhere, cultivating the Longevity Arts, and comprehending the Great Dao.

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of the month. Tomorrow was the celebration of the Northern Star Empire.

Lu Yiping came out of the courtyard and found that Song Ning had broken through to the Great Emperor realm, and as for Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu, their improvement was equally impressive. Lu Peng was already at the seventh level of the Golden Core, while Lu Xiaoyu, not only had he successfully stepped into the Transcendence Realm, she had also broken through to the fifth level.

“Not bad.” Lu Yiping said to Song Ning.

Song Ning looked a bit restless in front of Lu Yiping and laughed, “If I didn’t have Young Master’s guidance, I don’t know when I would have broken through.” After a pause, he added, “Young Master, I heard that the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, will also attend the North Star Empire celebration tomorrow.”

“There is also the Wan Family, Wan Hong, also coming.”

Lu Yiping hummed.

Although the Yellow Springs Demon Sect and the Yin Ghost Sect were both evil sects, they had always been incompatible, and the relationship between the two sects was not very good, and Su Xiu, the old ancestor of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect, had killed many Yin Ghost Sect experts.

As for the Wan family and Su Xiu’s grudges and grievances couldn’t be finished in one day.

“I asked you to investigate the matter of the Shura Sect, how is the investigation going?” Lu Yiping asked.

“It’s not certain yet, but there are already some suspicions.” Song Ning hurriedly replied, “The Shura Sect Sect Master and the others should have been killed by the Supreme Elder of the Flying Flower Sect.”

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