It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 98 I am a Sword

“She actually comprehended the sword intent domain? How could this be possible? This talent is comparable to the first heir!” In the distance, a group of children who formed the formations looked at this scene with shock. The Grand Elder looked at Xuanyuan Shi, the expression on his face changed uncertainly.

“It is indeed an evildoer since she has already taken action, then she can’t stay!” The Grand Elder thought secretly, lifting the long sword, and then rushed towards Xuanyuan Shi.

“Huu …” Immortal power rolled over the Grand Elder, covering him like a shield. The sword light was completely blocked, can’t get close to Sword Intent Domain at all. The Ninth Stage Ascendant Realm powerhouse was so powerful.

“So what if you are an evildoer? Today, no one will be able to save you! Let me tell you. I have killed your father.” The voice only reached Xuanyuan Shi’s ears.

“Haha…” After finishing speaking, the Grand Elder looked up to the sky and laughed.

“Looking for death!” Xuanyuan Shi was full of anger and quickly rushed towards the Grand Elder. However, she was only a third stage of Ascendant Realm. It’s a far cry from the Ninth Stage Ascendant Realm. Even if she had a sword intent domain, she was still not an opponent for him.

“Boom …” After a few moves, Xuanyuan Shi flew upside down and hit the ground hard, vomited blood. There were more bruises on her body.

“Pu …” After a long time, Xuanyuan Shi struggled to stand up. She stared at the Grand Elder, clenched her fingers so tightly that they made creaking sounds.

“Haha, little girl, let you grow up for a while. This old man is definitely not your opponent! However, you will die today!” Without giving Xuanyuan Shi any chance to breathe, The Grand Elder rushed over with his sword. The surrounding air pressed frantically, which made Xuanyuan Shi’s fingers difficult to move.

“No…” The middle-aged man let out a shout when he saw this scene. However, he fell heavily to the ground with a few swords on his body, he collapsed. Xuanyuan Shi gaped and closed her eyes, revealing a look of unwillingness.

I met the Young Master with great difficulty and received a shockingly good fortune. On the way back, she successfully comprehended the sword intent domain and became an evildoer. However, the Grand Elder unexpectedly made a move in advance. The Patriarch position was replaced, and her father’s life or death was unknown. Now, she was separated from her family.

“Young Master, I am going to die before I can give you a thank you gift. I’m sorry!” Two lines of tears fell from the corner of Xuanyuan Shi’s eyes. She secretly thought of the calligraphy Sun Hao gave her, and opened her mouth muttered:

Sword Qi spreads across thirty thousand miles, and one sword shines on nineteen continents!

At this time, Xuanyuan Shi’s spiritual space trembled crazily. A scroll flew out of the void. “Kacha…” The power imprisoned on Xuanyuan Shi’s body broke instantly. 

The Grand Elder’s long sword directly pierced the scroll. “Boom…” The long sword in his hand shattered instantly. Immediately afterwards, the body of the Grand Elder flew out like a broken kite.

“Boom…” He fell heavily to the ground, throwing dust into the air.

The scroll soared into the sky, changing rapidly. The words on the scroll were like living things, detached from the paper. The golden light made people unable to open their eyes. These prominent characters danced around Xuanyuan Shi and took her into the air. Xuanyuan Shi closed her eyes and felt it quietly. An incredibly refreshing smile appeared on her face.

“Om…” There was a shockwave.

The word [sword] penetrated directly into her head and blended with her body. Incomparably terrifying power rushed in her body. Her whole person seemed to explode, extremely uncomfortable. Xuanyuan Shi gritted her teeth and persisted, absorbing this power through her cultivator. It took a long time for her to absorb all the power in her body.

“Huu …”

The word [sword], not right, there was a small part missing on it. The word flew out of her mind. With the other words surrounding her, they flew back to the scroll. The scroll shrank again and flew back to Xuanyuan Shi’s hands.

Xuanyuan Shi opened her eyes and scanned the world with two brilliant lights. She stood there as her power skyrocketed, sharp and unstoppable. No one dared to look Xuanyuan Shi’s eyes squarely.

“What a strong sword power, I feel that my soul is about to break when I look at it!”

“So strong! She has achieved the unity of human and sword. She is really a swordsman!”

“I can’t even produce the least resistance at all facing the swordsman!” The younger generation in the distance stared blankly, not daring to breathe loudly.

After Xuanyuan Shi glanced around, she retracted her gaze and sighed secretly!

“The physical body is still too weak, I can’t even integrate a single word, aii, I have to continue working hard in the future! Young Master, don’t worry, I will merge all these words and will not disappoint your high expectations of me!”

Xuanyuan Shi muttered to herself, secretly clenched her fists. After a long time, she withdrew her expression. Her gaze scanned the ground, staring directly at the Grand Elder. This stare was like the stare of a demon king. The Grand Elder trembled, and his eyes showed fear.

“Family rebels, die!” Xuanyuan Shi’s voice was cold, and her killing intent was strong. Every time she uttered a word, a sword light condensed and formed in her mouth. Six sword lights floated quietly in the sky. It looks like six fireflies, without the slightest power. Seeing this scene, the Grand Elder sneered coldly.

“I thought you were going to let out some terrifying big move, but you were just letting out a fart(nothing much)! With such a weak sword qi, you want to deal with this old man?” The Grand Elder snorted coldly and called the immortal power in his body to form a shield that covered his whole body. Immediately afterwards, he moved to rush towards Xuanyuan Shi.

Xuanyuan Shi looked at the Grand Elder, her expression unchanged. She gently held out her right hand. A sword light flew away quickly.

“Relying on this?” There was a sneer on the face of the Grand Elder. He stretched out his fist, aimed at the sword light, and punched out. The grand elder’s face changed drastically at the next second.

“Cii …” The sword light pierced his fist and flew over, aiming at the center of his eyebrow. Immediately afterwards, “Boom! Boom!” Two explosions sounded slightly. The Grand Elder’s fist and head directly exploded into blood mist.

“Boom!” The headless body fell heavily to the ground.

“Shoo …” The sword light flew back to Xuanyuan Shi again.

It only took one strike for the Grand Elder to die tragically on the spot. Such a scene strongly stimulated everyone’s eyes. Whether it was an elder or a younger generation, they were all frightened at this exact moment.

A ray of sword light that seems to have no power can easily kill the Ninth-stage Ascendant Realm? Who can be her opponent? If she uses six sword lights, the whole clan can be wiped clean, right?

At this thought ended, the sound of cold air being inhaled resounded. Everyone was crawling on the ground, shivering.

“Miss, we were wrong, forgive us!”

“Miss, we are innocent, we were only obeying orders!”

Such voices kept ringing. Xuanyuan Shi ignored the family’s descendants begging for mercy. Her gaze was directly on the nine elders, which made the nine elders tremble. Among them, the second elder took a step forward, and after a few breaths, he said: “Miss, you can’t kill us!”

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