I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 120 Attacking Mingtai City

At the end of the border, the Sixth Army changed to go out at night, and no fire was allowed to make food.

The marching route was obviously carefully selected, spies and military masters were released in large numbers, and the beacon towers established by the Black Blood Kingdom were taken down at breakneck speed. The Black Blood Kingdom and the Southern Cloud Kingdom had already broken off their trade agreement. Thus they only met a few people along the way. Even if they met some people, they would strangle them directly without any reason.

On the fourth night after leaving the border, the army arrived at the designated place without anyone realizing it.

Shiqi had the orders; save your strength, and attacked with all his strength in the middle of the night, striving to win within an hour!

The Bauhinia Legion wanted to conquer several cities in the Black Blood Kingdom in the shortest time and at the least cost. If they did not attack in a sneak attack, the price would be too high. Once the attack was unfavorable and took too much time, they might be driven over. They would meet the reinforcements of the Black Iron Army head-on, and when they were flanked back and forth, it meant trouble.

Shiqi estimated that this operation should not only involve the Sixth Army.

The idea of ​​the military of the Southern Cloud Kingdom was straightforward. As long as they win over a few cities, but it would be taken over by the Black Iron Army soon after they realize it. The Bauhinia Army would take the initiative and give the Zhou Kingdom a satisfactory explanation!

The city had been captured; what else can you be dissatisfied with?

Shiqi felt that it was a good idea to control the war on the mainland of the Black Blood Kingdom. After all, the army of the Black Blood Kingdom was too cruel when all three cities of the Zhou Kingdom were slaughtered!

More than ten thousand soldiers, quietly close to the city periphery. It was not until this time that the Shiqi realized that the target of this attack was Mingtai City.

After the siege equipment such as the ladder, rushing cart, and crossing equipment was assembled, the crossing equipment was pushed into the wall of Mingtai City, and a bridge was built directly on it. The guards in the city wall didn’t notice until the ladder was pushed under the city wall.

“Someone attacked the city!” The harsh and rapid gong sounded, but they felt a little late.

The number of ladders was limited. Pioneers had already climbed the ladders and slowly ascended. Under the strong push of more than 20 True Origin Realm masters, they slammed into Mingtai City and made a loud noise!

“Go!” The soldiers shouted.

Standing at the center and rear of the team, Shiqi saw General Xu flying directly onto the city wall. There were innate masters who charge first, and tens of thousands of elite Bauhinia Army soldiers could easily break through Mingtai City!

Innate masters had personally entered the city, and there were more and more Bauhinia soldiers standing on the wall, and the gates had been knocked out of shape …

Killing a chicken with an ox knife, seeing that victory was at the fingertips, Shiqi couldn’t help sighing. Why did he join the army?

Don’t you just want to fight, quickly enhance strength, and let the sword evolve?

But since joining the Bauhinia Army, he had only trampled more than ten flies and killed more than thirty mosquitoes.

Meng Fei whispered, “Comander, it seems that there is no work for us!”

Meng Fei joined the Bauhinia Legion at the age of sixteen and participated in countless battles. Although Shiqi had learned many military books, he still relied heavily on him, whether it was training or battlefield commanding. After all, learning and using were completely different things.

At this time, Meng Fei was standing beside Shiqi.


Seventeen was depressed, looking down at the grass under his feet.

But just after he stepped on wild grass, the crimson sword behind him suddenly trembled… He suddenly turned his head and looked at the dark wilderness and the woods in the distance behind him.

“What’s the matter?” Meng Fei asked.

“There are people behind us!”

“Someone? No way? How many? “

Shiqi drew the Crimson Blood Devil Sword from his back and said with an extremely solemn expression, “Many, and more and more, we are in big trouble!”

The devil sword controlled the Devil Sword Induction skill, and the range was a circle with a radius of 500 meters. As long as any creatures step into the range of 500 meters, they could be sensed by Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was very clear about the difference between the souls of warriors and ordinary people. As soon as the opponent stepped into the sensing range, Chen Hao was aware of it.

If it were one person or two people, Chen Hao wouldn’t care yet, but when he had hundreds of warriors stepping into his sensing range from different directions, he knew that he might be in big trouble!

The Bauhinia Army was attacking the city, and soldiers suddenly appeared in the rear. Chen Hao wouldn’t think it would be the reinforcements of the Southern Cloud Nation.

Similarly, Shiqi also didn’t believe it! “You tell everyone to prepare for battle, I’ll tell Commander Hong!”

But before Shiqi took a step, there was a loud noise coming out of the city. Three lights and shadows shot out from the city and appeared in the air above the wall of Mingtai City. He raised his head, and his heart sank.

Except for the soldiers who were fighting fiercely, almost all the Bauhinia troops outside the city who were preparing to participate in the attack raised their heads and looked at the three lights and shadows in the air.

Flying was the easiest way to identify innate masters. The martial artist had excellent eyesight, and they could barely see clearly even at night.

Among the three lights and shadows on their heads, one of them was General Xu Sihai. As for the other two unknown innate masters, they were joining forces to deal with Xu Sihai.

Their identities spoke for themselves! Almost all the Bauhinia Army realized something was wrong.

Mingtai city was just an ordinary city on the border, not even a strategically important place. Is it necessary to guard it with two innate masters at the general level?

The distance of five hundred meters was nothing at all for the warriors who were attacking at all.

However, due to the siege battle and the impact of the rushing vehicle, no one noticed the sound of their approaching footsteps, and they were not discovered until the Black Iron Army appeared in Shiqi’s field of vision.

“There is an ambush!” It was unknown who shouted that, but the whole Bauhinia Army was in chaos.

The victory was in sight, but suddenly they found themselves being ambushed, and the psychological gap was unbearable.

“Xu Sihai, you didn’t expect it, do you? We have been waiting for you in the city for a long time! “a harsh and loud voice came from the sky.

“Li Xue, how do you know our actions?” Xu Sihai’s voice was full of anger. “Who told you?”

Their Sixth Army’s whereabouts were hidden all the way, and officers below the command level didn’t even know the qualifications for specific actions. However, the Black Iron Army suddenly appeared in Mingtai City, and he could think with his knees that the Sixth Army must have been betrayed!

“I don’t know this either. The above asked me to wait for you here. You are here. What can I do?” Li Xuejie smiled and said helplessly, “Moreover, even if I know, it is impossible to tell you!”

Li Xue continued, “Xu Sihai, there are me and Hui Qingying here, and there are 40,000 Black Iron army here. Aren’t you going to escape?”

Xu Sihai sneered, “Do you think you can take me down with the two of you?”

Hui Qingying said in a cold tone, “We just have to entangle you!”

Xu Sihai’s expression was gruesome, and when he swept away his consciousness, he knew that what the other party said was true.

More than 40,000 Black Iron Army ambushed more than 10,000 Bauhinia Army, and the entire Sixth Army was completely unprepared, and morale dropped. They had no chance of winning!

This had not counted the original thousands of city guards in Mingtai City.

He said loudly, “The Sixth Army is temporarily under the command of Hong Xi, and immediately organized a breakout. I will hold them off!”

Shiqi looked at the over 40,000 black iron army pressing over the mountains and plains and could not help showing a wry smile under the silver mask. Just now, he was frustrated that he couldn’t shoot. But now, he can make moves … but he was not happy at all!

Tens of thousands of military forces, even an innate master could be pulled to death collectively.

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