The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 28 Su Xiu’s Nephew

“I’m going to the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce now!” Yun Xingyun said coldly.

However, just as he was about to leave, Yun Cheng, the Yun Family’s Elder, said, “Yesterday, someone fought in the imperial capital, and the Great Emperor of the Northern Star was furious and ordered once again that whoever dares to fight within the imperial capital of the Northern Star will be captured and questioned, even if they are God realm experts!”

“Now, the imperial celebration is approaching, if we fight in the imperial capital at this time, I’m afraid that we will anger Zhou Dingtian!”

“This matter, I think it’s not too late for us to make a move after the imperial celebration is over!”

Another Yun Family Elder said, “That kid’s surname is Lu, could he be a member of the Lu Family? This is something that also needs to be checked out.”

“Lu family!” Yun Xingyun’s face changed.

Although the main headquarter of the Lu Family was not in the Divine Martial Continent, its power in the Divine Martial Continent was not weak either.

A behemoth like this, even the Northern Star Empire, did not dare to provoke it.

“The young master went to the Hundred Flower Empress Imperial Palace, why don’t we wait until the young master returns and then make a decision?” Yun Cheng said.

Yun Xingyun’s face was cloudy and clear and he finally nodded his head.

At this moment, Lu Yiping and his men arrived at the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce.

As one of the major chambers of commerce in the Divine Martial Continent, the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce was extremely grandly decorated.

The hall was enormous, a thousand square meters wide. In the hall, all kinds of people were coming and going, trading with each other.

When Lu Yiping arrived, the disciple of the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce came over to greet Lu Yi Ping and asked him what he needed to buy and sell, Lu Yiping said, “Where is your steward, I want your chamber to ask for some information for me.”

Then he took a piece of spirit stone rewarded to that Heavenly Chamber of Commerce disciple, that disciple took a look at the spirit stone with divine spirit qi surging in his hand, he was astonished and exclaimed “God, divine spirit stone!”

All the people in the hall looked over.

Divine Spirit Stones were extremely rare. Even for the Eternal Plane Super Chamber of Commerce transactions, they were generally only used for the top grade and very high-grade Spirit Stones.

Therefore, everyone was surprised to see Lu Yi Ping rewarding that disciple of the Chamber of Commerce with a divine spirit stone.

That Chamber of Commerce disciple slowed down for a while and said excitedly, “Young Master, please follow me!”

Then he led Lu Yi Ping to the inner hall of the Chamber of Commerce, which was dedicated to inquiring about the news.

Soon, a chamber steward came to receive Lu Yiping and politely asked him what information he wanted to inquire about.

Lu Yiping said, “More than 40,000 years ago, Sword God Yang Dong received a messenger transmission from a mysterious person and then entered the battlefield of the gods, I want to know who sent that messenger transmission.”

If we knew who that mysterious person was, it would be possible to know who had set up the Nine Extinct Burial Gods Great Array.

When the merchant steward heard this, his face turned difficult.

Because the time was too long ago, more than 40,000 years had passed, it was difficult to inquire about such matters, and the manpower required was too great.

“My lord, this mission, our Chamber of Commerce cannot take it.” He shook his head.

At this moment, Lu Yi Ping took out a long sword and said, “As long as you help me inquire, this sword is the payment.”

“A divine weapon!” The merchant steward looked at the longsword, his eyes burned and his breath became different.

At the same time, he was shocked in his heart, not expecting this young man to be able to take a divine weapon! And to take a divine weapon as a bounty to add!

“Wait a moment, my lord, I will report to my superiors.” That chamber steward said, and he went out for a while.

After a while, that chamber steward returned, but a middle-aged man was coming with him.

The middle-aged man was none other than Sun Yuxuan, the head of the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce’s North Star Branch.

When Sun Yuxuan received the report from the steward, he was also astonished. After entering, he looked at Lu Yiping and the four Zhang Jin behind him with astonishment and suspicion.

As the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce’s Northern Star Branch president for many years, this was the first time he had encountered someone who had offered a reward for information with a divine weapon.

Even some True God realm experts may not have a divine weapon, so it could be seen that divine weapons were rare.

Of course, as the president of the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce North Star Branch, he also did not have a divine weapon.

“My name is Sun Yuxuan, the president of the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce’s Northern Star Branch, I don’t know what your name is.” Sun Lixuan was polite and asked.

“Lu Yiping.” Lu Yiping didn’t hide anything.

Lu Yiping? Could he be from the Lu family?

As Sun Lixuan’s mind turned to remember, he smiled and said, “So it’s Young Master Lu.” His eyes fell on the long sword on the table.

He vaguely felt some familiarity with this long sword but could not remember where he had seen it before.

He said to Lu Yi Ping, “Young Master Lu, the disappearance of the Sword God Yang Dong has become a mystery, many experts investigated the matter, but nothing was found.”

“Now after many years, it is even more difficult to investigate again!”

“This matter, I need to report to the top to do so.”

Lu Yi Ping nodded his head. So, Sun Lixuan immediately took out the letter talisman and contacted Chamber headquarters of Commerce headquarters.

It didn’t take long to get a reply from the headquarters. Sun Lixuan pondered a little and said to Lu Yiping, “Our general director said that we can take the mission, but we will only help you inquire for one year. After one year, whether or not we get it, this divine weapon is ours.”

“And, this divine weapon, needs to be given to us first.”

Lu Yi Ping didn’t even think about it, he said, “Alright.” Then he gave the other party the longsword.

A divine weapon was just a divine weapon, he had plenty of them. Moreover, it was only a lower grade divine weapon then. Furthermore, this longsword was Wu Mo’s. 

As Lu Yiping also had no other business, he left a contact method and left the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce with Zhang Jin and the others.

Sun Lixuan looked at Lu Yiping’s back, his eyes were still amazed and suspicious. He did not expect that this young man would agree without even thinking about it.

In his eyes, the divine weapon seemed to be something that was not worth anything at all.

“Chairman, this young man, is he from the Lu family?” The previous steward was also amazed and asked.

Sun Lixuan shook his head, the Lu family? Even the young master of the Lu family, only afraid that he did not have such a large amount of wealth.

After Lu Yiping left the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce, he wandered around for a while more before he and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull returned to the residence.

At night, inside a luxurious mansion in the Northern Star Empire.

A silver-clad, handsome and extraordinary, Yun Haitian, sat at the main seat of the main hall, while Yun Xingyun and Yun Cheng, a group of experts, sat on the two sides of the hall.

Yun Haitian glanced at several people and said with a gloomy face, “That Lu Yiping, I asked someone to inquire about it today.”

Seeing Yun Haitian face grave look, the Yun family experts heart thump, could this Lu Yi Ping really Lu family disciple?

Yun Haitian opened his mouth and said, “He should be Su Xiu’s nephew!”

The Yun family experts were stunned, and then their faces changed significantly. Yun Xing Yun’s voice trembled a little, “Yes, it’s Su Xiu of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect!”

Yellow Springs Demon Sect’s old ancestor Su Xiu, cultivating the Yellow Springs Demon Technique, how many sects were slaughtered back then! The God realm experts who died in his hands alone were more than three figures.

This Lu Yiping was actually the nephew of this terrifying great devil?!

“Young Master, is the news accurate?” Yun Xingyun asked.

Yun Haitian nodded, “It should not be false, yesterday’s fight in the imperial capital, it was his guards who struck and killed the White Bone Sect’s supreme elder Wang Bishan!”

All the people around were greatly shaken inside.

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