I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 119 Attack on The Black Blood Kingdom

The army trained for five days because the city guard has a good foundation, and the formation was basically formed.

In the past five days, Shiqi had not been idle, most of his time was spent on “Mind Concentration Arts”. As he singled out Meng Fei on the camp and his reputation in Black Water County spread, Hong Xi led the other four 1000-man commanders to discuss with him.

In the barracks, there were no women, no taverns, and almost no entertainment. The military discipline was harsh. Thousands of armies gather together, and they could only rely on competition to vent their excessive energy!

Hong Xi commanded four 1000-man commanders under his command. Their strengths ranged from the middle to late stage of the True Origin Realm. If they battled out with Shiqi, they had almost no ability to resist.

Of course, Shiqi looked at everyone’s sake so that the other 1000-man commanders lost better. At least he used his sword, everyone played back and forth, and the boring competition ended after ten moves.

In two days, Shiqi played five games against them, and then they never came again. Unconsciously, ten days passed, and his bones were so idle that he felt uncomfortable and restless staying in the camp!

After ten days in the military camp, he had communicated with other 1000-man commanders and knew a lot about it.

Strictly speaking, for example, this place did not belong to the front line. For example, they belong to the Sixth Army of the Bauhinia Legion, under the command of General Xu Sihai, with a total of more than 15,000 people.

Not long ago, the Sixth Army lost a lot of manpower in the previous period. Even General Xu was seriously injured, so the entire Sixth Army was withdrawn from the front line for a long time to recover and replenish the manpower.

For another example, the recent small-scale battles with the Black Blood Kingdom have become increasingly fierce, and thousands of households with rich experience in war believe that a big war will start!

On the thirteenth day, Shiqi finally received instructions, and General Xu returned to hold the Sixth Army Military drill.

Fortunately, Commander Meng Baihu was really helping Shiqi to train new recruits. Otherwise, the military exercise alone would be enough to make him suffer.

On the day of the military exercise, more than 10,000 elite soldiers from the Southern Cloud Kingdom gathered in a vast field, dressed in uniform purple-black standard equipment, with a one-handed weapon and one-handed shield, arranged neatly, and the soldiers shouted neat slogans, and their voices rang through all directions.

Shiqi were shocked by this scene. The shocking scene and the emotional infection made him feel that he was involved.

“Lord Sword Spirit, isn’t it shocking?” He was anxious to share his feelings.

“Very average!” Chen Hao said disdainfully.

“Eh? Lord Sword Spirit has seen something more powerful?”

“I used to stay in China for a while, and the soldiers there were so amazing. Anyway, the 20,000 troops walked up like a single person!” Chen Hao looked at the Bauhinia Army that drilled the formation. There was always a feeling that the sea was difficult to water. “The formation exercise of the Bauhinia Army is not even as synchronized as the body. At least the acrobatic performance is quite exciting!”

“But with you here, the Bauhinia Army should still perform better!”

Shiqi probably understands Chen Hao’s complaint, but he hadn’t had time to ask yet, because it’s their turn to join the formation.

The Long Snake Formation, Fish Scale Formation, Front Arrow Formation, Crane Wing Formation…These basic formations had all been rehearsed.

After the drill, it was almost noon, and Xu Sihai, a general of the Sixth Army, stood in front of a built-up stage and began to speak.

Xu Sihai was a true innate master. Even if there was no microphone in this world, he could still transmit words to every soldier’s ear.

Chen Hao didn’t bother to listen as there was nothing new in the content of the words. What made him care about was the long sword slung around Xu Sihai’s waist. He felt the soul of the long sword!

The soul in the long sword was very weak, far inferior to Chen Hao, or even worse than ordinary soldiers, but this was the first time Chen Hao had seen other spirit weapons in person since he became a spirit weapon.

After the military drill was over, Shiqi returned to the camp and started packing up. After nearly half a month’s rest, the Sixth Army would once again set foot on the front line.

After marching on foot for two days, the Sixth Army did not turn with the main force but switched defenses with the Ninth Army.

The camp where the Ninth Army was stationed approximately five miles away from the main unit. The camp was built on the side of a barren mountain. There was a spring on the mountain, so there was no water supply shortage.

The materials used for the camp’s construction were all taken from stones on the mountain, four gates, five watchtowers, and seven trenches were excavated outside the camp wall. There was also a sheep-horse wall between the trench and the camp wall for easy defense.

The soldiers set up their tents very orderly and quietly. At ten in the evening, Shiqi went to Hong Xi for a small meeting. He probably understood the military’s thinking about this war in the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom.

1000-man commander, already regarded as the top ranks in the army, had enough qualifications to know what many soldiers didn’t know. The Southern Cloud Kingdom had little confidence in dealing with the Black Blood Kingdom, so they allied with the Zhou Kingdom to protect itself.

Chen Bing made a gesture of attacking at the border, which was in accordance with the requirements of allies, pinning down some troops of the Black Blood Kingdom.

The elite legions of the Black Blood Kingdom were concentrated on the border of Zhou.

However, three days ago, the Southern Cloud kingdom received news that the Black Blood Kingdom had attacked the Zhou Kingdom and conquered the three cities of the Zhou Kingdom one after another, and they also slaughtered the city.

It was said that there were no survivors in the three cities!

The Zhou Kingdom was confident of resisting the attack of the Black Blood Kingdom, and at the same time, they also asked the allies bordering the Black Blood Kingdom to send troops to attack the hinterland of the Black Blood Kingdom to relieve their pressure.

“Then shall we attack?” commander Zhu asked.

“Your Majesty means that we need to attack the Black Blood Kingdom!” Commander Hong said, “First, this is the Covenant content, and second, we must help the Zhou Kingdom!”

All the generals here were silent. They all know the truth about losing one’s teeth.

“However, although the strength of the Black Iron Army of the Black Blood Kingdom is not as good as ours, their strength is not much different. The Black Iron Army also has more than 100,000 people!” commander Zhu said.

“Your Majesty has no choice. If we really don’t send troops, no matter what the result is, we won’t be able to please!” Commander Hong said with some anxiety, “This attack, our Sixth Army will also participate. The general means tomorrow. Let’s set off in the afternoon!”

“Are we fighting the Black Iron Army head-on?” Commander Zhu asked.

Commander Hong simply replied, “This is confidential. Don’t ask more questions. Go back and inform your subordinates. Just prepare for departure. You will know the specific arrangements when the time comes!”

When the war came, the other four 1000-man commanders looked solemn. To the performance of the low-key Shiqi, they were ready to roll up their sleeves for battle!

The Sixth Army left 3,000 soldiers to stay in the camp the next afternoon, and more than 12,000 others left the camp with many siege equipment. Shiqi probably knew the purpose of the operation. But no one knew the specific target.

Marching all the way, in order to prevent leakage of secrets, a cruel system of sitting was adopted. A five-person team was in charge of the corps leader. Everyone had the responsibility of monitoring and reporting each other. Once one of the five people leaked, they were not reported. Other people discovered it, and it was very likely that all five of them were executed together!

The specific situation was to go to the toilet, and all five people had to go to the toilet together!

There were also people who supervised the team who had been patrolling next to the temporary toilet. This kind of rule made Shiqi feel uncomfortable!

Taking a discontented look at the supervising team not far away, Shiqi felt almost the same. He retracted his eyes and accidentally saw Meng Fei leaning his head and looking at him. Following his eyes, Shiqi quickly lifted his pants and shouted, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at those bastards who supervise the team, and they were not afraid of long needles!”

“Believe it or not … I’ll put you into the toilet!”


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